JP (2005)

The Fireworks


By luvyalots

“Will we have to switch to the yellow line at the Pentagon station to get to L’Enfant Plaza?” I asked as we pulled into the parking garage of the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station.

“I don’t think so,” JP answered from the driver’s seat, turning toward Chrissy who was sitting next to him. “Chrissy, didn’t they change the lines around to direct crowds better?” She didn’t answer, staring at JP’s body, totally enraptured by his newest brawn. “Chrissy?”

“Huh, what?” she said, suddenly coming out of the daze. “Oh, yeah, you’re right.” He smiled warmly, causing her face to turn a crimson red.

It was the Fourth of July and we were headed into DC to see the fireworks on the National Mall. Chrissy had nearly wet her pants at the sight of JP when we arrived to pick her up. At 174 pounds – probably 175 by now – of pure muscle, he was starting to look like a god. His light blue tank-top beautifully accentuated his chiseled shoulders and arms, the color brought out the bright blue in his eyes. He looked…well, perfect.

We walked across the bridge into the station, bought our tickets and hopped aboard the train. Immediately, JP began attracting stares from other passengers, their eyes filled with awe. They couldn’t quite believe that a kid his age could be so phenomenally built. They marveled at how his strong, wide neck supported his flawless face, how the straps of the tank-top draped over his gracefully curved traps, how his thick shoulders and arms bulged with muscle upon muscle and were covered with writhing veins, how his lats flared out making the difference between his broad shoulders and tiny waist that much more impressive. And his butt…man, JP’s ass was beyond gorgeous, its perfect bubble shape provocatively filling the seat of his shorts. I, myself, couldn’t keep from watching my boyfriend’s muscular arms jump and flex efficiently while holding onto the pole of the Metro car, his shoulders and lats shifting silently underneath his thin skin as we hurtled smoothly through the suburbs.

The three of us heedlessly joked around the whole time and before we knew it, we were coming up the escalator to ground level. As soon as we had picked our spot smack dab in the middle of the National Mall – between the Hirshhorn Museum and the National Archives – JP opened up his backpack and pulled out his beloved Navy Frisbee.

“We should get a little game in before it gets too crowded,” he suggested, beginning to pull off his tank-top. Chrissy let out an audible gasp as she saw his bare torso. My heart did a flip, like it always did when he would strip his shirt.

“God, you’re getting to be such a hunk,” she gushed, eyeing his massive chest, “you’re gonna be turning straight guys gay soon.” I burst out laughing, practically choking on my own spit. Chrissy quickly looked over at me. “What?” I couldn’t answer her, I was in such hysterics.

JP smiled enchantedly and peered over at me. A chill went down my back. “You should see Matt’s body now, Chrissy,” he commented. “He’s getting bigger, too. Take off your shirt, Matt!”

Chrissy looked in my direction with aroused eyes. I bit my lip and acquiesced to my boyfriend’s bidding – how could I not? I not-so-expertly wrestled my T-shirt over my head and threw it on top of JP’s backpack.

“Wow!” Chrissy exclaimed. “You look amazing!” She sighed, passing her eyes between JP and me. I could tell that she was in heaven, being sandwiched between the two of us. “I can’t believe I’m hanging out with the two most gorgeous guys in the world,” she said, coming toward me and gently laying her hands on my abs. She raised her head and gazed into my eyes. “Matt,” Chrissy whispered, “I never realized until now how hot you are.” Her hands slid up to my chest, brushing against my nipples. Was she coming on to me?

“I’ve been working out a bit,” I admitted, shrugging. Although I was still nothing compared to JP’s body, I had managed some modest gains myself. At 155 pounds – a full 10 pounds heavier than I was during crew season – I was in the best shape of my life. My body fat had dropped to just below 10%, so I knew that all of that new weight was muscle. My chest was developing pecs, my arms were gradually growing thicker and my six-pack – my most prized possession – was getting well-defined.

“You gonna play Frisbee with us, Chrissy, or are you just gonna stare at Matt?” JP taunted, smiling brightly. Chrissy blushed and took off her own T-shirt, revealing a white tube-top underneath that clung tightly to her firm breasts. The girl was incredibly hot herself and I know that if I had been straight, I would’ve been completely boned right at that moment. She had an incredibly fit body – curves in all the right places – so you could imagine the looks we got from people, girls and guys. Of course, one look at JP and none of the other guys dared approach Chrissy, assuming that he was her boyfriend and that they would have to go through him first. Little did they know how lucky they might have been if they had tried.

For the next couple of hours, we tossed the Frisbee around in fun – no one bothered keeping score. Chrissy and I both admired JP’s athleticism, despite his dense musculature. No matter how far or in what direction I threw the Frisbee, he never failed to catch it, often making spectacular dives to do so. He was just so fast and agile. He was so strong and beautiful. He was a superjock.

Soon, though, the skies began to cloud up and it started to pour. We didn’t bother running for cover, instead letting the warm rain soak our skin, though Chrissy quickly realized she would have a problem.

