Miracle Man


By Also_KnownAs

Cary led Steve upstairs to his parent's room, and into their bath. They had a huge master bath, and ­ luckily for him ­ a huge master shower, too. It was a large glass enclosure with a wide nozzle overhead. The floor was made of sand-colored marble, rough hewn and cool, and the shower enclosure stood in the center of the large room so that anyone standing inside the clear glass enclosure would feel exposed, as if they stood in the room without any walls, with the hot water falling like a heavy rain from above. One wall, where two large sinks stood, was covered with mirrors. The other was of the same stone as the floors, so it was almost like one were standing in a great desert bathing naked under a warm thunderstorm.

More than once, Cary had used this shower because he could stand there and feel very naked and erotic, and watch himself shower, his skin slick. He could see himself lather up and stroke himself off, spraying high and hard from the erotic charge the experience gave him. He knew his parents probably had their own fun inside this glass enclosure, but he always hoped he'd be able to share it with someone himself. He'd dreamed it would be someone like Steve, but he never thought it would actually be him.

"Holy fuck!" Steve seemed to like it.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool."

"Jesus, I wish my parents would remodel like this."

He was already starting to pull his sweats down his body when Cary stopped him, placing his hands over Steve's. "Let me do it," he asked, and Steve smiled. Then as Cary started pulling his shirt over his head, Steve reached over and helped him. Then he moved his warm, weight-room rough palm across Cary's smooth chest and flat belly. Steve's eyes drank him in, looking at his body with a look Cary recognized ­ because it was need, and lust, and he knew them well.

Cary placed his hands on Steve's hips and started to move the damp sweatpants off his body. Steve was wearing a supporter underneath, and the cream colored garment contrasted with his dark skin. A soft whisper of pubes crept outside the basket that held him inside, caging the beast that Cary had grown familiar with over many nights of dancing, and one glimpse under the hot June sun. He moved the sweats down Steve's sleek, muscled legs and he stepped out of them, and Cary shoved them aside.

Then it was Steve's turn, and he undid the cotton strip of cloth around the waistband of Cary's pajama bottoms. There was already a wet spot on the crotch, showing Steve that Cary's body was more than ready for what was to come. He kissed Cary again and then kneeled, unveiling the slimmer boy's naked form.

Cary wasn't huge, but at the moment he was apparently feeling pretty good because his little guy was pumped up and starting to rise. He didn't have very much body hair at all, even around his cock. A soft halo of light brown curls collared his dick, and his balls were almost bare. His slim body was well proportioned, thought, and his had very long legs and Steve's handling of his ass earlier already told him, if he hadn't already checked him out on campus enough times, that Cary had an exceptionally fine ass.

While he was down there, Steve put his hand on Cary's dick, his fingers stroking the firming, pink tool. Cary was cut, and the head of his cock was long and fat. A single dark vein ran the length of his shaft, and Steve traced the route of the blood engorging his newest lover's cock. "Mmm," he made the noise deep in his throat, a dark rumble of hunger.

Then he stood and looked Cary in the eyes. "Nice," he said. Cary smiled nervously, but Steve took it only as a thanks. Then Cary sank down and hooked his thumbs under the thick waistband of Steve's jock, tugging it off his slim hips, revealing a wealth of dark curls above the other young man's impressive prick and ample balls. All the times Cary had seen it, it was either far away or gone in a flash, and he never thought he'd be face to cock with Steve in his life.

Steve sprang free as the length of his fat tool was uncovered, nearly poking Cary's eye out. Steve huffed out a soft laugh and wiggled his hips, wagging himself at Cary's goggling eyes and open mouth. He was feeling hot and bothered by the whole striptease, and as Cary stripped him naked in his parent's bathroom, a rush of heat and sex filled him from inside out.

Cary tossed the jock aside and straightened, remaining on his knees before Steve's beautiful and well-trained body. He was muscle everywhere, and his skin glowed bronze. The slim trail of his body hair that erupted from his navel on the rippled six-pack of his stomach spread to a thick forest above a prick every bit as big and brawny and beautiful as Cary had imagined it to be. He had one hand on Steve's leg, behind his thigh, and the other rose slowly and caressed the wonderful and mighty dick inched from his mouth.

