James (My Story)


By tjstoys

A few days went by on our Vacation and I was finding Fort Lauderdale a total blast. There was Great Beaches, Fantastic Food, & Hot Men! The town was so gay friendly it was the most comfortable I had been in my life. On the second to last night of our vacation we decided to go to a stripper bar. A little bit of a shady looking place but after my first drink I was getting into it. The Strippers were cute but not as built as either one of us. Actually I think we were getting more stairs than them. I had worn the tightest pair of jeans and t-shirt I owned and let’s just say it left nothing to the imagination. After the first couple hours of drinking I was feeling pretty good and we went over to play some pool on one side of the room but still visible from the stage.

Two other guys were there they were both about in their mid to late 40’s I would say. One kinda of a nerdy scientist looking guy and one who looked really good in a button up shirt, he looked like he was well off, like a business man. We came over and asked when they would be done with the table and they challenged us to a game. Never one to back down from a challenge we accepted. Then they asked if we care to make it interesting. So I reached in my pocket and said I only got 20 bucks. They looked at each other and smiled “How about Strip Pool” one guy said. Brad laughed and said “do you really think we want to see you naked?” “How about every time you scratch or we sink a ball you take off an item of clothes and we put in $10 bucks every time we scratch or you sink a ball.” Said nerdy guy.

“Ok Now you’re talking” I said

However I was a little worried seeing I was unable to stand well or see things in any other form than double. They told us we could break so Brad lined himself up and BAM! Those balls went every which way. He sank a ball and then another and we were getting psyched. 20 Bucks already on the table and we just got started. Then Business man whispered something in Nerdy’s ear. He shot and bounced a couple balls around but nothing. “HA” (that was rude) “I mean sorry” I said. It was my turn and I did the same damn thing, I guess I was lucky I even connected with the cue ball. Then nerdy knocked the balls around and one almost fell in but no. Brad knocked 3 more in, in a row and 50 big ones were on the table. Then Business knocked in the first one for them and we each took off a shoe. I limped around the table and finally found my shot. It went in! Yes another $10 bucks. Then Business whispered to Nerdy again.

In my drunken stupor I said “Hey it’s not nice to whisper in front of other people” and Nerdy said “Sorry your right we were just deciding when to do this” and he shot and knocked two balls in with one shot. Then as we were taking off our other shoe and he shot again and again and again and again knocking in a ball each and every time. “Well fuck me” I said. I wasn’t wearing any socks so I pretty much had to take off everything (lucky I had a watch on) and I did down to a poser I was wearing just incase we got lucky that night. Brad had the same stuff on but had socks so he was only down to his pants and whatever he had underneath. “Your saw us coming a mile away” Brad said. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. We had drawn a huge crowd. “I’m not taking my posers off” I said.

Nerdy took his time and shot and sunk the 8 ball. Brad took off his pants and just had a hot pair of red undies on. Damn! I’m not taking my posers off I said to they guys. “Ok then dance for us then” “in front of this crowd” I said. “You could take the posers off” business man snickered. “Oh what the Hell” I jumped up on the pool table and started dancing to the music. Now everyone in the whole club could see me and with the help of my buzz I really started getting into it. “Get up Here” I said to Brad. He looked at me and then at them and then at me and jumped up on the table next to me and we both went at it. The entire crowd had gathered around the table and was starting to but money in our posers. (Or undies in his case) The nerdy reached up and put the $60 bucks in my posers they had put on the table during the game. This really pushed us on so we started to hump each other in sex poses and lick our biceps and bounce our pecs. Fuck we were Hot! We even started to get ourselves hard. Guys were putting their hands in my posers and I would grab their wrists and make sure they got a good feel before letting go.

