Better Living Through Hypnosis

Exploration and Attainment


By Bazorba

This is a story using hypnosis, something which has been done a few times, but not like this. The method used in this story is real, you can purchase this item.

First a few ground rules for this story: 1) Growth cannot be rapid, it is limited to a little faster than a person with good genetics can attain. 2) Each section cannot document more than one or two days 3) Sex is not to be a major theme (it can be a minor theme, but not to the extent that the entire basis of the chapter is about it)

Sorry to be strict on these rules, but I don't intend for this story to be a flash bang story that is over all too soon. One of the things I look for in a good story is character development, and I intend this story to have it.

This is one of my first stories, so any feedback is appreciated.

P.S. Yes I know I am anal retentive and a bit of control freak.

As Tim sat there looking through various web pages, he sighed. He had just gotten home from work and was exhausted, and it was Friday night, a time to party for most people. It was, however, not a time to party for Tim.

He looked down at himself and was mildly disgusted at what he saw. A fat 24 yr old who felt like a failure in the social part of his life. He had friends in real life, but he didn't talk to them much except for via the Internet, and that was often sporadic. Because of his size, many people stayed away from him, looking upon him as a slob. He was never very popular and didn't have the courage to actually go out and meet people. As a result, he pretty much stayed home and on the computer whenever he wasn't at work.

Tim knew he was gay, but no one knew in real life except for one other person. People he chatted with online knew he was, because this was one of the great things about the anonyminity of the 'Net. One thing he never did was try to be something he wasn't though. To him, the thought of being a faker was too much work and you ended up hurting more people than you intend to if you are exposed. A few people he had talked to online had exposed themselves as fakers, but were willing to try to be themselves. Tim accepted their apologies because he was not one to carry a grudge.

Tim was also a big fan of muscle, both on him and other guys. He had gone to the gym for a while, but there was always something holding him back, and he would soon drop out of it. He lusted after big, huge muscles. Mountainous pecs, tree trunks thighs, washboard abs, the whole deal. Alas, he felt, that it was not meant to be. He could keep trying, he felt, he had the desire, but there was just something not there, or that he was too busy to devote himself to the gym. His quest for huge muscles was in vain.

That night, as he said by his computer, he saw a link for a site that advertised various hypnotic and subliminal cds. He looked at it and thought "oh great, another site like this, are they going to charge umpteen dollars?". The prices looked very reasonable, but Tim had a problem with hypnotic tapes or cds...they required active participation, something that Tim couldn't always do because he was always on the go. He then saw an option for a version that was like a subliminal but only stronger. This piqued his interest, because he didn't have to take time out of his schedule, just pop it in the player as he was going about his day. He placed an order for the "Growing Muscles" cd, with it's claim of increasing the number of muscle fibres, and sat back to think about what he had done. It seemed a bit stupid, but Tim didn't care, it wasn't like he was tossing away a lot of money.

Close to a week after he ordered it, a package came to Tim's door that contained the cd. Inside was a script detailing exactly what was being said on the cd, and instructions on using it. There was also a warning not too listen to it for too long or too many times in a day, because the subconcious would get worn out and any changes will be slowed considerably due to burnout.

Tim popped the cd into his stereo and started listening to it. It started out with a voice being audible, but slowly falling into a pit of music that was hard to place what genre it was. Regardless, the music was kinda catchy, and Tim was enjoying it. Because it was the weekend, Tim was staying up late and not long after listening to it for an hour, he fell asleep after turning the stereo off. The sleep was one of the best he would have in a long time.

When Tim woke up, he felt very rested and relaxed. He felt like he didn't have a care in the world and was quite happy. Despite his relaxation, he felt a tiny bit stiff and had a bit of a buzz going on. He shrugged off his feelings and went about his day. After having a shower, he decided to go for a walk because it was such a beautiful day out. The walk helped to release the tension and tightness he was feeling, and when he came home, he puttered around with the daily chores he usually did on the weekends when he had the time.

That night, he sat down at his computer, and popped the cd into the stereo again and played it for an hour. The music was as catchy as always, although not something that could be danced to. After turning the stereo off, he laid down on the bed and quickly fell alseep. •

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