Parasite and Superman, The


By hairyman101

Clark chained and naked found the strenght to slowly look around the basement. His power was coming back slow but sure....maybe in time to free himself of icy. He strained and the chains moved a little but no bending yet. He had to rest. He then noticed to the right of him a movement. He strained to see. Then a low voice said "mr kent??? is that you????" clark could see a shape getting was a young man!! "who are you??" The young man was John, who worked part time at the chemical plant where icy had been transformed. "I am john and i know.......saw what happen to you" clark said " come closer into the little bit of light i do have" there was an opening in the floor and light came through the cracks. " i think i have what you need." john was carrying a round can. "its the chemical that reacted on that man....its called galaxy 4" " i believe if the reaction could be reversed you would be back to superman" clark feeling stronger his muscles pumped up his legs not so weak. "come here and tell me your plan" john was slowly making his way to clark when a rat ran across and he jumped throwing the can into the air. It landed right next to where john lay. Glowing and then a huge BANG!!!!! john began to glow..."whats happening??? " then clark could feel his strenght being drained and john knew it too. " i feel stronger than i have ever arms are getting cock.....AHHHHHHH...." clark begged "please go back from me" John was draining clark just as icy had done.."I like the feeling mr kent......i feel so huge...." johns shirt began to rip and his skinny body to take shape......"I feel like i am going to CUM!!!!!!" johns huge dick broke free from his pants and he came with out stroking. "WOW i like this" the transformation took just seconds. john then grabbed clark with his now 20 inch arms and was draining him ..." I need MORE....I tried to get big at the gym but this is to good" superman could feel the life force going out of him and into john. johns arms became vieny and full of blood....his hard cock was cramed against clarks face..."you really are SUPERMAN!!!!!" john stopped and looked at himself shirtless and his huge cock hard poking out of his pants. " I dont want to kill you CLARK" "WOW wait until they see me at college" John flexed his huge 20 inchers and stroked on his cock....."im cumming AGAIN..AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!!!!!!!" the cum flew into clarks face. " he is wearing your suit....then why do you as a man still have this power???" clark weaken said " you are now corrupt as icy......but what will ....he comes back????" john thought "good question.....i must go out the way i came in and then show the world that JOHN WORKMAN is a stud" he turned to go back through the hole in the basement wall. he struggled..."i am to big now to fit!!!!!" he pushed and pushed until the opening burst open. "that man will know i was here now....wait i will put this plank over this and no one will know." he turned back to clark.." that man might drain you but i will also.....we will take turns....without each other knowing." john then ran back to clark and bear hugged him "AAHHHHHHHHHHH i love the feel of POWER!!!!!!!!!" draining clark more of his super human strenght. waves and waves of power going into the young man. his eyes bulging. his vieny hands glowing. "i must STOP!!!!!!" he picked up the glowing galaxy 4 chemical.." i will put this in a safe place so there will only be two parasites" he yelled "I FEEL LIKE I HAVE THE STRENGHT OF A HUNDREND MEN!!!!!!!!!" he left placing the wood plank over the hole he had made. Clark was hanging there in the chains, his ribs showing....drained. He knew he had to get out of this somehow...." now....there ....are....two..." a tear fell from his eye. •

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