"Wow," he whispered, and Steve was gently laughing again.

"It's just a dick," he said. But he had to admit that Cary's careful consideration and almost worshipful examination of his cock made him feel like he did when he danced, but 100 times stronger. He felt vital and sexy and powerful, he felt like he could fuck the world, like his dick was going to swell bigger by the foot, like his whole body was rock hard and tingling.

Cary's touch was gentle and lingering. Steve had a remarkable tool, with a fat shaft that tapered down toward the head which mushroomed wide and proud at the end. He wanted to take Steve's limp dick inside his mouth and feel its firmness and thickness with his tongue. He wanted to lick it to hardness, suck on the loose skin as it tightened, feel him harden between his teeth.

"Let's hit the shower," Steve said, turning, gifting Cary with an eyeful of his tight, round butt, flexing as he walked toward the large glass-enclosed space.

Cary started walking on his knees, almost dazed, before he remembered where he was and he rose to his feet and followed his new naked friend inside his parent's shower. Steve was examining the hot and cold nozzles and suddenly a very cold rain erupted from the wide showerhead, enveloping them both. Steve let out a yelp and Cary was dancing out of the spray, but it was everywhere. Steve was hurriedly twisting the other faucet open and the cold became suddenly hot, and it was Cary's turn to yelp as he nearly fell on the nozzles to adjust the water.

After all that, both of the guys were feeling decidedly less hot and bothered by each other. But it only took a couple of minutes of standing near each other naked under the warm rush of water to feel themselves growing excited all over. Cary reached for a washcloth and a thick bar of soap and started to lather the terry cloth. The soap smelled of lime and bergamot, a rich masculine scent his father favored and which Cary found he liked, too. His mother's soap was a lavender cake in the other holder, which was too cloying for his taste.

Steve watched him, the water pouring down his body, and he said, "You take showering pretty seriously."

Cary nodded. He started to soap up Steve's broad chest, swirling the deep cotton pile of the soft terrycloth towel across his deeply tanned skin, the thick suds gleaming on his dark muscles. He washed his shoulders and neck, his touch both gentle and firm, and Steve closed his eyes under the attention. The water was beating against his back when he opened his eyes to watch Cary's face, at his concentration and devotion. He could feel a wealth of soft foam trailing down his naked body.

Cary watched Steve's flesh glisten under his attentions. He teased his nipples to firmness, he lathered his tight, hard stomach with slow, steady swirls. The scent of the soap was overtaking Steve's stink of sweat. He lifted Steve's right arm and scrubbed into the darkness of his pit, the hair there loosing its tight, dirty curls as he washed. He could feel the hardness of Steve's chest and lat, and then the bicep and the tricep as he washed the arm. Steve even made a muscle for him, and he could feel the hardness tighten and swell.

He washed the other arm and then turned Steve around to wash his back. It was wide and rippled with power. Everything on the young man had been honed by hours in the gym, and then more hours on the playing field, and more hours yet swimming and running. He was gorgeous, there was no other word to better describe him.

Cary found himself on his knees again and he was washing Steve's ass. He polished one muscled mound and then the other, cupping them in his hand and applying the soap suds directly with his palm. God, what an ass. It was perfect, with deep dimples on either side and a wide separation atop his buns. He'd run them hard and firm and round. He was probably tight enough inside to break Cary's dick clean off.

He washed his legs, and the strands of dark hair on them, and then Steve turned and Cary was face to dick with that marvelous full, thick and meaty length of sex flesh. Steve was smiling down at Cary, the warm water pouring across his shoulders and down his powerful body.

Cary debated what he was going to do, but he decided at last to finish the job… and see what happened next.

He lifted Steve's balls in the washcloth and tenderly cleaned them. He held them in his hands, and gently, so gently caressed them and lathered them, then he started to wash Steve's dick. He ran the cloth down its length, he polished the head. He could feel it growing hard in his hands, he could feel its heat even in the warmth of the shower. Steve was growing harder and swelling larger as Cary slowly, reverently polished his tool. Then he stood and looked at Steve's face, and their eyes met, and he said, "Turn around."

"What's next?" Steve's smile was lecherous.

