Boys and their Fancies


By pecs4ever

The thick, black fog swirled around the room and it filled the boys with anger and rage and most of all, POWER. Each of them relived their humiliation.

Trey was put back to when the huge and chovanistic wrestlers toyed with his skinny body, putting him through the basketball hoops. As anger filled his body, it totally smoothed him out. The zits on his face melted away to reveal tight and soft, manly skin. His skinny frame was expanding to more suit his 6'3" stature. In no time, the tall, brown-haired, acne-ridden geek was turned into a tall, dark and handsome muscle man, standing at 6'8", weighing 560 lbs of solid, smooth, and ripped muscle.

Rodney thought of the big, obnoxious football guys taking his favorite boxer shorts and hoisting them up the flagpole, which caused him eternal humiliation. Not only that, but he had to collect cum from their jocks and clothes, making his job particularly disgusting. For this, the gods gave him extra-special gifts. His already bulky frame was slowly and surely blowing up bigger and bigger as the fumes swirled around him. He began this transformation at 6' tall, weighing 230 lbs, mostly fat. The gods transformed him into a huge, lumbering hulk, standing at 8'2", weighing 1650 lbs of pure beef, though not completely ripped like Trey. His big belly was now reduced to a roid gut, and his once straggly red facial hair was a well-trimmed beard.

The gods finally gave Matt a body anyone would absolutely worship. As he remembered being turned into the school's "Raven", his soft, white skin began to tan and his hair gained a beautiful golden-blonde color. He became the american dream-jock...or rather, the Mega American Dream-Jock. His 4'9", 93 pound body maximized into 11' tall and 3500 lbs of muscle-jock. Every muscle on his huge body was defined and veined, bulging with power and strength. As the smoke cleared, the boys saw their new forms. They then realized what they had to do, not to mention the hottest school party of the year was 3 houses down... •

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