“Shit,” she cried, “I’m wearing a white shirt.” JP and I laughed as I loaned her my dark blue shirt so she could cover up her tits. She gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “Thanks, Matty.” I blushed, nervously looking over at my boyfriend who was sniggering.

The sudden downpour didn’t last too long, however, and the sun quickly came out again just before it dipped behind the Washington skyline. JP and I decided to run to a nearby concession stand and get something to eat. As we stood in line, my boyfriend leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I think Chrissy’s starting to have a crush on you now,” he said. I looked at him like he was crazy. “Seriously,” he continued. “She knows I’m not interested in her anymore, so she’s moving on.” JP was always quick at picking these things up – or at least quicker than I.

“But, I’m already taken,” I rebutted, looking fondly into his angelic eyes. “What am I going to do?”

He grinned. “Welcome to my world,” he said, patting me firmly on the back.

It was almost dark by the time we headed back to our spot on the lawn. As we approached, JP grabbed my elbow, stopping me in my tracks. I looked at him puzzled, but he was staring grimly in Chrissy’s direction. She was lying on the blanket as two brawny college-aged jocks stalked toward her unseen, eyeing her schemingly. They were about to hit on her…and it was obvious that these guys were the type that would not take no for an answer. The bigger one must have outweighed me by at least 60 or 70 pounds – though a lot of it probably was fat – and the smaller one wasn’t much smaller. Their broad chests filled their wife-beaters to a near-ripping state, their arms thick with bulk. Cautiously, we snuck closer to within earshot.

“Hey, baby,” the larger of the two nagged, startling Chrissy. “You alone tonight?”

She craned her head up indignantly. “No,” she snapped firmly but calmly, “I’m with two guys who could knock you both out without a fight.” I gulped. Please tell me she’s bluffing, I thought.

This only seemed to amuse them. “Really?” the other one retorted. “Well, I don’t see them around right now. You need someone to cuddle with?”

“Don’t you even think about it!” I heard a deep voice bellow from behind me. It was JP, an intense fire bolting from his eyes, his muscles twitching with fury. The remaining twilight reflected off his body and buzzed head so magnificently, he was downright intimidating. The smaller guy’s mouth dropped open slightly when he sighted the kid, but the other guy remained unfazed.

“This pretty boy is your boyfriend,” he smirked, peering at him assertively.

“No,” JP returned without missing a beat, “but I am your worst nightmare.” It was the way he said those words that sent a chill down my spine.

The older jock scoffed. “You wanna fight me? Us two against you two?”

My heart was pounding and my knees were wobbling. What was JP doing? He couldn’t possibly be enticing the guys to fight us. Though I knew my boyfriend could take this guy, I was certain I’d be dead against the other. I froze.

Arrogantly, the bigger dude sauntered up to JP who stood his ground, not moving a muscle. The two jocks were standing eyeball to eyeball, their beefy chests almost touching each other. The jerk slowly raised his fist, an egotistical sneer spreading across his face. That’s when JP struck.

In the blink of an eye, JP pounced and expertly twisted his opponent’s arm behind his back, making him yelp in pain. Before he even had a chance to respond, the jerk’s head was forced back over his shoulder by JP’s other arm so that he looked him straight through the eyes. The guy had no choice but to look back as JP shot him his debilitating look of death.

“You sure you wanna mess with me?” my boyfriend hissed. His challenger merely gagged in reply, JP’s powerful forearm practically crushing his windpipe. He realized he didn’t have a prayer with the champion wrestler who could, with one quick snap of his neck, take away his life. JP gave him one more squeeze and, as quickly as he had put his opponent in the position, he threw him out of it, leaving him coughing and sputtering on the ground.

I stood there stunned. Other than during a wrestling match, never before had I seen him attack someone. It simply wasn’t a contest. The other guy may have weighed more, but he couldn’t match JP’s amazing strength and quickness. His friend helped him off the ground and the two hurried away, afraid to even look at the younger kid again.

Immediately, Chrissy ran up and threw her arms around JP. “Oh my God, JP,” she exclaimed, her fingers barely able to fully grasp his huge shoulders, “that was so brave of you! Thanks!” Then, she gave him a big kiss on the cheek. JP merely shrugged and blushed a deep red. “Wait ‘till my brother hears about this.”

JP looked back at her, smiling, happy to change the subject. “Nick’s coming to the wrestling camp this summer, right?”

Chrissy nodded. “Are you kidding?” she answered. Her little brother Nick was 12 years old and was going to be in seventh grade the next school year. And like many boys in our area, he idolized JP. According to Chrissy, her brother had clipped out every newspaper article about his hero during wrestling season and had been bugging her to take him to a match. As soon as he heard that JP, along with the help of his coaches, was organizing a one-week summer wrestling camp for middle school kids, he instantly jumped at the chance and persuaded his parents to sign him up. Now, he was counting down the days until it started. “He wants to be just like you when he grows up,” Chrissy gushed.

