By Muscl4life

Trey, Rodney and Matt were friends since Elementary School, and during their whole school life, they had been tortured for almost anyone – from simply school bullies to brilliant promising players – they were the favorite preys of those guys – especially because they always hang out in three – Rodney – the clumsy red haired fatso, with thick glasses and his but crack always showing; Trey had suffered a long time because of his tall, lanky frame, his face marked by dark, profound zit and finally Matt – who despite being the shortest and scrawniest boy at the entire school had this creepy gothic look, always dressed in dark clothing which made his skin look even paler, which made the jocks even hungrier to mess with him.

Matt lived with his Grandfather’s brother – his only remaining relative – and had always been an easy going young lad, he was just a regular boy, trying to live his life as best as he could – he listened to good rock music, he read great books, he was intelligent and felt very good about himself – that’s why, after his Uncle’s death - he came out at the age of 18 – Matt knew Rodney and Trey were also gay, even though they supported him, they were still very afraid of the consequences to act like their brave friend. What they didn’t imagine was that this fact would cause such shock and consternation in School – soon they were labeled “Queer Three” and the provocations grew much worse…

Not even at Senior Year they had peace, quite the contrary, since the jocks competed against each other to see which group would be the best prankster – the guys from wrestling team grabbed Trey and got him pass through the basketball hoop, while the Football jocks were proud to present their newest flag – Rodney’s boxers – under the protests of the poor fat guy – who poorly tried to cover his nudity with his own tight shirt – but no other group went as far as the guys from Water polo team and their new mascot – “The Raven” – poor Matt – he had no chance against those big, strong guys, who simply grabbed him, stripped him butt naked and painted his whole body with a smelly black paint, then covered him with black feathers to show the whole school they had won their silly bet.

“That was the last drop!” It was all Matt said as Rodney and Trey came along, also very humiliated from their own situations and helped him to get rid of the “Raven” costume – while the entire school laughed of them.

“That was the LAST drop!” Matt yelled and ran out of the building, being quickly followed by his loyal geek friends.

For three days – no one had seen, heard or spoken to anyone of the “Queer Three”.

Everybody knew the three of them were geeks.

Everybody knew the three of them liked Role Playing games, and had a terrible taste for clothing.

Everybody knew the three of them were weird bad looking losers.

What they didn’t know was that Matt belonged to a millenary lineage of Sorcerers, Wizards and Druids, believe it or not, the fact is that this 18 year old petite blond lad was the only heir to all that knowledge and power.

Ever since his Uncle taught him the secrets of Arcane spells, Matt was instructed that his spells would better help people than harm them.

Ever since he used his first spell, Matt felt that he should be wise and never showing his powers in public and that normal people would never understand the path of a wizard.

Ever since he told Rodney and Trey about his secret, Matt knew they expected him to change their lives by using a spell – although his uncle had taught him many years ago, that such spells could be very dangerous and probably have unexpected and sever side-effects.

None of those things seemed important now – Matt couldn’t stand being humiliated just because he looked different, he couldn’t stand such unfairness towards his friends, and most of all – he was fed up with being treated like garbage just because his options.

If POWER was the only thing those bastards respected, then POWER they would respect.

Forget ethics.

Forget limits.

Forget consequences.

The moon was perfect for a revenge spell.

“Are you sure this is gonna work, Matt?” Rodney asked with his squeaky, scared voice tone – “It looks so weird!” he said checking all the creepy things placed at the sinister table in front of him.

“Cut the crap, you big chicken!” Trey smacked the back of Rodney’s neck, and the chubby boy almost cried, but he managed to stay quiet so he wouldn’t disturb the strange ritual.

“There’s no reason to resource to violence, Trey, and Rodney, like I told you before, this is totally safe!” the short young man said in a quiet tone – “The ritual is almost done now, we only need, the last ingredients!” Matt looked at Trey who just nodded and grabbed the little vial on his pocket, filled with oily liquid – “man you have no idea how hard it was to get their sweat without being caught!”

“Well at least you didn’t have to search their dirty underwear after cum stains!” Rodney protested as he handled Matt small fabric pieces cut in small squares, meanwhile Matt prepared to put into the pot a handful of pubic hair – “What matters now is that we’ve accomplished our goal!” – Matt looked in the eyes of his friends – “This night we end up with the torture, tonight we’ll start a new era on our lives!”

“Can we do it already?” Trey asked showing his usual anxiety.

Matt smiled, then he chanted the words, his mouth spoke words that both of the guys never heard of, the sound was just incomprehensible, then his eyes rolled over, and his entire body shook, this strange glowing energy started to gather around the black pot where Matt poured the other ingredients, the fumes were strong now and the words somehow echoed around the room.

Then, just as it started, it stopped. Matt regained his usual calm – “Remember, as we pour the last ingredients we have to say exactly what I have instructed you, or this won’t work!” Matt grabbed the pot and carefully took it till Rodney, and they chubby guy gulped down, took a deep breath and finally spoke.

“Hear our callings, Ancient forces of Nature, Arcane spirits of Power and glory! WE summon your favor! Give us the blessings of the Uncanny, Unstoppable, And Unearthed!” Rodney threw the small fabric squares at the bubbling pot and they vanished into blue smoke. The chubby boy finally stopped and almost fainted, he had spoken those words at once, he knew it had to be perfectly pronounced and his voice tone was also loud and powerful – all the things Rodney never thought he could ever be, before Matt told him about his special secret powers.

“WE shall grow bigger and stronger than those who despite us, WE shall be ever stronger and more powerful than those who dare to threaten us and WE shall grow more powerful to conquer and to keep our glory!” Trey added as he also poured the tiny drops into the bubbling pot, which grew brighter and the fumes now were stronger and denser.

Finally, Matt stood up, and poured the hair into the combination - “Hear us now, Ancient Forces and grant us with all the things we demand! The POWER, the GLORY! The SIZE to be loved, feared and respected, no one shall ever laugh from us, no one shall ever dare to refuse to accomplish our silliest desires – Absolute power! No matter the consequences, the price or the extent of our path, we shall be omnipotent!” Matt spoke three final words – which they didn’t understand either and VOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

A bright light filled the room.

They felt the fumes turning into a thick mist, involving their bodies, everything seemed smooth. They no longer had worries or fears. They only had this strange calm.

It begun. •

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