Parasite and Superman, The


By hairyman101

Lex looked at the young guy, john, now making his way to his feet. john saw a man that was bald and looked very neat. "should i not know that name from somewhere??" lex said with a smile " of course you should i am the smartest man alive and i know superman" john, shirtless , his muscles had decreased in size and he knew the feeling of power was not there. "what has happen to them??!!" john asked...lex looked at two men in the street, dazed and confused. "well you see i have been watching this whole thing of transfering and it seems that the laws of nature have now taken over them" john grabbed lex's chest...."dont feel you???" lex smiled..."thats because all the strenght is out there with them....but being stupid men they will not know how to use it" lex pulled out a solid gold ring and put it on his right hand, then touching john's forhead the ring started to glow. john could feel his knees shake and his body weaken back to where he was before finding the galaxy 4. "ahhh yes" lex thought.."the chemical is in your locker" taking the ring off john's forhead he said " you can go now in peace....i know what i need to know" lex ran his fingers though johns chest hair....."ahhhh young men and their fantasies" john staggered away.

Icy was clark and clark was icy. lex walked to them. clark who now is icy knew this man..."what are here for....are you the one behind all of this???!!" "please super.....i mean clark good to see you again....i have come to help" icy still huge but having clarks thoughts had regain his super human strenght and the two men still were confused with each others thoughts. "come with me and i will change you back" lex smiling. icy asked " why is there no drainig of power now???" lex leading the two men into a warehouse. "the power stopped because you are to greedy ICY HARRIS" The warehouse was lit with sunshine and they could see the machine. "my way of changing you" lex moved icy(clark) to one circle and clark(icy) to another circle. "now just stand there and you will feel a warm sensation" he turned on the machine and turning a few knobs the circles were in a red color and the other in a green color. The room got brighter has the machine got louder. lex moved his hand with the gold ring into a slot in the machine. lex pushed the huge black knob and power filled the warehouse as white beams of energy flew across the room....clark could feel his memories of superman coming back with all his powers....icy could now remember what had happen that night when he was stealing chemicals. the transfer was complete. Superman's suit melted onto him and his body was complete with muscles bulging.....icy still shirtless was himself annd knew what he wanted....that chemical back again. Lex said " no cost super man for fixing this and Mr harris i will need you no more" icy cracked his knucles and growled " I WILL GO BUT I WILL FIGURE IT ALL OUT AGAIN!!!!!!" lex stared at him " GO JACKOFF OR SOMETHING!!!!" icy slammed the door behind him but stopped to listen through the door. superman few up to lex " i dont have any thing on you....yet....but i know you are up to something" lex rubbed superman's suit and could feel the hard tight muscle in that body.."i just helped an OLD friend" superman flew straight up through the ceiling....lex touched his gold ring " now step 2"

John was feeling very angry that he had no power anymore...."I WANT IT BACK" "i must go to the lab and do exactly what i done before" he got up and walking toward the lab saw the guard now was on duty.."STOP!!!!" the huge guard stated..."I am john workman....heres my card to get in...." john reached but his shirt was gone..."i left it in my shirt" "you rememeber me???" the guard was in full uniform , stood 6 foot 5, had a chest that filled out his clothes...."NO....I dont....GO!!!!!" john grabbed him by the balls and bought him down "AHHHHHHHHHHH STOP YOU FUCKING MORON!!!!!" after all he had gone through he knew what men wanted and he knew he had what he wanted in the lab. John pressed against the guard and rubbed his cock up and down.."do you want to get a release and let me in ???" he unzipped the guard's pants and jerked on his cock...."is that better???" the guard feeling the pleasure of his dick getting longer and thicker. john stroked the huge cock until precum started....he licked it like ice cream...."MMMMMMMMM nice and sweet" stroking harder the guard could feel his balls tighten and the cum releasing onto john's face..."YYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS...." he screamed. johns mine had changed into a thing of power and now as he had the guards dick in his hand, dripping cum, he knew he would do anything for that complete drain again..........he reached back into back pants pocket and bought out a shinig nice new knife....of which he stabbed the guard in the chest...the guard didnt move anymore....john saw the blood and the cum together....he laughed out loud, knowing he was going crazy. "OH WELL.....JUST ANOTHER MAN...NOW BACK TO WHERE I WAS!!!!" he walked throught the doors, noticed more guards....he hid in the darkness...they passed.....he made his way to the lab and to his locker. opening the lock and seeing the can marked "GALAXY 4" he knew what to do. He took off his pants so he was naked and open the can....the glow was huge and he could feel cock harden. A flashlight glowed now in his face " this fight has just began again!!!" icy said. •

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