Ray (The Beginning)


By Lover_Boy

I walked into Erik's lab in the Sciences Bulding of the campus. Why is it that places like this always smell of anticeptic. I spotted him near a stack of boxes, checking inventory sheets on a clipboard. Erik was a typical twink. Tall, and thin. But was he ever a big hunk of cute. He had thick reddish-blonde hiar that he rarely had cut, but always combed. With deep green eyes, wire rimmed glases, a few freckles, and a bright smile, he looked like the Irish boy he was. I walked up behind him, and poked him in the ribs. He was always lost in his research, so he was easy to scare. Jumping, he turned around and immediately smiled upon seeing me.

"Hi, Ray. Glad I could getcha away from your video games long enough to help me." He didn't know it, but I'd had a crush on him since our senior year in highschool. As a result, I did just about anything he asked that required spending time with him. "Oh, they'll be there when I get back." "I bet you haven't even unpacked anything but your PS2 yet, have ya?" I raised my hand, "Guilty." Actually, I had unpacked my second hand set of weights as well. I'd been working out for a while, hoping to beef up enough to draw his attentions away from other college jocks. I'd made progress, but apparently not enough to accomplish this. I had time. It was only the beginning of this year's first semester. "So, what do you need me for today?" "Well, I want you to help me set up some equipment. Nothing major, but it's all too heavy for one guy to lift and move." __________________________________________________ __________

"Wait....a little more....a bit more.....there!" We set the machine down with a , and stood back. "Perfect. Everything's set up. Lets have lunch." He walked over to a cooler, and produced a sack full of sandwiches, and soda. "Great, I'm starved. All that lifting and moving makes me hungry." I definitely could get away with skipping the workout tonight. He handed me some, and we began to eat. "So, Ray, what do you think of Professor Randall's lab?" He was studying with one of his prefessors this year, and he was really excited about it. I looked around without the slightest clue as to what any of it was for. I nodded my head as I munched on ham and cheese. trying to sound sincere. "It looks good. Very.......scientific." He looked at me in silence for a moment and we both burst out laughing. Suddenly, he brightened. "Wanna see somethin' cool?" "Uhhh, sure." I followed him to something covered by a throw cloth, fully prepared to see something boring.

He whipped away the cloth cerimoniously, motioning toward the device like a grand showman. "Whaddya think?" I looked at it. I looked at him. "What is it?" It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. It looked like some sort of ray gun with lights, switches, and various other things I couldn't identify. It stood almost as tall as he did, mounted on a tripod with a swivel base. "It's professor Randall's newest prototype invention. He calls it the Mass-Converter', but it's mostly a ray for increasing the mass or quantity of something. Watch this...." He flipped a switch on the device, and a small red light in a string of three lights illuminated. As it turned on, it began to hum. Low at first, but gradually growing louder. "Uhhh, Erik, I don't think we should be messing with that thing." "Oh, it's harmless. Just wait." The red light blinked out, and a yellow one lit up above it as the hum got a bit louder. Erik, please, turn it off." He looked at me over the top. "Okay, okay, scaredy-cat. I'll turn it off...." He flipped the switxh again, but it didn't turn off. "What the.....?" He flipped the switch a few more times, but nothing happened. "It won't turn off. I don't understand. This switch has a failsafe in case anything goes wrong." He grabbed the back, and turned it toward himself. It took me a second to realize that the barrel was pointing directly at me. "Erik, don't...!"

He looked up at me as I tried to scramble out of the way. The hum reached a high pitch, and a green light lit up. With a sound unlike anything I'd ever heard, a bolt of blue light shot from the barrel of the machine and struck me squarely in the chest. The force of it was like being hit with a small sledgehammer, and it sent me flying through the air. I landed amidst a bunch of boxes with a crash. The hum stopped, and the machine went silent. A few sparks errupted from the machine, and smoke drifted up from its rear compartment. Quickly, Erik unplugged the it, and ran over to me. He helped me stand up. "Are you alright?!" I was't sure. There was a warm tingling sensation all through my body, and it took me a few seconds to be able to stand straight. "I....think so." He held his index and middle finger in front of me. "How many fingers am I holding up?" "Two." "Well, you seem alright. Ray, man, I'm really sorry." I shrugged his hand off my shoulder and looked at him. "What in the hell possessed you to turn that thing on?" "I didn't think it went off by itself." Suddenly, he eyed me curiously. "What? Did I grow a third eye, or something?" "No. Nothing's happening to you." "Good." "No, not good. Professor Randall'a not gonna be happy that I messed with it. But he's gonna be even less happy that it didn't work." "Oh...." "Are you sure you're alright?" I grabbed my coat as I walked toward the door. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I feel tired all of a sudden. I'm gonna go back to my dorm. I'll stop by later to see ya." "Okay", he shouted after me "Get some rest." The door closed behind me and I made my way outside.

As I trekked across the campus toward my dorm building, I couldn't shake the warm feeling all over my body. My limbs felt like I'd done a complete workout, and my jeans and t-shirt felt like they were constricting me. I entered my room, and locked the door behind me. I needed rest. I shrugged off my coat, and took off my shoes, heading for my bed. I stopped as I passed the full length mirror I kept to admire any progress I made from working out. My clothes not only felt more snug, but they looked more snug. My face looked different too. I gingerly touched my jaw, and it felt firmer. It must've been from all the heavy lifting today. I must've gotten a bit of a pump. Suddenly, the warm feeling got really intense, and my clothes felt like they were shrinking.

I looked in the mirror in disbelief at what I saw. My neck was getting wider. As I watched, my adam's apple receded as the cords of muscle in my neck expanded. The swelling spread outward to the ridge of my shoulders as my traps rose prominently on either side of my neck. Next, the shoulders of my shirt puffed up as my deltoids started to become more rounded and defined, bulging outward. The sleeves of the shirt began to ride up, revealing mt arms. My triceps were defining themselves into a faint horse shoe shape as my biceps thickened and began to crawl slowly down to ward my elbow joint beneath the skin. My forearms swelled, becoming more sinewy, and my long fingered hands beefed up. I felt my shirt begin to fill out as my lats spread outward and increased the width of my torso, giving it a v-taper to my 32" waist. The prominence of my collar bone was disappearing as my pecs mounded up beneath the fabric of my shirt, and bulked out like inflating balloons. The tightness of my shirt revealed my abs clearly as each set enlarged and I could see the slightest hint of obliques through the fabric. My jeans were sudden'y a second skin as I saw my quads separate into their three main masses of muscle and swell out as I felt my quads push out. The tightness of my jeans had revealed the lump of my average sized-dick as it grew into a not-so-average sized lump; its positioning causing it to extend outward toward my left hip. The thickness of the lump increased as well, as the curvature at the crotch of my jeans spread and pushed downward where my balls were growing. The whole sight of increased mass in that area looked bizarre, and I had to widen my stance as my package grew. Turning to the side, I looked at my profile, and my eyes were drawn to my formerly non-existent glutes as they became a bigger, and rounded the butt of my jeans out.

Finally, the growth stopped, and I looked in the mirror at what I'd become. I hadn't gotten too big. I basically had the size of a football player with the definition of a gymnast. My clothes were skin tight, and I flexed verious groups of muscles experimentally. Bouncing my pecs, i admired the little stress wrinkles that popped up along the seams at the shoulders and across the center as I did. I felt like i was looking at someone else's body, but it was my face in the mirror. I decided to wait a while to see Erik again. I stripped down to my boxer-briefs and was caught off guard for a mon=ment as I saw the way my new cock made the front of them vulge out. I laid in bed, and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep...... •

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