Parasite and Superman, The


By hairyman101

John Workman ran to the lab where he worked, slipped the card key through the detector and entered. He had to put the galaxy 4 in a safe place. "my locker" he thought. The locker room was empty and he went to his locker placing the can of galaxy chemical into his locker and turned the lock. " one will know it is here" He turned to go and there in the mirror he saw for the first time what he looked like. "OH GOD!!!! my arms are thick and vieny and my whole body has changed" He flexed those guns and then flexed his whole body. His shirt began to tear....he stopped. "what will i tell my brother..." " i must look up this chemical and see what they were using it for" he walked to the computer and entered the password. doing a search for it 2 files came up. he read " a new process of chemicals are used to make a liquid that when it is placed on an object can draw energy from the sun to be used for power" the other file read" DANGER: if galaxy 4 is used without the other chemicals then a process could occur with the air and cause unknown effects" he thought...."that must be what happen to me and that other guy." his forarms vieny and big as he leaned on the computer...." " its late....i HAVE to go home" he turned the computer off and left.

Icy felt good....real good. the superman suit shining on him. it had formed to his body and it was his skin. Just then a woman walked up to him " superman ... you are still here!!!! thank god!!!! the news said you had left" icy wondered why this lady was not dead...he felt nothing. "I have been watching from the sky" the unreal superman lied...." what can i help you with??" the woman smiling said " just glad to have you back" and walked on. Icy thought "this must just work on men and the suit must hide clarks idenity" His cock started to getn hard in his suit and he could feel a sparkling going into his body....he looked. A group of young guys were just going onto the field to play football. "AHHHHHH a nice group of young blood." then the suit that he wore began to fade as his cock got harder. Icy not being very smart figured that "the suit knows no evil , so when i want to drain it has to go" there he stood....naked....huge....cock hanging....a monster that wanted more. It was almost dark and the parasite went through the wall of the colleges gym "i will wait for them to finish and then drain all of them " the football game lasted longer than he thought so he sat there in the locker room ...naked...and jerked his thick vieny cock slowly ....precum dripping. He could hear the sound of young men cheering, the lights coming nice built guy yelled "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU????!!!!!!" icy opened his arms, his cock all ready to pop..."COME TO DADDY" there were about 20 young men from 21 to 22 years of age and they all started to feel weak. "thats right .....come over here and let me show you how good you can feel.....BEFORE YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHA....icy got up and could feel the strenght going into him from there built football players bodies. The men could do nothing but be drained....but they also felt there cocks getting hard too. They all fell to the floor. In icy's mind he always wanted a group jack and now in there weaken state they were hard.." whats this.....they are weak but ready for me.....ahhhhhhhhh.......i am thinking of that young man there....come to me!!" the young man got up like a power picked him up...."this is what i think or want while they drain i get also" The nice muscled man floated to icy.."who are you??? what are you doing????" icy touched the young mans cock and the power reversed from icy's finger making a surge of energy go into the mans dick...."AHHHHHHHHH that feels great mister" both men glowing and the power was strong. Icy stoked the mans huge cock and his at the same time. the young mans eyes going back and his head..."IM CUMMING!!!!!" icy stroked faster and the cum load hit icy in the face....he licked it all up....then icy blew ,splashing the young man with hot cream....the parasite thought DIE....and the young man did. then icy got up and bear hugged each one of the 19 guys left....draining them and throwing there empty bodies to the side. "that was great....what luck...i have so much of supermans power that now i can think and it happens!!!" he found a coaches outfit and tried it on for size. The pants melted onto him. he put the shirt on and it glowed and melted to fit him. "now i am juiced and clothed but those young ones dont have what superman has....i need to go back from my outing" he left the college and made his way back to the basement of torture.

John arrived home, came through the door and tried to make it to his room before...."WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???" johns father yelled. "come here" john didnt know what would happen. His father was of the hairy type, 6'4 and with muscles he had got from being in the marines. john came into the room and saw his father..."I had to work late at the lab..and..i" johns father was bent over " whats wrong dad??" his father going to the floor" i feel weird like my strenght is draining out" john knew it was him.....but what to do....he loved his father.....but that NEED FOR POWER was great. "i know what is happening dad but i cant help myself." John went to his father and reaching around him with his biceps bulging started to drain him. "AHHHHHHHHHH that feels good" his fathers hairy arms trying to hit is son."thats right father try and hit me....right here in the jaw!!!!" his father reached back into his mind and gave all he had and pushed john away. "wow you are stronger than i thought" "dont do this son...please.....i love you....i can fix this" john thought and then with his glowing body feeling much stronger said." i will stop know who is boss now.....and if i want will get it or do it.....father" the marine looked at what john had become and not knowing what to do said "ok ok" john took off this shirt and flexed for his dad..."see i am not that skinny boy you pushed around....i am a MAN and i can make you into a slave" john turned ,his back muscles vieny and pulsing and went to his room.

The parasite got back to his house in his now coaches uniform and headed for the basement. He tore the door off and looked into the dim lit room...."i can feel you superman....its TIME!!!!!!!! " •

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