Parasite and Superman, The


By hairyman101

He would show off his huge biceps, vieny and huge as softballs.....his chest so big he had burst though his shirt and was now just in his pants. His cock bulge was filling his crotch. Icy harris super human....."ahhhh and i want more" superman keeping away from this human with powers to drain. Icy thought " i must get that super dummy back so i can hold on to him and drain him some more" Superman walked slowly to a back alley and sat down....tired....drained. His weaken body longing for a power surge. " I AM STILL SUPERMAN!!!!" he shouted......Icy hearing him....."now i know where you are" icy walked into the alley seeing the "man of steel" backing away from him , scared. "I will drain you some more, man to man, bicep to bicep, until i have ALL of your powers" Icy thought then , "not so fast..maybe i should keep you so when i need more strenght you will be there." superman begged him not to come near.....Icy picked him up to take him to his he carried him he felt the power of superman going into his body and his arms were getting HUGE....Icy laughed "This feels as good as jacking off and cumming!!!!!" When he got to his house there was no need to open a door he just went through it and took superman to the basement. Icy then chained him and backed off so he didnt get to big. " I dont know how much my human body can take of i will take this slow" Superman said " I" Icy didnt listen he was busy flexing his biceps and looking at his huge cock dripping of precum. He knew he had to jack it and cum on supermans face......."I will cum on your face super dummy " he started slowly and then the precum dripped on supermans face and down his to his lips. "eat it" icy commanded......he stroked more precum out and it dripped onto his lips. "STOP....PLEASE STOP!!!!" superman begged. Icy could feel all his muscles straining and he could feel that good feeling right before cumming.....he stopped and let the cum go back into his balls.....then he started slowly."AHHHHHHHHh this is ...icy harris jacking precum on supermans face and watching him lick it like a dog" The cum was aching in his balls so he jacked harder and faster and then exploded CUM all over supermans face. Huge wads of cum in his eyes and mouth. Being chained superman could not wipe it off. Then icy went to him and the power started to come into him again and he took his finger and forced the cum into supermans mouth. "maybe i should just stay here and drain you and kill you ..... no......i will now go have revenge on some guys i know want go anywhere....." so icy left. "i think i will go to the gym first. " he laughed and went out on a nice hot sunny day with no shirt, muscles so huge and vieny that all stopped to look at icy ..... •

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