Case, The


By celticmuscle

"Come one, come all" shouted the man at the local carnival, "and witness things that have only been seen on European television"

There was quite a crowd gathering, especially thanks to unconfirmed news reports of a teenage who was able to bench a van.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" shouted the man after a suitably large crowd had gathered, "I present the world's strongest genius, the original Mr. Incredible"

Jason, dressed in a costume exactly like the character in the film (except that this had a massive @ sign on it, instead of an !) bowed to the audience before casually picking up a 500lb anvil and crushing it with his hands

"The sound that you are hearing is the compression of iron molecules due to an incaulcable force being applied to them" he said as a solid lump of iron dropped to the floor, followed by cheers. "Any requests?" asked Jason, as he casually flexed his pecs •

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