Parasite and Superman, The


By hairyman101

Icy's body was pulsating, John felt a slow steady tightening of his muscles. He first felt his shoulders getting broader, but only slightly. Then he felt his chest begin to expand outward, giving his pecs a squarer, more defined look. John watched as his body fat seem to reduce substantially, being replaced by sinewy muscle.

As icy screamed, "What the fuck is happening?," john flexed his biceps and watched as they swelled up three inches to a solid 19 inch baseball bicep. He realized the he could become a superman of crime and no one could stop him. He basked in the light of strength.

John began to check out his new body in the mirror, astonished at how his muscularity had changed. But it seemed to john as he flexed that he was actually even stronger than he looked. He began to think about the physics of supermans DNA and then it dawned on him that due to the positive isotopes in the galaxy 4 icy's body had more strenght left than was thought, being in supermans body as he had been would actually double the strength in the transfer process.

Suddenly he heard icy's motionless body begin to shift and moan. He had wondered all along what would become of the muscle "subject." Would they live through the transfer? If so, would they become immobilized without strength? Or would they regain all or a portion of their original strength?

John walked over to Icy as he lay on the ground with no noticeable change in his size or shape. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked up to see John, naked, straddling over his body. Barely able to get the words out, he asked, "What ...............happened?"

John smiled as he subconsciously began to run his fingers across his own chest and said, "How do you feel?"

" Can you stand up?," john said as he offered his hand out to assist icy up.

"I think so," icy said as he reached to lock forearms with john. john hoisted him to his feet with no effort at all. In fact, he helped him up so fast that icy actually was momentarily lifted off the ground.

John's naked huge body felt a bolt of power as the strength flowed into his body, he began to think about Clark. The more he envision gaining Clark's strength, the harder his cock became.

Icy lay on the floor in a seemingly lifeless heap. John effortlessly picked him up in his massive arms. Icy's near 260 pounds of solid muscle felt as light as a small sack of flour to john with his new strength. He dropped him onto the lab table.

He began to pose in front of the mirror, first popping a double bicep flex. He could hardly believe the size of his arms and so he began to stroke them with his free hand. First the right, then the left, astonished at how rock-solid his biceps felt. He worked his fingers over the round softball sized peak, over the horseshoe shaped tricep . As he was squeezing his muscles he felt his cock stiffening. For the first time, he looked down at his hard cock. It had grown from an average sized dick of six and a half inches to a better than average eight and a half inches long. It had also become MUCH thicker than it ever was before. john guessed it must be six inches around.

As he went to reach his fingers around his hardening and thickening cock, he saw icy's reflection in the mirror just laying peacefully on the table. Suddenly, a surge of power tore through john's body. He felt the power of the world centered in his dick. He bent over to the table and grabbed icy's ankles and easily pulled his body toward him. He tore the pants off him. He lifted icy's legs high in the air and exposed his beautiful pink, shaved asshole. John spit into his hand, lubed up his steel rod with one mighty thrust jammed his cock into icy's ass.

John threw his head back in ecstasy as he began to pound this other muscle man's body with powerful thrusts. He threw icy's legs around his neck and kept fucking harder and harder. Slowly, icy began to wake up. ""

"You are getting the power fuck that you always fantasized about by the man of your dreams," john grunted in a voice slightly lower than normal. "You know you've never felt anything this good before and you want more, don't you?"

John grabbed icy's wrists and pulled them over his head. He wrapped his legs around icy's waist and tried desperately to put his cock deeper inside his wanting ass. Icy shouted, "Please, Sir, come inside me. I want to feel you shoot all of your hot load inside of me."

Immediately, john dropped all of his considerable muscle on top of icy's yearning body. With one power-packed thrust, he began to shoot his load inside of icy's ass. As he began to shoot stream after stream of hot cum. john looked down to icy's face as wave upon wave of hot jism plowed inside of icy. he could feel his body surge with still more power. he watched the bicep around icys's neck get bigger and harder. After a few minutes he noticed that icy just lay there lifeless. he knew that he had literally fucked the strength and life from icy's body!!!

Surprisingly, John feeling no fear whatsoever, but rather a sense of excitement at the prospect of gaining even more power and strength from Clark Kent. He knew he would try as hard as he could not to kill Clark, but if that's what it came to, so be it. "I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!! " He found a big lab coat to put on and picked up what was left of icy harris. •

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