Parasite and Superman, The


By hairyman101

Icy picked up superman and unchained him. He could feel the new strenght going into him. He put him on a huge table and then backed away. Icy flexed his bicpes and the viens were pulsing.....he reached down and started to undress superman. His strong hands did not rip the clothes but made sure they weere intact. When he had superman naked he looked into his eyes "why superman you are just like a human.....a man.....but with powers from another world." He was a man but still very muscular and defined. Icy the parasite rubbed his hands across the torso. His hands glowed with super power. He stopped. He had no shirt on since he had drained superman before and his shirt tore off him. Looking around he saw the suit and took off his pants and then put it on....the suit was very tight for his body since he drained so much strenght. Finally getting it on he noticed that the suit began to shine and form to his body. A perect fit. "I AM A SUPERMAN NOW!!!!!!"

The man that WAS superman lying there and now somewhat awake...."" Icy bending close to his ear " i have your suit and your are just a man with a nice body" Icy the parasite glowing in his new suit of iron grabbed the mans cock and stroked it...." I WANT TO SEE THE GREAT MAN THAT WAS SO SUPER........CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The mans body moved with pleasure as the parasite jacked him fast and then faster until his balls were tight and he could feel the cum wanting out....faster and faster....icy with his super powered hand stroked.....laughing " CUM FOR ME......NOW!!!!!!!!" faster and faster until cum blew out his thick dick......"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH nice super or should i say clark kent" Letting go of clarks cock he rubbed the cum all over his new suit......feeling his cock swell. "I need some release too clark....and you need your protien so you can at least be a muscle guy" HAHAHAHAHA. The parasite shoved his cock into clarks was huge and vieny his balls slapping clarks face. "feels good ....cock sucker....AHHHHHHHHH yeah......suck it...deeper...." Icy could feel his suit rubbing against clarks chest.......and could feel the cum ozzing out..."AHHHHHH yes....IM CUMMING.......AHHHHHHHHHHH.....YES...." he came so much that clark gaged and cum was sipping out his mouth. Icy pulled clarks head up......"dont choke....i need your strenght to get what i want" Clark swallowing the cum said in a whisper" want??????" The parasite thought for a moment and then grabbed clarks cock again....stroking slowly and then faster....." I have drained you of some of your power and now i want to DRAIN YOU OF YOUR CUM!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAA. " faster and faster the suited parasite stroked and clark was to weak to fight. "CUM AGAIN CLARK....." the parasites hand glowed and clark could feel a strange shaking feeling. His body limp but somehow with icy stroking him his cock stayed up. "this must be a power you never told us about " Cum flew everywhere and the parasite also came without touching his cock. "YES....FEELS GOOD....AHHHHHHH." Letting go of clark the parasite was loving this to man...the power that had drained into him through clarks cock had made his forarms huge and vieny. He reached back down and clark was shaking his head to stop...."P-l-e-a-s-e" The parasite grabbed clarks cock and stroked it off again...this time not much cum. "AHHHHHHH getting low on sperm??? to bad." "I need to get you back into the chains so i can go out in my new suit" Chaining clark , nude, the parasite deciced to go out for awhile and see what other powers he might find .

"recharge clark and i will be back when i feel.....low" laughing as he slammed the basement door shut!!!! •

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