By Florian

The Ferrari 328 was twitchy on the road, but Emil handled it like a pro. Joey looked at Emil's powerful hands one on the wheel the other on the gear shift. People stared at the black Ferrari at every stoplight. Joey kind of felt like a celebrity in the car. After a while they arrived at the Zero Zest and parked. Some patrons marvelled at the car but soon diverted their attention to the young blonde superstud who got out of the driver's side. The Zero Zest ice cream parlor was small, and only open during the summer. It allowed for it's patrons to go up, order what they wanted and sit outside under a large group of sun umbrellas. As usual for this time of year there was a bit of a line. Girls gawked at Emil and giggled to each other no doubt making comments about him. He smiled at them and walked to the end of the line. Lo and behold who was in front of Emil and Joey was none other than Dax Williams, a member of Chow Mein. Dax was lanky and always looked like he had a perpetual tan. Alone without his master Terry Nelson leader of Chow Mein Dax was harmless. Emil thought of Dax as Terry's lapdog. Joey recognized Dax and pointed him out to Emil. "Ya I see him. Watch this.", Emil said quietly walking up behind Dax. "Well well look who it is." Emil said aloud. Dax recognized the voice turned and couldn't believe his eyes. What he saw amazed him, though he tried his best not to seem surprised. "Emil?" he asked. "Ya." Emil answered with a half smile. Dax's brain couldn't register that this was Emil Eichinger, the formerly thin girly faced teen he and his cohorts made fun of last year. Now that same effeminate faced blonde had a body that every man wanted, a powerhouse of rippling veiny muscle. "Wh-what's goin' on man?" Dax's voice quivered. "Ah nothin' much just here with Joe gettin some cream." Emil answered. Emil loved Dax's silent expression. "You're such a turd Dax." Emil thought to himself. "Next!", the ice cream lady shouted. Dax turned away quickly got his order and left. Joey was trying to stem his laughter at the whole situation. "Damn Emil did ya see his face?" he mused. "Ya. I'm sure he's gonna tell Terry." Emil added "D'oh there he goes!", Joey motioned to Emil as Dax drove away in his car talking on his cell phone. They got their ice cream, and sat down at a recently vacated table. "Hey Emil, lick your ice cream, ya know......like this", Joey said to Emil holding his cone well away from his face. "Oh you mean like this?", Emil smiled holding his ice cream cone a foot away from his face. He snaked his long pink tongue out dabbing it's tip with mint chocolate chip. Two girls sitting nearby stopped eating their desserts and stared at Emil's tongue. Their jaws hanging open in complete disbelief. Joey snickered when he caught their expressions out of the corner of his eye. Emil retracted his tongue, smiled and resumed to lick his ice cream normally. "Dax looked like he was goin' ta shit his pants when he saw ya." Joey said. "Trust me they'll all have that look when they see me next week when school starts." Emil answered looking off at something in the distance. After they were done they began walking back to the car, Emil asked Joey,"Hey let's go to the airport and look at some planes." Joey shrugged and answered, "Ya sure let's go." It took them a while to get to Emil's favorite spot at the edge of Minneapolis Int'l for plane spotting. The area was relatively remote with only an occasional service truck or car coming by. They parked opened the doors and sat sipping on pop watching planes roaring in over head to land. "Jeez that one was huge!," Joey shouted over the din of jet engines. He looked at Emil who had his neck craned looking up. "Hey.", Joey said "Ya?"Emil answered. Joey leaned over took Emil's jaw with his right hand and turned his face quickly over to his..........and kissed him. "Hmmmmph," Emil wasn't ready for that one. After he planted a kiss on Emil's succulent full lips he pulled away with a smile. "Whoa. Wow man I didn't see that coming." Emil beamed a smile at Joey. Emil was surprised. He thought eventually he would have to make the first move, when he thought the time was right. But Joey had now done that. "C'mere man." Emil said. He took the back of Joey's head with his right hand, brought his face up to his and gave him a proper full kiss. Emil snaked his tongue into Joey's mouth and flicked it around expertly. Another plane roared overhead but Emil paid no attention to it. He explored Joey's mouth careful not to thrust his tongue too deeply down his friends throat lest he might choke on it. Emil's god cock slowly began to awaken from it's slumber. •

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