“Well, the great JP Maloney makes one helluva role model,” I added, patting my boyfriend on his wide back.

The rest of that night was amazing. I couldn’t stop myself from looking over at JP as the fireworks illuminated his flawless face, the different colors reflecting in his dazzling eyes. Every now and then, he would glance over at me and smile. A tear rolled down my cheek. I was so overwhelmed by his beauty and his love for me. How the hell did I get so lucky? Chrissy’s head was leaning on my lap, but I found myself wishing it were JP’s instead. I wanted him near me every minute of the day.

After we dropped Chrissy off later that night, we drove back to my place. It was almost midnight and my mom was in bed; the house was dark and quiet. JP and I stole up to my bedroom and no sooner had I closed the door, he flung his muscular arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. God, it seemed like he got better and better every time he kissed me.

“Shit,” he gasped, “I’ve been wanting to do that all night.”

“Me too,” I breathed, gazing into his deep blue eyes, brushing my fingers above his eyebrow. I never stopped being in awe at how perfect every square inch of this boy was. He had not a single flaw anywhere on his body. “That was unbelievable what you did tonight, getting rid of those two jerks.”

“My heart was racing,” he blushed, biting his lip. The small grin on his face shrunk and he looked glumly down at the floor. “That look on his face right before I jumped him reminded me of Ryan.” I looked into my boyfriend’s eyes. That’s why he had attacked the guy so viciously. He was venting what he thought of his brother on someone else.

“JP, look at me,” I whispered. He met my gaze with his and I instantaneously melted as he did. “Forget about him right now,” I went on. I knew how much stress thinking about Ryan gave him and I knew he didn’t want it. I took his wrists lightly in my hands and brought them up toward my chest. Both our shirts were still off – this was longest I had ever gone without a shirt – so the touch of his hands on my skin felt warm and soothing. My boyfriend’s eyes drifted down to my slim pecs and abs and I noticed his cock soon begin to hardened in his shorts, the bulge in his crotch becoming bigger and bigger with each passing second.

My own dick was also began to stiffen. JP reached down with his left hand and grabbed my growing bulge, urging it to get even harder. I groaned as he touched it and leaned forward to kiss him again. His other hand ran through my hair as he pressed me further into him. God, he smelled so good! My fingers ran furiously around the ripped muscles of his back, begging him to give me more. He did.

In a fury of passion, JP threw us onto my bed and I immediately began licking his huge pecs, gliding my tongue over the thick cords and striations that ran across his chest. I loved the taste of my boyfriend in my mouth and I wanted more. He read my mind and shot his hands down to my shorts fumbling with the button, frantically trying to undo it. As my mouth settled around one of his nipples, my lips sucking with intense lust, JP pulled down my zipper and tugged at shorts to get them off, letting my throbbing dick free. He started jacking me off, my hands groping his bulbous shoulders and bulging arms.

With beads of sweat beginning to form on our bodies, I kicked off my shorts and, now naked, turned my body around so that JP’s mouth could get at my cock. He grabbed my ass and helped me maneuver as I worked on releasing his monstrous pipe from its cage. My boyfriend’s enormous dick sprang out and groaned at the sight of its beauty. It was so huge, so juicy, I wanted it so bad. I wildly lunged for his cock, heaving my mouth around its head. His mouth simultaneously dove around my own dick, his tongue effortlessly flirting around my shaft.

We both moaned and gasped in extreme pleasure, engaging in the most intense oral sex we had ever had. I pressed my head into his crotch, practically forcing the entire thing down my throat. I groped for his thighs, feeling their hardness, the deep ridges flexing and popping with their incredible power. His body was so hard. His cock tasted so good. He wanted more…and so did I. As JP began blowing me harder and faster, I did my best to follow suit. I sucked like never before, my throat starting to get soar. I grabbed his hips with my hands, pulling him into me; he thrust himself into me even more.

At last, I felt his lower back arch and I quickly darted my hands under his body and down to his butt, pushing him into me, aware that I was also about to blow my load as well. I felt nothing but cum and JP’s juicy dick in my mouth, tons of excess dripping down my chin. At the same time, my cock erupted, sending torrents of jizz down JP’s throat, except he swallowed all of it.

My load stopped after a few large spurts, but JP’s kept going for at least another half dozen. Man, he was a god! When he was finally done spewing, I lifted my mouth off his cock and started licking his huge, round balls, easing his organ back to its resting state. He took heed and did the same thing to me. As our heart rates returned to normal, our breathing slowing, I returned my body back to the regular position and rested my head on his right pec, his fingers brushing my hair.

When he finally caught his breath, he said, “That was the most amazing thing you’ve ever done to me.” He looked down at me, his eyes so soft, they almost made me cry. “I have to return that favor.” I smiled warmly to myself. Never mind that he had just done the same exact thing to me…and did a better job at it, too.

I looked him straight into his eyes with the most intent look I could muster. I saw his eyes return the look and I knew he realized what I was about to say next.

“Fuck me,” I whispered softly. “I want you to fuck me tonight.” •

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