Ray (The Beginning)


By Muscl4life

Erik couldn�t focus on his work � he was worried about the incident with his friend Ray and the experimental machine � �What if Ray has some kind of delayed side-effect?� he pondered that for one second, feeling his spine freezing with fear, but then he dismissed that bad presage of his mind, trying to concentrate on his assignments for the day.

Just then, Professor Randall entered the lab � he could be mistaken with a graduate, after all he was just 27 years old, 5�9� tall 170 pounds with a young face and great built for a PhD in Physics, dark brown hair tied in a neat pony tail, always wearing that white lab coat and an impeccable blue shirt underneath it � �Hell, Erik, how�s everything?� he greeted his assistant, and proceeded to his office. Erik barely had time to answer the greeting, because Dr. Randall just locked himself at his private office, like he usually did every day.

A few minutes later, Randall opened the door and walked to the machine. For one moment, Erik feared Dr Randall would find out about the latest facts just by looking at the machine, but fortunately he didn�t notice anything different, and proceeded as usual � �That was close!� the student thought as he returned to his calculations. The Professor carried something inside a metal box with extreme caution � �Erik, could you give me a hand here please?�

�Sure, Professor, what you need from me?�

�I�m installing this appliance at the prototype, it is the stabilizer�� Randall commented.

�Stabilizer, why are you adding this?�

Randall now looked seriously at Erik � �I�ve been trying to obtain a mass increase converting the energy surrounding the subject, but I�ve been having some trouble to control such process � most of the tests resulted in accidents � you should have seen how many apples I�ve blown up with this beauty��

Now Erik was scared � �You mean this machine is actually working?�

�Sure it is, Erik, I�m sorry if you couldn�t witness any test, but I wanted to keep it low-profile until everything is safe!� Randall smiled as he finished installing the stabilizer � �with this stabilizer, I�ll be able to control the exact rate of mass converting within the subject without any unwilling side-effects�

Erik feared for the worst � he imagined his friend Ray exploding like a meat balloon, or becoming s huge blob of fat, and everything would be his fault!

�Excuse me Dr. Randall, but I have to solve a problem!� Erik said as he rushed through the doors, while the Professor paid attention to his machine � �What did you say Erik?� he asked but the lad was already gone.

Erik hoped it wasn�t too late � he needed to find Ray and take him to see Dr. Randall as soon as possible! He rushed to Ray�s dorm and tried to open the door, but he had forgotten the keys � Ray! RAY! Open the door PLEASE!� he screamed punching the wood as heavily as he could. When the door finally opened, Erik�s worries and assumptions faded � �What�s the rush? What the hell is going on with you dude?� Ray asked in an angry tone � �I am trying to sleep here!�

Erik�s first reaction was pushing Ray inside the dorm and closes the door behind him � �oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!� he repeated as he noticed what had happened to his friend.

Ray still hadn�t understood what seemed to be the whole commotion about, until he remembered the growth � You mean it wasn�t a dream?� He mumbled touching his now much bigger body, quickly realizing that it had indeed happen to him.

�Ray, I�m serious man! We gotta do something about it, before it�s too late!� Erik grabbed Ray�s enlarged arms and tried to shake them, but the truth was that Ray had gotten much heavier and bigger, so Erik could barely move the augmented bulk of his roommate.

�ERIK! PLEASE CALM DOWN! I�M FINE!� Ray held Erik�s body firmly and the young scientist went quiet at the same time � �I know this is a surprise, but I loved it! I look bigger than most of football players! That is awesome!�

�But you don�t understand, the stabilizer, Dr Randall had it installed so the apples would no longer explode!� Erik repeated in quick pace, making it impossible to understand.

�Erik, you gotta calm down dude! I am okay, nothing bad happened!� Ray held him tightly in his massive hug, trying to make his buddy feel less scared � �I�ll be alright, dude!�

Then Erik finally regained his posture � �I�m sorry for everything, Ray, I didn�t mean it was actually a mass converter!�

�That�s alright, dude! You just gave me a tremendous physique boost! How can I stay mad at you?� Ray just laughed and went to the kitchen � �Is there anything to eat? I�m starving!�

Erik couldn�t believe in his own eyes � his friend Ray was making good progresses at the gym, but nothing compared to this! He had grown into a big football player size, with big muscles, very cut and lean. The mass converter sure worked and much better than Erik couldn�t anticipate � the mass Ray had packed wasn�t any kind of mass, but muscular mass, he had not just transformed the surrounding energy only in matter but a specific kind of living matter � human muscular tissue! How come?

All these questions flooded Erik�s mind as he heard the fridge door closing � Ray had simply gathered all the food and put everything in big bowl � turkey, tuna, bread mayonnaise, fish sticks, cold pizza slices, everything mixed and a whole gallon of juice to wash it down � �Are you gonna eat ALL that?� Erik was about to ask, but just looking at the glow in Ray�s eyes gave him the answer.

Ray devoured the bowl of food, it was enough to feed them for over three days, but he simply vanished with the whole food, like it was just a snack � �Relax, Eric nothing bad will happen! I�m okay!� Ray said with his mouth full of the last amount of food of the bowl. Eric smiled and got up � �well, even so, I guess we should see the Professor, he would know better than me how to proceed��

�And telling him that you messed with his toy? He could expel you from his group, and then you would lose the scholarship!� Ray said as he looked for any left over at the cupboards � �Do you know if we have any bread left? I could go for a ham sandwich� Ray added as he searched around the higher shelves.