Suddenly some guy in his 50’s and a little overweight came from the back and started yelling “Get Down! Get Down!” The music stopped and we stopped and everyone started booing. “What’s wrong” I said. “My guys are gonna quit no one is paying attention to them” I’m trying to run a business here” He pulled on Brad’s arm and he jumped down. Then I did too. Sorry man, were just trying to have a good time” Brad said. “You’re doing it at the expense of these guys that are trying to make tips” “I looked up and a cute young boy was on the stage all by himself with no one even around him. “Oh Sorry Man” I yelled over to him.

He had a frown on his face but nodded and smiled at me. “Thank you” the manager said

Then he looked at me different then he had when he was mad and said “Damn you guys are Hot!” “Thanks” Brad said and we both just knew what to do to get him totally to forgive us we bounced are pecs in his face at the same time.

“Let me buy you a drink to make it up to you” he said. He took us by the hand and brought us to the bar and then past the Bar “Buddy bring to of our finest martini’s to my office” he said as we went through a door and into a nice office. “This is the nicest spot in this place” I said He motioned for us to sit in on the sofa and a minute later Buddy the bartender came in with our drinks. “That will be all Buddy” and he shoed him away. “Oh by the way my name is Phil” he said “James” “Brad” we each said. I don’t know what came over me I just stared to rub myself at that point. Still had my posers on but they were quickly becoming over filled. Phil started to mutter and stumble over his words. Saying something about how hard he has worked to start this business and how he knew we were just having fun but if his dancers get mad and quit he will be up shits creek without a paddle. Brad followed my lead and he was actually quivering. He got up and came over close to us. He stopped as he saw the head of my dick actually overtake the top of my posers and pop out a little. Then I realized what I was doing and covered it up and said “Sorry” “No” he said “you’d be amazed for being in the flesh business how very little action I get to see” I smiled at him and looked at Brad he was thinking the same exact thing. I got up and was standing face to face or should I say face to pecs with Phil. Brad got up locked the door and then came over to join us. I bounced my pecs and he put his hands on them. I did it again and again and he was having problems with the tightness in his pants.

“Looks like we have a live one down there Brad” I said. Brad knelt down and undid Phil’s pants as I took put my hand on the back of Phil’s head and pulled it into my chest and then I bounced my pecs so he could feel the power right on his face. Brad had released the beast so to say. It was the average size but boy was it fat and getting harder all the time. A little tongue action from Brad and Phil’s cock was at full attention in a matter of seconds. Then Brad stood up. Phil backed up a couple steps to get us both in full view. Both my and Brad’s cocks were totally in view. So we took off what was left on. Phil’s took off his shirt and came between us but still facing us. He took our cocks in each hand and with some amazing skill started jerking both of us off. His hands were nice and strong and he had obviously done this before. We started flexing while he was doing this which made him double his efforts. After a while he brought us both to climax and boy did we cum. He was covered with cum and he let go and started licking his hands. We joined in and licked his body clean. Then I knelt down and took his dick and balls in my mouth and Brad knelt behind him and started rimming him and he held on for as long as he could screaming in ectasy the entire time, he started cumming as much as the two of us had together. “Damn” I finally said as I had to come up for air and he still was coming and it went all over me.

When he was done he literally fell to the floor. That was the most I’ve cum in 20 years he said. “If you’d cum anymore you would have had to pull your flood insurance policy” I said. We laughed and all lay on the floor together. After a while we got up and started putting our clothes on. Suddenly Phil said “Come work for me” “Here” Brad said. “Yea here you’re both naturals” “I have a psychology degree” Phil Said. “And he has a degree in physical therapy” and he pointed to me. “Do you have jobs” Phil asked. “Not Yet” I said. I'll start you at $25 an hour and what ever tips you make which judging by tonight would be like $50 every ten minutes.” “No really Thanks but No Thanks” Brad said. “Well we could think about it” I said. “Your Kidding” Brad said. “No I think I want to do it” “Not Me” Brad said. “But suit yourself” “When should I start” “Oh my God Really” Phil said “How About this weekend 10 to 2 on Saturday” “I’ll Be Here” and we left. •

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