James (My Story)


By tjstoys

Saturday rolled around and although a little nervous I was also excited about working at the strip club. After being invisible for so long as a kid I found I had really gotten into being noticed and most times before anyone else. I spent the whole day working out and pumping up my muscles to their max. I got there around 9pm and found Phil who showed me were I would be changing and gave me the rules about “The Private Room” ooooh where guys could pay me $25 to have a 10 minute private session with me. There was to be no touching of your “meat” as Phil called it. Well alright I said but I can’t promise anything. I watched from the back as some of the other guys stated at 9 so there was action already. Then my turn came and I had changed into a full suit. I was just about to go out and Phil saw me and asked “what are you doing in a suit?” “Trust me” I said. And walked out onto the stage.

The music started to play and I walked around on stage with dark shades and my suit on. At first there were whispers probably just cause you could tell I was big even in the suit but most people were going about there business drinking, playing pool, or flirting with the other strippers who were walking the floor trying to get business for “The Private Room” I walked around at first and then took my glasses off. Then I did a little dancing and took the jacket off. Now people were really watching. Next off with the shoes (and I had no socks on) and then came the pants. When people saw my legs they started to gather closer to the stage. I was really starting to enjoy this. My poser was a nice red one and it started to gather a dollar or two.

I danced a while and noticed an older guy like mid 40’s and kinda handsome. He was into me right away. He was just at the base of the steps to get off the stage so I pointed to him and his eyes widened and with a curl of my finger I encouraged him to come up on the stage. He slowly climbed the 3 steps as I danced around and took off my tie, then I sauntered over to him and he put a dollar in my poser. He turned to walk away and I grabbed his shoulder and he turned him around and got him to start to unbutton my dress shirt. When he got to the second button I pumped my pecs hard which pulled the shirt out of his hands. Then he lit up and I gave the encouragement again and he undid the second button and when he got to the third I pumped my pecs again which pulled the button right out of his fingers people actually laughed a little because he was so frustrated he wanted to see inside my shirt so did most everyone there but he couldn’t hold on when my pecs flexed. Finally he went to get the third button again and I stopped him grabbed both sided of my button up shirt and ripped it clean from my body in one motion. Guys in the audience started yelling and the whole place was going crazy. He just stood there stunned with his mouth wide open. I took his hands and placed them on my pecs and bounced to the beat of the music. He was so excited he was actually shaking. I thought he might have a heart attack any second so I took his hands off my pecs and guided him back down the steps and did the rest of my time by myself on stage but collected tons of dollars.

When my turn was up I went into the back to cool off for a moment and then appeared again on the floor to encourage people to have a private session. I was met when I came back out with hoots, hollers and applause and a line of guys waiting to have a private session with me. First in line was the guy who I lured on stage.

He introduced himself as Frank and we went right into the back. I sat him down on the couch and told him “now be gentile this is my first lap dance and I’m not sure I know what I’m doing”

“You got to be kidding” he said “You’re already better than any of the other strippers here and we haven’t started yet” “Thanks I think you deserve the best lap dance I can give” I said.

I straddled his legs and sat on his lap and grinded the best I could. He seemed a little fragile so I tried not to put any real weight on him. I pumped my pecs and his hands were instantly on them. I flexed my biceps very very slowly in front of his face. His tongue came out for a lick and I grabbed the back of his head and pushed into my bicep and then into my pecs. He moaned very loudly and I could feel him getting really hard. I turned around and rubbed my ass on the bulge in his jeans over and over and flexed my back for him to feel. While I was turned around I helped myself get nice and hard with one hand while I flexed the other arm. I turned around and my mostly Hard Cock was right in his face. He hesitated to do anything (maybe he knew it was supposed to be a no no) I leaned over his lap and my pecs brushed his face then I breathed in his ear a little and whispered “go ahead touch it, it needs to be touched.” He started to put his hand near the big bulge in my poser and I flexed it hard and the head of my cock poked out of the top of my poser just a little his reflex was to pull his hand back a little like it was going to bite him. “I moaned a little and said “Oh please it needs to be touched” and I sat on his lap again so that my dick was pointing at his face. He brought his hand up and slowly but it on the poser lightly then I took his hand and slowly forced it over the edge of the poser and onto the shaft inside.

He looked at me smiled and said “Your freakin Incredible” “I’m glad you think so” I said Then I started sliding up and down on this lap making his hard on harder and harder. Then he grabbed onto my arm and had a panicked look in his eye. He let go of my dick and took his hand out of my poser. “Are you Ok” I said as I stood up off his lap, I was worried he was having a heart attack. “Yea ah thanks your amazing” he was kinda bent over as he stood up to leave. “No really are you alright” I said as I grabbed his hand which he had on his stomach area it seemed. As his hand came away from his body I realized he had cum in his jeans. “oh man I’m sorry” I said and he nodded and said “It’s Ok” as he put his hand back and went back out to the club I stepped out after him and he hi-tailed it right out the door of the club.

People started waving money at me but I was to upset about what I had done and went into the back. Phil saw me and followed me. “What are you doing” as he reached me backstage. “People are throwing money at you and your walking away” So I told him what happened and he laughed and told me not to worry about it but reminded me why he has the no “Meat” touching rule. This time I listened.

The night went by and I never got back to the stage because of the line of people that wanted to have their session with me. The night ended and I had made $527 bucks in 4 hours, which included the first dance money and a guy that gave me a fifty after his lap dance and didn’t want any change. I got all my stuff and Phil shook my hand and told me I was going to be the Saturday night star and that the rest of the week was up to me if I wanted to come in at all. I said “let’s start with just Saturdays until I find a place to live and have to start paying bills. Then I left and walked out to my rent a car.

There was a car sitting next to mine with the headlights on and the engine running. I looked but the windows were all fogged and it was late and very dark. So I went to get into my car and the window rolled down. It was Frank he had a proposition for me, one I couldn’t refuse. •

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