By Florian

Another plane roared overhead it's landing gear and flaps extended looking like some giant primitive bird coming home to roost. Down below in the Ferrari, Emil and Joey were exploring each others mouths. Joey had his right hand cupping and massaging Emil's left man tit pinching his nipple. By now Emil's thunderstick was fully erect and more than half of it's 15 inch length stuck out from the bottom of his shorts down to his right knee. The combination of his huge muscled thigh, with a fully erect 11 inch diameter cock was straining the material of his shorts. Joey moved his hand from his friends' beefy full man tit to Emil's massive reddish pink cockhead. He rubbed it causing Emil to moan softly. "I don't wanna jizz in this car..", Emil said softly in between kisses. Before Joey could say anything Emil's cellphone rang. "Don't answer it...please.", Joey said. "I have to," Emil answered opening the cellphone up and looking who was calling. It was his mother. "It's my mom, I have to take it." he sighed. "Hi Ma, where are you.", Emil talked into the phone. While his friend talked to his mother he kept rubbing Emil's bulbous cockhead. He bent over and kissed it and began to lick it. Emil squirmed and twitched a bit. God this thing's a real destroyer." Joey thought. Emil was having a bit of difficulty trying to talk with his mother while Joey was having his way with his dick. It made for a real interesting scenario. Joey of course knew it and kept doing it. "Okay I'll be there Ma." Emil closed the phone and looked Joey who was beginning to laugh. "Ya little shit.", Emil joked, "Tryin' to make me lose it while on the phone with my Mom." "Hey she probably wondered what you were up to with your heavy breathin' and all." Joey added. "I gotta take ya back to your house, then come back out here at the airport and pick her up in an hour." explained Emil. "Shit oh well.", Joey exhaled. "Hey we're not finished but I'll have take a raincheck okay?" Emil asked. Both of them buckled up and Emil started the car. He drove off causing the Ferrari to fishtail a little and spray dirt in it's wake. Joey looked at Emil's dick, it was still hard. He began rubbing it's head and squeezing the portion of the shaft that was exposed from his friend's shorts. He kept doing it fascinated by it's beauty. He massaged the veins that helped give life to Emil's cock. Emil squirmed a little. "Hard to drive huh?", joked Joey "When your hand is strokin' my cock ya." Emil answered. "Nah your just a sucky driver." Emil looked at Joey who was smirking. "Dude don't make my cock angry.", Emil smiled. "All right I'll stop. Raincheck remember." Emil drove up to Joey's house. As he was getting out and he noticed Emil's dick was still rock hard. "Jesus doesn't that thing ever go down?" he marvelled to himself. "Hey!", Emil shouted as Joey was about to close the passenger door. "Ya?" Joey leaned into the car trying to hear his friend over the Ferrari's engine. "Your ass is gonna pay big time for tryin to get me to spunk while I was drivin'!" Emil shouted with a dirty smile. "Yeah right.", Joey answered. "You'll see I'm gonna take my big cock and pile drive your ass!", Emil revved the engine. "I'll believe it when I feel it!," Joey laughed and closed the door. Emil gave him a thumbs up and roared off towards his home. He parked the sports car back into the mini annex and looked at his watch. "Shit, only 35 minutes to pick Ma up.", he hurried inside the house. He went upstairs to his room put a shirt on and quickly grabbed his car keys for his everyday car, a silver 1996 BMW 325 M3. As he sped off to pick his mother up at the airport he noticed he still had a raging hard on. "Down boy down!", he thought. As if by command his dick went back to sleep. •

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