By Florian

"Whoa....dude like whoa!", Joey said laughing. "I have never seen any guy spooge that much!", he added. Emil still had a glassy look in his eyes and with a smile said, "Uh huh." "I'll help you clean all this up." Joey said. "Thanks." Emil answered pulling his shorts up while putting his now limp meat back into it's cage. It took a while to clean up all of Emil's essence, they even had to get a ladder to wipe down blops of cum hanging from the ceiling looking like some bizarre organic ornamentation. Whil Emil put the last wads of paper towel into a trash bag Joey cleaned the last huge glob from the green recycle bin. This was the rope of cum that nearly hit him in the face. While Emil's back was turned to Joey he looked at the silvery white cream on the wad of paper towel. "I wonder what he tastes like?" he thought to himself. He took a finger and scooped a little on his finger and put it on his tongue. "Wow, it's sweet, almost like pineapple.", he mused. After they finally finished cleaning up, Emil looked at Joey and asked,"Hey you wanna get some ice cream at the Zero Zest?" Joey laughed to himself and thought, "Yeah I wonder if they've got Emil flavor cum cream?" "Yeah why not", he amswered. "Okay let me get my wallet and keys," Emil said as he went inside the house,"be back in a sec." A minute later he came back out wearing shorts no shirt and a pair of sandals. "All right let's go man," Emil waved to him. "Aren't we takin' your car?', Joey wondered as Emil walked out of the garage to a large modern looking annex near the house. "Yeah in a way, we're going in my birthday present." answered Emil. The annex was air conditioned and looked like a mini showroom. It was filled with Emil's father's prized car collection. It was nice and cool inside, everything clean and immaculate. Emil walked over to his birthday gift given to him on August 5th. It was a black 1988 Ferrari 328 GTB. Joey couldn't believe it. "God Emil I've always loved this car." he said. Emil unlocked the driver's door and said to Joey,"Get the door will ya." motioning to one of the garage bay doors. Joey opened the bay door as the Emil started the Ferrari. Joey just shook his head and said to himself, "Oh man nothing sounds like a Ferrari." Joey got inside and noticed it was fairly cramped but who cares he thought this is a freakin' sports car. "Buckle up Joe." Joey looked at Emil, he looked so incredible sitting there in the driver's seat. Huge arms, hot pecs, veins popping everywhere, massive thighs and one hand on the gear shift. "I bet he grips it like a cock." Joey thought. Emil and a Ferrari seemed to fit, his powerful friend driving a powerful car. "Ready?", Emil asked Joey while putting on his sunglasses and revving the engine. "Let's do it.", Joey added motioning his hands in a forward gesture. As the sped off Joey thought,"Maybe I'll kiss him." •

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