Case, The


By Corwin

Larry is staring at himself when he hears a knock on the door. He turns, and looks a the clock. "Shit, I'm gonna be late for school!" He wraps a towel around his waist and runs to the door. Looking through the window, he recognizes Jason's face. When Larry opens the door, he lets out a gasp as he takes in Jason's new mass.

"You like? 282lbs of solid muscle." Jason pushes past Larry. "Hey, you're looking pretty good yourself. Guess that aerobic workout last night did your body good."

Larry was speechless and stared at Jason. "Come on man! Get dressed. We gotta get to school, and even with these little enhancements, it will still takes us a few minutes to run there!' Jason held out a vial of the crimson liquid. He walked over to Larry, and pushed him upstairs.

Jason shoved Larry into his room, and began to pick out clothes for him. "Hmmm, not baggy enough..." he'd mutter as he disgarded one shirt looking for another.

"Dude, those guys last night..."

"Can't hold a candle to these..." Jason said, flexing his bicep as he picked out a pair of baggy pants for Larry. "Come on. Hurry up. I don't want to be late for gym class today!"

"But Jason... whatever that stuff is will wear off. What if they come..."

"Don't worry," was all Jason would say. He shoved the geek outside and opened the red vial. They both breathed deep, then took off for school.

Jason was the center of attention in home room. The girls swooned over him as the boys stared in disbelief at his huge muscles. "Just been working out a lot," he lied to them. He heard them comparing him to "The Hulk", the school's star 240lb football player. "Shit, the hulk's a wimp compared to him," one said. Jason laughed.

When the bell rang, he met Larry and they walked to the gym. "Any problems?" Jason asked.

"No. These baggy clothes, nobody's noticed that I took off weight." Jason smiled. As they got to the locker room, they found the door blocked by two of the school's jocks. Byron "The Hulk" Hitchcock stood arms akimbo at the door. Next to him was the school's track star Joe Preston. Byron and Joe had become friends in junior high when each got into bodybuilding big time. Byron was pure buffed mass, while Joe was lean, big and shredded with amazing vascularity. Byron was the state teen superheavyweight champ while Joe was the teen middleweight winner. They loved to intimidate the geeky geeks with their size, strength and incredible physiques.

"Well, I had to see it for myself. Geeky Jason here has turned into a real stud," said Byron stepping forward to glare into Jason's eyes.

"Get out of my way Bryon. I wouldn't want to hurt you," replied Jason.

"You and what army, wimp!" said Byron, bouncing his pecs.

"With those muscles, he doesn't need an army," laughed Larry.

"Shut up, fatso!" said Joe, stepping forward. He cracked his knucles, flexing his forearms so that the landscape of veins and arteries shown through his paper-thin skin.

Larry stepped forward, challenging Joe.

"So, fatso here wants a fight. Think you can take these on, blimpy?" Joe lifted his shirt, revealing his ultra-defined abs and obliques. He expanded his chest, sucking in his gut and flexing his abs into an ultra-ripped vacuum pose. Then, he began to undulate his abs, rolling and flexing their hyper-defined musculature in waves of perfect power. Joe stopped, then laughed. He flexed his abs, forcing ten perfect bricks to form. "Come on lard butt! I'll give you the first shot."

Larry didn't have to be told twice. He pulled back and hit. Joe's steel-hard stomach was no match for Larry's enhanced strength. Larry's fist broke that wall of muscle and forced Joe to fly back 10 feet. Joe bent over and threw up his breakfast.

"What the fuck!" screamed Byron, but Jason was on him. He grabbed the football player's right arm and twisted it around his back like he was a baby. He then lifted the jock off the floor and tossed him next to Joe. Byron landed on his ass.

"Don't try that again assholes, or next time we won't hold back!" Jason opened the door to the locker room and held it for Larry.

"That was so cool!" said Larry.

"Ya, but they'll be back. I'm sure of that." Jason looked around, and saw the janitor's closet. "Come here."

They stepped inside and closed the door. Jason went into his bag and grabbed a green vial. "Here. You'll need this. It's like the red vial, but it's effects are pemanent. Hope you won't mind having muscles like these," Jason flexed his bicep.

Larry grabbed the vial and opened it. The green mist circled him as he breathed deeply.

Jason couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was like a balloon inflating in Larry's clothes. His pecs and lats filled out his baggy shirt as the collar began to rip, unable to contain Larry's muscular neck and heaving chest. The waist of his pants loosened as his thighs inflated and strained against the once oversized pant legs. He sneakers squeaked as his feet accepted more weight from Larry's now muscular body. In seconds, Larry's body had become a clone of Byron's hulking physique.

Larry pulled off his shirt and flexed his abs. "They may not be as good as Joe's yet, but fuck! LOOK AT ME!"

"Ya ya ya," said Jason, pulling off his shirt and showing his still larger physique. "Come on flex, we gotta get changed for gym class. Coach Briggs said it was wrestling today. Let's see what those jocks have to say about us now." They both laughed. Larry pulled open the door, which was slightly open. They stepped back into the locker room. Larry and Jason didn't notice two forms jump behind a row of lockers as they came out.

After Larry and Jason changed, they eagerly went into the gymnasium. Byron and Joe emerged from where they were hiding.

"Told you it was too good to be true!" said Joe to Bryon as they stepped over to Jason's locker. Byron hit it with his big fist, and the locker popped open. He grabbed Jason's bag and pulled out four vials that were hidden in it -- two green and two red. He gave one of each to Joe. "Lookee what we have here," said Bryon smiling. He and Joe each uncorked their green vials and the mist surrounded them... •

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