Little Brother


By magusfan

Jamie was woken up the next day by the sound of the front door latch going. Was Timmy going out this early? Jamie quickly scrambled out of bed and ran to Timmy’s room. It still bore a resemblance to a child’s room with the wacky colouring of the wallpaper – the child size bed and furniture. Timmy had moved most of his old toys and books out so that the shelves were empty. And there were some posters on the wall. Big busty babes in various states of undress, plastered messily across the walls – Jamie recognised one as Carmen Electra. Where had Timmy managed to get hold of posters like that? The room also bore the handsome aroma of a virile young man. But there was no Timmy. The bed was empty and unmade. Jamie rushed downstairs.

The TV was on in the living room downstairs and Jamie went in. Across the television set fast moving images of naked girls , pleasuring themselves and each other. Porn. And Timmy was lying sprawled across the sofa, his legs wide apart – shirtless and magnificent, watching the images with a dozy pleasured grin plastered on his face. He didn’t even look up as Jamie walked into the room.

“What are you doing down here?” Jamie asked.

Timmy turned his head slowly, and smiled up dumbly. He spoke in a low and husky, slow moving drawl, like he was still only half awake. “This shit is fucking brilliant. Gets me so horny, man”. Jamie couldn’t summon up a suitable response.

“Did you sleep down here?” ”Yeah, that bed is too tiny for me now. Me and Carrie needed more space.”

“Carrie stayed over?”

“Uh huh.” That must have been who just went out. Timmy already had his striking head turned back to the television set. Was his brother always going to be so horny? Jamie watched as he absent minded scratched at some growing stubble on his jaw, as he leered at the set. He’d only had his first shave the other night. It always took Jamie much longer to summon up the necessary amount of facial hair. The clock struck eight.

”Come on” he ordered. Timmy didn’t say a word as Jamie moved to the doorway expectedly. “Timmy!”

He looked around dumbly, his mouth half open.

“School” Jamie explained.

Timmy just grinned as if it was some sort of joke.

“You have to go to school.”

“Man, I can’t.”

“You have too. It’s only your second day.” ”Carrie said it would be okay. Man, I’m just so…whacked”

Timmy’s vocabulary seemed to be transforming at an alarming speed. Carrie must be the one who was teaching him the new way of speaking, and giving him the porn and the posters. It wasn’t right.

“You have to go to school.” Jamie knew how important it was for his brother to get an education.

Timmy laughed: he wasn’t taking any of this seriously. “I fucking can’t”

“DO you still hurt from….yesterday?”

Timmy slowly moved his hands across his hairless muscular upper body. The cut under his eye had been cleaned up and barely registered. But his body was still a little sore. Any of the pain was worth it now. “Na” he answered.

Jamie still stood there waiting impatiently. He picked up a large white shirt which had been tossed to the floor and threw it onto his brother. “Get dressed. You might want to go and have a shave…and a shower” he added, sniffing the air.

When he came back down, not much seem to have changed. Except Timmy wasn’t lying on the sofa anymore, he was sitting . He still wasn’t properly dressed though. The shirt was on, but only buttoned up at the bottom leaving it wide open and showing off his impressive chest and pectorals. And those were track pants he was wearing, not regulation school trousers. And sneakers? No socks? Jamie glanced at the clock. Eight thirty, they didn’t have much time and at least Timmy had made some sort of effort.

“Come on let’s go”

Timmy rose up reluctantly. It still shocked Jamie to see how tall his brother had gotten – virtually towering over him. He moved sluggishly and swaggeringly to the front door, following Jamie. His hands were in his pocket, and his face expressionless. His short dirty blond hair uncombed and ruffled atop his attractive but motionless face – dirty with a smidgen light brown stubble.. He really did look tired.

“Couldn’t you sleep last night?”

Timmy grinned, scratching at his stubble. “We didn’t sleep much”

Jamie nodded uncertainly. Then suddenly Timmy took a step back. “Jus’ one second….I need to… piss.”

“A weewee?”

Timmy smiled mockingly “Yeah.”

As they walked to school, Jamie could feel Timmy lagging behind. The walk to school involved encountering other pupils on the way – Jamie normally liked to go in earlier, so that the chance of meeting any of the bullies of the classroom on the way got drastically reduced. He’d have to make sure Timmy started getting a bit more sleep. As they walked down the main road, Jamie couldn’t help feeling that everyone was….looking at him. He turned around. Timmy’s eyes weren’t on him, he was gazing interestedly at a couple of girls across the road, they were staring back. Jamie watched as they visibly started to move forward towards them. His heartbeat started to pace.

“Do you know who they are?”

Timmy could only seem to muster sentences of a few words - “Fucking hot.”

Jamie took a second glance at the girls. They were quite attractive. When one spoke it was in a high, preppy eager voice. “Hey Scott!”

‘Scott’ smiled back pleasantly.

“Melissa, and Jaynie – remember?” the taller one with frizzy red hair explained. “We’re in the same English class.” She virtually looked through Jamie towards the sight of his more attractive brother. ‘Jaynie’ just gazed at him with vague disgust then turned to the more handsome sight of Tim.

“Yeah, I remember” replied Timmy, in cocky but pleasant tones, smiling at the girls. Jamie watched them take in Timmy’s magnificent deep chest – worn on display through his open white shirt. The thin cotton of the shirt really accentuated Tim’s body shape – his deep looming shoulders were virtually recognisable underneath the material. Jamie just wished his brother wouldn’t look so messy.

“So, how are you?” Jayne asked excitedly.

“I’m….whacked man” Timmy laughed, repeating the phrases Carrie had taught him that morning, and the girls giggled in response. Around them, the bell started to ring for first lessons. Jamie started to move away, expecting Timmy to follow. He just stood there, leering in reciprocation at the two beautiful girls before him.

“Come on..Scott.” Jamie said, quietly, his voice whiney and high pitched in contrast to the low cool drawl of his brother. The two girls looked over in disgust. What a nerd.

“Do you want to come in…with us Scott?” Melissa asked, almost breathless. “We can show you to our classroom, in case you forgot where it is.”

“Yeah.” Scott smiled cockily. Jamie could only walk away in defeat. It hadn’t taken his brother long to get horny again. But surely Timmy wasn’t going to do anything with any of those girls, what about Carrie? Jamie sadly watched his brother strut through the school gates – a beautiful babe on each side, laughing at something he had said. This confused Jamie, Timmy had always been able to make him laugh – but he couldn’t imagine what he’d have to say that would get any girls like that giggling so incessantly. Surely Timmy still didn’t understand most of the crude humour and behaviour that the a lot of the kids of Summer Bay High seemed to pride themselves in.

When he’d hoped his brother would be more eager to go into school, this wasn’t quite what he had in mind. •

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