Parasite and Superman, The


By hairyman101

Up in his room john looked at himself in the mirror, watching his abs flex, curling his biceps without much effort. His cock vieny and hanging..."I have what i want....but....why do i want more?" A knock on his door.." who is it!!!!" "its your brother jake. let me in...whys the door locked?!!" john's older brother was a P.E. teacher at the local college. "what did you and dad fight about???" "GO AWAY!!! JAKE please leave me alone." jake banged on the door.."i will knock down this door little brother and i can too" john knew of the power his brother had " OK OK i will open it but be ready for a ......shock" he went to the door and was turning the lock when he got that feeling of power being drained.....through the DOOR! jake could feel energy leaving him. "i dont feel so hot" "open up" john thought "WOW i am draining him without seeing him!!!" he backed away and put his pants on. "its unlocked" jake feeling a little faint opened the door. He stood about 6'4 270 and biceps as big as softballs. His huge chest breathing heavy in and out "dont know why i feel this way....." then he saw john..."MY GOD what happen to look fuckin huge!!!!" john was standing at the window with the sun showing his large chest and arms at least 21 inches. He flexed and his viens pulsed. jake felt weak again. Jake said "ITS are , somehow, making me weak!!!" he ran out of the room...john looked in the mirror again " come back again brother when you have more time" he laughed louder and louder.

Icy looked at the chains hanging superman..."NO.....NO....YOU COULD HAVE NOT REGAINED STRENGHT!!!!!" the parasite thought how could he escape he was not gone that long. Icy felt that someone else had been here also. "he must have had help" "draining those human college guys was nothing and now i need a good dose of POWER" he threw everything around around in the basement looking for a sign. He came to the board that covered the opening ..."whats this? superman had enough strenght to knock out a place in the wall???" Icy knew something was not right. "a naked clark kent out in the daylight??" "it cant be" he knocked at the rest of wall out of anger. the bricks falling and the house moved to one side. he stood in his gym teacher clothes shocked and confused. A man walked up to ask directions and icy grabbed him by the neck with one massive hand and drained him throwing his body toward the bricks that was a wall.

John thought why did he want to do his brother that way. He had to leave. Going down the stairs he saw his father watch him and begging him not to come close. his brother must have ran. john walked into the sun..shirtless.....huge.....wanting more strenght from Mr. kent. He walked to the building where he had drained some of him in the basement.."whats this...the building looks like its been imploded" he saw a man standing near. he was walking closer when he felt a spark of pure energy fill his body. "this is not clark kent" icy turned because he felt the same energy. The two men glowing and waves of power coming from them but it was like a postive and a negative so the energy was forcing them apart. Icy yelled "HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT??!!!" john looked at this perfect massive body of a man " I AM JUST HAS SHOCKED HAS YOU!!!" icy's super mind knew that this must be another parasite . he thought about how he reversed his power into the football player. he thought "reverse" and then john's new strenght began to slip away...he could feel it being drained. icy laughed " I will drain you intil you DIE!!!!!" the positive and negative had become ONE. icy could feel his huge cock harden and his chest growing rapidly....john's body was going back to the way it was "STOP PLEASE!!!!!" icy came toward john and wrapped his hairy arms around his chest....johns heart slowing down to die. Icy torn off johns pants and laid him on the ground. thrusting his huge cock into johns ass"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH tight hole" laughing and fucking as the power drained.....icy felt the cum pumping out into johns tight hole. Then a hand pulled icy was CLARK....."LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!" the parasite strong and glowing said " you FOOL....i will drain you " clark had found some old gym pants and had regained full power. John started to feel a burst of power and he knew that he was now draining off clark as was icy. HAHAHAHA icy laughed " TWO PARASITES SUPER DUMMY" icy lifted john and clark into his arms to feed for awhile. the energy was so great that windows blew out. There stood the three bear hugged by icy harris...john was gaining strenght while icy tok it....clark being the power source. then the power lines to the city started being drained into the parasites. the glow was great. Then clark said" REVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!" the power lines snapped and icy flew back ....john went to the ground....clark stood barely. "it.....worked......the....reverse...of two a negative" john got up and made his way into an alley....icy shaken .....thought "CHANGE!!!!!" clark looked down saw that he was now icy and icy was clark. HEHEHEEEEEEE " you i am you and you me" "i will find that chemical again.....i want that feeling back!!!!!" john knew where the galaxy 4 his locker at the lab. he turned to go there and there in the ally was a man...."ahhhh yes.....i have been watching both of you.....not bad so for....but you have to watch superman.....hes clever....and this icy just a man. " john asked "who are you?" he shook johns hand " my name is lex" he smiled. •

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