Fantasy, A

By no name

I still couldn't believe this was happening. I had loved Andy since we were friends in high school, but I had always thought that he was as straight as they come. Perhaps I should have realized how much I meant to him when he told me that he had chosen the very same college as I had. But then again I was never very smart when it came to emotions - I really thought it was pure coincidence. I'd probably still be pretending that we were only buddies if Andy hadn't finally decided to take that leap of faith and ask me whether I wanted to be with him.

Now we were sitting here, together in the night, under a wide open sky full of stars that were sparkling bright, as if to prove how cliché the situation actually was; and yet these were the most wonderful moments of my entire life. Just when I thought that life couldn't get any better than this, Andy pulled me close and gave me a tender, sensuous kiss: "I wish I could tell you how much I love you."

I was about to kiss him back when, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a shooting star - which of course, scientifically speaking, is not a star at all, but never mind - and Andy must have seen it to, for he looked at me with a crooked smile, and then we both started giggling foolishly like a pair of lovers on their first night out. I felt a warm glow in my heart and loins when I realized that this was exactly what we were.

"Make a wish," one - or perhaps both of us? - said.

I closed my eyes and made my wish, then opened them again and found Andy's. I reached for him and pulled him close again in order to return his sweet kiss. He did not seem to want to keep it, however, but gave it back again, and as I didn't mind this little selfish-selfless game at all, this kept us busy for the next few minutes.

While we kissed, I ran my hands through Andy's hair, caressed his neck and shoulders, and every once in a while reached for his delicious butt, giving it a light squeeze or a gentle rub, which never failed to elicit a delighted moan from my beautiful, my sexy, my loving boyfriend. We lay down in the grass, pulled each other even close. I pushed my hips against his, and I could feel his hard-on, could feel him picking up my rhythm.

I ran my fingers across his chest, feeling his pecs through his shirt, massaging them gently, surprised by how hard they felt, how swollen, how strong. We kept kissing each other, I kept pushing my body against Andy's, and I was so aroused that, for a brief moment, I felt that not only our cocks, but our whole bodies were getting harder, swelling and pulsing with desire.

Suddenly, the noise of ripping fabric brought us both back down to earth. I looked at Andy, puzzled. He shook his head, but then there was another ripping sound. We both turned our heads in the direction from which the sound had come. We stared at Andy's calves in disbelief; they had grown so muscular that they had burst out of his jeans, and the were still swelling larger.

Only then did we notice that it wasn't only his calves that were growing - and I mean that in two senses. First, it was clear that Andy's entire body was becoming more and more muscular, filling out his baggy clothes. And second, the same thing was happening to me and my body in my baggy clothes.

As if to confirm my impression, it was now my calves' turn to rip through my pants.

We looked at each other, not sure, at first, how to react. Then Andy reached out and touched my pecs, which were growing larger with every passing second, and repeated: "I wish I could tell you how much I love you."

And then, all my fear was gone. I did not know why we were growing, or how this was possible, but I knew that I loved Andy more than anyone else in this world, and that I longed to touch him, to be with him, that I could never get enough of him. I kissed him again, deeper, caressing his tongue with mine, feeling his swelling body against mine. I reached my arms around him and heard my shirt gave way as my newly developed back muscles expanded with the movement. Andy responded by grabbing my head with both his hands, and because he had to flex his arms to do so, his biceps rose and exploded through the sleeves of his shirt. I pushed my hips against him, and a loud tearing sound confirmed that my dick had been growing, too, and that it had just burst through my pants with a delicious, desperate throb. I could feel how pound after pound of muscle was added to Andy's pack, could feel his shoulders growing larger and larger under my embrace. I shifted my hands to his hard muscle butt; I could feel the increasing strain it put on the seat of his pants. I grabbed the two muscular globes and squeezed, and once again a moan of pleasure escaped the full, sensitive lips of my growing, swelling boyfriend. I moaned, too, when I felt his lips nibbling on my ears, when I felt his tongue descend my thickening neck. My quads burst through my jeans, and they were thick like tree trunks and still growing, I tried to wrap them around my boyfriend's waist, which was still as narrow as before and seemed even more so because of his ever widening back and growing quads. I grabbed Andy's arm and felt his incredible biceps, I licked his muscles with my tongue, and groaned when another tearing sound announced that his butt had finally burst through his pants. Only seconds later, my own pants exploded, too, and when I tried to remove the remaining bits of fabric from my waist, the movement made the muscles on my upper body bulge out and tear my shirt to pieces. I looked down at myself briefly, at the two huge mounds of muscle that were so big that I could not even see my own abs. Still, I knew roughly how they must have looked like because there was Andy's incredible eight-pack right in front of me, and the sight brought me back from admiring my own body to immersing myself in my boyfriends.

The last remnants of Andy's shirt exploded from his body as we grabbed each other again, and we were both naked now, two huge muscular behemoths lying in the grass under a starry sky, feeling the incredible size of our bodies, feeling our growing strength, feeling each other's muscle swell larger and larger. I felt my legs growing longer and my rib cage grow wider to accommodate more muscle, I felt my arms and neck getting longer and thicker to make sure that I could still embrace my boyfriend despite his amazing bulk, to make sure that we could still kiss each other despite the huge pecs that were pushing out from our chests. I could feel my weight and my strength increase with every kiss I gave Andy, could feel my muscles growing every time he touched my dick, every time he pushed his hips against me. I grabbed my incredibly muscular boyfriend and heard him whisper, once again: "I wish I could tell you how much I love you," and I told him that I knew, told him I loved him and that I could never get enough of him, while we kept growing and growing and growing in each others arms. •

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