Mardi Gras Muscle


By elysiumfields

I sat on the the toilet staring up at the freaky huge cock poking earnestly towards my mouth,..hungry to be sucked. I shot a worried glance up at Ben as he glared with an air on menace down at me,but then a rueful smile appeared across his handsome face.

"Don't worry Dale,it'll fit.." he said,seemingly reading my thoughts again.

My own cock had risen to its full 7 inches of erection,belying my attraction to Ben. I so wanted this sexual intimacy with Ben,and i had plenty of fantasies of sex with him to fuel some decent wanking sessions in private. And now that the situation presented itself in plain sight,..and in such a public place a this..that i was having a hard time figuring out whether to give him a blow job was the right thing to do,especially as he had stated his heterosexuality with so much aggression and blatant flirting with girls in trying to satiate his lust. Witnessing an unchallenged lust for homosexual sex within Ben even so,unsettled me. But reason was beginning to become clouded as my want for Ben seemed to flare up within me as he beckoned me to suck him off.

I closed my eyes and gaped open my mouth expecting to feel him force open my mouth so un-naturally wide that he'd bust apart my jaw. I felt his hands clasp behind my head and then guide my mouth onto his cock,feeling the huge crab-apple sized cockhead push into my mouth. I gagged and muffled in protest as more of his impossibly fat girth slid into my mouth,and i responded my gaping my jaw wider. There was a hint of stiff pain that run through my jaw,but somehow in some freaky way,i was able to take in his cock and relaxed myself. Ben noted this and began to thrust rythmically in a out of my mouth.

"Yeah,..fuck this man,i kinda felt that you gay guys were probably good at sucking cock."

I allowed myself to open my eyes,peering awkwardly up at Ben as i blew him like i was sucking on a thick stick of Rock [candy] at a seaside resort back home. Ben had grown into a powerfully muscular hunk barely fitting into the cubicle,..though that he already was a hunk in the first place.!

His bare smooth pecs were massive shapely mounds of solid heavy muscles that were so thick and protruding that the cleft in between was more like a crevasse,and each of his pecs were capped with thick juicy nipples that pointed southward such was the oversize of his pecs. My cock leaked pre-cum at the sheer sight of his manly chest as i gagged and sucked hungrily on the huge cock pistoning in and out of my surprisingly accomodating mouth

His shoulders had spread so wide that his strong bulging delts were just barely pressing a hairs breadth away from each side of the cubicle. I could see the mass in his biceps,thick and full and rippling with prominent rope like vascular veins, big as bowling balls. The celtic tatoo snaking over the sheer increased size of his left upper arm.

Ben suddenly let out a shudder and bucked a little harder into me,pushing me harder onto his cock and causing me to gag defensively, yet i still managed somehow to breath despite the intrusion.

With a deep gutteral moan,he let loose a flood of cum into me. I was initially unprepared for his sudden and overly voluminous orgasm,and i struggled and fought to swallow as much of Bens mighty cum as possible,feeling some of his sweet tasting nectar squirt out of the corners of my mouth,and i felt some even go up my nose,as if i had drunk a fizzy drink too fast..

Ben kept coming for what seemed like ages ,..and i swallowed with increasing thirst,just about managing to keep up with his god-like orgasm. Finally,i felt Ben relax and come to the end of his climax. He slopped his massive dick out of me,its amazingly still erect shaft glistening with his cum and my saliva. I slumped back gainst the flushbox of the shitter,knackered and full, but Ben showed little signs of tire.

He looked down at me,so massively muscular,it seemed like Goliath was looking down at David.

"Sweet fuck Dale,that was fuckin' wicked..maybe i might bang your tight ringhole with my fat schlong later .."

I looked up worriedly at Ben.He grinned broadly.

"Don't worry Dale, i'll go easy.."

With that,he backed out of the tiolet cubicle and left the toilets,leaving me to recover from my incredible ordeal.....and without even shoving away his huge fat cock, if it could fit into his trackies!!

I remained for a moment trying to absorb what had just happened and pinching myself to see if one of my fantasies had just been that. Yet no, i was awake and fully aware.

I got up and summoned up the courage to re-enter the noisy club from the empty toilet.

What i saw,stunned me ever more. The two gay guys that i had passed while heading to the pisser,were still in a deep and passionate embrace,yet now they could'nt be more shocking in size differance. One guy was huge, Ben. His muscles were massive and stretching the blue tee shirt to within inches of its life.Even with his back almost to me,his muscularity was unmistakeable. Thick powerfully wide and sinewy lats looked at least 3 feet wide and tapered down to his impossibly narrow waspish waist,around which were wrapped the bared hairy legs of his partner,whom he held up with a single rippling bulging arm, with biceps that flexed like boulders and triceps that were fat with size and power. His jeans had been pulled down as far only as his tree trunk thick,bulging thighs, and allowing me a wonderous view of an unbelievably beautiful smooth globular and solid muscle butt that emphasized the term 'bubble butt' with shocking reality.

His partner was held,pinned was a better word,..against the wall and hidden mostly by the massive size of his huge lover..and i soon realised by the almost hypnotic flexing of the massive muscle hunks tight arse,that he was fucking his partner.!

And from what i could see,his partner was of normal stature and physique much like me..and i kind of felt sympathy for him in whether the huge hunks cock was just as big as Bens was,and whether or not it was hurting him. But i could hear no groans of pain,..just those of pleasure.

I tore my gaze away from the unevenly matched lovers and tried to locate Josh and the other guys in my group.

'How in the hell was all this going to affect them,..and how were they going to react.?'

I need not have worried..All around me i could see guys that were suddenly massive and freakishly muscled, like Ben and like the gay lover. Some wore tight tees and shirts that barely held in their impressive and enormous pecs and biceps.Some were shirtless to reveal their huge solid muscled physiques in all their glory. And what caught my breath was the fact that these huge guys were walking around without the slightest bother that their huge fat cocks were hanging out of their zippers limp but at least as long as my forearm.!

Indispersed amonst them,there were a few unchanged guys but i could not see a single girl about..?

Somehow things had shifted sharply towards an incredible reality that i could even begin to reason on whow it came about. Only those shooting stars had something to do with it,..i'm sure.

I thought i saw a glimpse of Scotts head poke up behind a low partition that had a rainbow couloured flag draped from it,emblazoned in black stitching with the word Decadence.

I turned to the low steps that led towards the flagged partition and the bar area beyond..and literally walked into massive bulging pec mounds that strained a claret varsity jersey to near bursting point. My eyes tore from the thick mounds and headed up to gaze into the beautiful features of a blue eyed hunk i had met earlier before.

"Yo dude,glad i bumped into you again..I'm horny and you're just the dude to help me out.." •

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