�Well, there was one at the higher shelf�� Erik stopped. Ray would never reach that shelf before without climbing up a stool � �Ray�?�

The buffed roommate had the same thought � �I am taller too?� He looked back at Erik, and noticed he was almost at eye level with him � that�s impossible! �When I entered here and you hugged me, I was sure you were shorter than me! Are you growing taller too?� Erik said looking at Ray�s shocked face.

Then it started � or better � it re-started.

Ray�s limbs ballooned with sheer striations of new and impossibly thick muscles, ripping the T-shirt he had put on to sleep � �WHOA!� he screamed in shock � �It�s happening faster than the last time!�

Erik watched in awe, as his friend grew much more muscular, if previously he had the body of a football player, not he was just as big as the biggest professional bodybuilders, with huge muscle density, and incredible definition, each fiber completely ripped and flexing with cable corded muscle striations, his body produced loud sounds, of bones snapping, and cracking, his muscles struggling for more and more space, causing Ray to double over gasping for air, the sheer size of his freakish proportions augmented as his skin stretched further and further to accept his new muscular mass, which packed faster than he could breathe � at each heart pump Ray got bigger and more muscular � �OOOOOOOH, fuck! What a rush!� he screamed with his voice much deeper and louder. His clothing had been tore, while his muscles kept growing from thin air! They were round, ripped and amazingly cut, like Ray spent the last five years pumping non-stop.

The figure Erik had in front of him increased its size and muscularity, growing incredibly hulking muscular just as he breathed, sighing and moaning while his muscles grew in a freaking bulging spasms, augmenting, expanding, at an intimidating display of growing power � �Ray? Oh man, are you okay?�

The big muscle freak looked at him, surprisingly happy, his white teeth shone, and his red face smiled � �Of course I am, are you crazy? I�m a fucking hulk!� he opened his arms and they seemed to grow even thicker, even more powerful, his chest looked like a shelf so thick those pecs jutted from his body, his abs popped out like big boulders in a quarry, his lats and delts raised higher and higher, making his head look incredibly smaller now.

The veins on Ray�s body increased its girth and they pulsed with power, as his body bulged with more and more mass, his already huge figure grew bigger to accommodate the income of muscle which kept packing on Ray�s body.

The biceps peaked higher and higher, the sheer size, the incredible thickness, newer fibers of muscle unfolded in loud spasms, growing bigger and bigger, harder than any other muscle men Erik could think of, the neck engrossed with thick muscles, the jaw got firmer, and flatter, squarer � manlier. And finally Erik looked at the incredible bulge on Ray�s boxers � �No way! It ain�t just muscle and bones� he whispered as he saw the fabric giving up to the huge size of that still flaccid cock � over 10 inches long, and probably 7 inches, with big bulging huge balls to match, that engorged manhood, was simply beyond anything Erik could imagine.

Finally, Ray held his chin � �Hey, dude, I�m up here!� He gently made Erik�s head look up � Ray ahd grown to about 6�4� but he was incredibly thick and muscular � �I guess I still had something to grow huh?� Ray teased as he noticed his newly grow muscles � �Damn! I�ll never fit into any shirt now!� he laughed out loud, but Erik�s face was a mix of fear, anxiety and consternation.

�Ray, I don�t think it had stopped this time!� Erik said almost passing out.

�What are you saying dude?�

Erik couldn�t even being to explain what passed through his mind, whatever caused that growth was far from ending, and god knows what else could happen with his dear friend.

Ray, in the other hand, couldn�t be happier, he finally had the body he always dreamed of, and much more! He went to the bathroom, making sure to turn his bulk aside as he entered, and checked his weight � �338 pounds!� YEAH!� He screamed �I�m bigger than any bodybuilder had ever managed to get!� he flexed his muscles to emphasize his point. He looked to his crotch and the cock seemed to gain life at that same time , growing longer and harder, bigger and thicker�until it reached the impossible mark of 18 inches long.

�Erik! This is amazing!� Ray said as he turned to look at his friend, hitting the poor guy with his pole right I the face, knocking him at the couch � �OOPS! SORRY ERIK!� The scientist barely had time to prepare for the blow, he simply landed at the fluffy couch � �WHOA!�

�Are you okay?� The enormous Ray said quickly grabbing his now dwarfed friend in his arms, which caused Erik to feel even more uncomfortable � �Ray, we have to see Professor Randall, NOW!�

�What is the rush? I�m sure we can enjoy some time together � I know our cocks agree!� He said as he felt Erik�s hard on with his big thumb � �I�ve waited for this moment since High school, Ray!�

Erik realized he was hard, all that muscle really made him excited, he always liked Ray, his great build, but he had been very shy to try something with him, after all they�ve been friends for so long, he would rather hide his feelings than jeopardize their friendship � but now, his friend could be in danger, he had to try something before it was too late�

�Ray, wait, we have to�.� The kiss Ray gave him muffled any sound, the huge hands of his engorged friend simply engulfed him, rubbing his lean body against the huge muscles of the newly-grown Ray, and this time Erik couldn�t resist, his worries and assumptions would have to wait � they had to succumb to the old flame of their passion.

�Oh Ray�� it was all Erik could say as he finally broke that passionate kiss.

Back at the laboratory, Professor Randall checked the last details on the Mass Converter � �This is strange, the readings accused that the start up batteries are spent, how could it be? I�ve changed them yesterday before I left!�

The scientist then had a terrible idea � �No, it can�t be possible!� He rushed to his office and grabbed the disc of the surveillance camera he installed at the lab � �I wished I would never had to use that thing!� Randall said as he inserted the disc at the driver and played it. Soon he saw his assistant Erik and another student entering the lab� •

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