"Turn around. Please." And then Steve did, and Cary reached over and set the washcloth aside and poured some shampoo in his palm and started to wash Steve's wealth of dark locks. He started slowly, spreading the lather all over his scalp, and then he massaged his head, feeling the hair growing soft and silky under his touch. Steve moaned, he thought, and hung his head back, relaxing, finally, into Cary's control.

Cary was good at scalp massages. His swirled his thumbs at the base of Steve's neck. He dug his fingers into the temples and dragged them back. He could feel Steve's hair loosing its oily finish and grow clean and smooth and fine. And then he was done. He'd cleaned Steve from stem to stern. "Okay big guy. Rinse off and you're clean."

Steve raised his head and hung it into the stream of water. He let the hot water pour down himself for a couple of minutes as Cary watched the water travel down and between his heavy, round muscles.

He turned around, head lowered, as Cary began to scrub himself clean until Steve placed his hand over Cary's and their eyes met. "We had a deal," he said. "Now it's your turn."

Cary handed Steve the washcloth, but he dropped it to the tile and just grabbed the soap. "I prefer a more… personal touch," he said, smiling as he lathered up his hands. Then he set his slick touch to Cary's slender shoulders and slowly, firmly, started to wash Cary's body.

Steve was standing very close, spreading a rich, soft lather across Cary's pink skin. He massaged the soap into his chest and belly, and then he pressed himself against Cary, chest to chest, belly to belly, skin to skin, and reached his arms behind him and lathered his back. He pressed his mouth onto the smaller boy's and kissed him eagerly, hungrily, pushing his tongue inside and welcoming Cary's enthusiastic tongue back. Steve held Cary close to him, tight and hard, slick with soap and hot and wet. Cary felt Steve's powerful form against his, the other boy's hardness, his muscles, his soft skin. He could feel the heat of Steve's cock on his thigh, feel it grow firmer against him.

Soap trailed down his back, the soft suds dripping between his ass cheeks making him feel lubed and slick everywhere. Steve held the soap in one hand, and it seemed like his hands were everywhere. Cary had to admit that, although this method of bathing couldn't be as thorough as his had been, he was enjoying this a lot more.

Steve loved feeling Cary's naked form. It was tight and sleek and smooth, and he wanted more than ever to get this guy into the gym with him, and watch him change day by day, see his muscle grow bigger, rounder, more powerful. Cary was gifted with long muscles lining his limbs, and his flat belly already betrayed the firm six- pack hiding inside. Cary would grow to love the feeling of the burn, the feeling in his whole body when he awoke and felt the bigger size of his arms and legs, his ass and shoulders, just like Steve did.

He kissed Cary again, deeply, and moved them under the stream of hot water in the large shower, rinsing the citrus scented suds off of both of them, and Steve lowered his hand to Cary's knob and started to squeeze it to hardness, to stroke him and caress him. He still held the soap, and he slickened his grip and started stroking in earnest.

Cary felt fantastic. He kissed Steve deeper and deeper as he felt his arousal growing to a volcano. His dick was being pleasured, Steve was a great fucking kisser, he could feel the other boy's muscular body flex and stretch and bulge against him, and he knew he wanted what Steve was offering, all of it, the passion and power and size and strength, all of it.

The water splashed against them and Steve pulled his mouth away from Cary's and sank down to the tile, rinsing the soap from Cary's stiff member before sucking his hardness inside his hot mouth.

Cary felt it everywhere. Steve's mouth was as talented as his hands, his tongue felt a foot long and slick and soft. Already, Cary could feel his load building toward release, it was all too much to stand, having Steve here, and then having Steve strip, and then Steve was in the shower with him, and kissing him, and now he was giving him head like a pro, and it was too much.

But Steve wouldn't allow that. He felt Cary swell in his mouth and he gripped his balls and tugged hard, slowing his oral manipulations to allow Cary to enjoy this for a few minutes more. Steve knew his way around a dick ­ whether it was his own or someone else's. Maybe Cary spent hours online chatting and stroking, but Steve was spending his bandwidth on sexual research, Googling "giving great head" and "suck cock" and "fellatio" to perfect his technique, to become as great a lover as he could be, just like he spent time on perfecting his body. He practiced new methods with his secret partners, and he was becoming a very good practitioner of the blowjob. