Ray (The Beginning)


By ncpeakjock

Ray woke up next to the sleeping Erik and instantly remembered everything that had happened that morning. He remembered feeling hungrier than he had ever been before...he remembered eating...and then he remembered growing. He also remembered his friend Erik coming into the room, and finally after the amazing growth seemed to subside...Ray had been hornier than he ever had been before. He had thrown Erik down on the bed, and the two of them had sex for what seemed like hours. Ray would cum...and then instantly be hard again. It was like he had an endless supply...and he wanted to use it all up now!!! Erik had finally passed out in exhaustion...happy...but exhausted. Ray finally fell asleep too...his dick still hard...but he needed some rest.

Now he was awake. Slowly he got up...well...as slowly as a newly formed bodybuilder could be, and he walked into the bathroom and stared at himself. He was huge. His whole body was massive. It was beyond words. He was so big...so built...so beautiful. He was in love with his body. Before, even though he had worked out and was trying to bulk up, he had never had much luck. Now he was the manifesation of everything he had ever wanted to be...and much more. Ray's cock started to slowly get hard as Ray looked at himself in the mirror. He was so amazing... Slowly he began to flex for himself...watching his muscles tighten and buldge out. The veins snaked across his body...a roadmap of perfection. His pecs flexed...and the pump stayed. He flexed his biceps...and his arms got a little bigger. The blood flowed all through his body...making the pump just a little bit bigger. His 18" cock...now fully ingorged needed attention...so as he flexed...Ray began to pump his rod. It felt so good...it felt so right...just looking at himself...admiring himself...worshiping himself...he came all over the bathroom. His cock sent cum shooting all over the bathroom...and Ray felt wonderful. He never thought he could be so inlove with himself....and be so happy. This was the body he was always ment to have...and he loved it. He wanted to go back to Erik and make love to him again...thank him for making his wish come true...infact...Ray thought...that is exactly what I am going to do...

The professor watched the scene over and over again. He watched the other boy get hit with the beam...Erik run over to him...the other boy get up, perfectly fine...and then leave. He was still alive. Thank god, the professor thought. He didn't know how many times he had destroyed pieces of fruit...or worse...mice...trying to get this experiment to work properly. He thought it had been complete failure, destroying everything it touched, but apparently it had no effect on a human. That's strange, he thought, as he sat back. The beam shouldn't be able to distiniguish between animal, vegitable, or mineral. It should just instantly start making the mass expand and grow. Of course, in theory, an energy source was needed after the initial power of the beam wore off for more growth...but...it should have killed the other boy. Not that he wanted Erik's friend dead...he was glad he was still in one piece and not splattered all over his lab...but something just didn't seem right. Why was he okay? Why didn't the beam kill him as it had done to multiple test subjects before him?

Maybe it was the boy. Maybe for some reason...it just didn't work on this organisim. The professor wanted to meet him. He got up, grabbed his jacket, and left the lab to go to Erik's apartment. They needed to talk, and the professor definatly needed to meet this other boy.

Ray walked back into the bedroom and looked at Erik. He was so happy...so satisfied; there was still a smile on his face. He loves the new me...Ray thought. Huh. I love the new me. I love my size. It woud be so great to be bigger than even this...but I guess I should be happy...don't look a gift horse in the mouth. He slowly walked over to Erik and was going to kiss him...when he stopped. What if that horse had more to give...Ray thought. He stopped. What was he thinking. Well...if the beam did this to my initial size...what would it do to this hulked out size.

Ray backed away from Erik...and moved quickly to the closet. He grabbed some sweatpants and put them on. The clung to his legs and cock like a second skin...and the old Ray may have been too embarassed to leave his apartment this way...but the new Ray, he didn't care at all. He wasn't thinking about himself at all. He was thinking about the machine. If i get one more dose...just one more... Ray quickly walked out of the room...and left the apartment.

It took him 10 minutes to get to the lab. He was originally going to take his car..but but when he found it way to difficult to drive due to his current size, he thought that a good walk would do him good. Lots of people stared at this new muscle god walking down the street....wearing only sweatpants and a grin and nothing else. Lots of people started...and lots of people were amazed. Just wait, Ray thought. Just wait.

He walked slowly into the lab. "Hello. Anyone here." No one. Good. The professor was still gone. Ray walked over to the machine and took the cloth off of it...revealing the metal in all of its glory. Now...if i can just remember what Erik did. Ray switched a switch here, turned a knob there...and he heard the machine begin to pulsate. Suddenly, one button lit up, and Ray new that this was the button that had created the beam. He pressed the button and threw his enormous body in front of it and suddenly began to feel the heat fill his whole form. Yes...he thought...but suddenly...just as he was enjoying feeling the energy that was filling him...it stopped. The machine stopped.

Ray walked over to the machine and looked at it. A symbol was flashing on the machine. If i didn't know better, he thought...the battery is dead. Shit. That really sucks. Ray looked closer at the machine...quickly trying to figure out what to do next. It wasn't like he coudl just ask the professor for more juice...they definatly would tell him that he was big enough as he was...but he wanted more...lots more...and just looking at this machine not working was driving him crazy. Just as he was beginning to loose all hope...Ray noticed a small opening on the machine...an opening that had two prongs attached to it...to prongs that looked like they would attach to a plug. Ray looked around the room for a plug to attach to the machine...and found one sitting on a box in the corner of the room. Ray took the plug, put one end into the machine, and the other into a socket on the wall.

Pefect...he though. Now...flip of a switch...turn this knob...wait for the button to turn color...there it goes...now press it...and jump infront of the beam. Ray did all of this...and just as he jumped in front of the beam...he began to feel different. This beam wasn't like the one before. This one was stronger...had more energy in it. There was zapps of static all over his body...it was as if lightning was coming off of him.... Ray got nervous...but suddenly felt euphoric. He began to think...this is what a plant feels like under a heat lamp... The beam...only ment to hit a subject for a short jolt...continued to hit Ray's huge form.

This feels so good...Ray thought...I could enjoy this feeling for a good long time. Ray stood there with his eyes closed...his body bathed in light...what he didn't realize was that he had started to grow...and with the energy source not shutting off...there wouldn't be an end in site... •

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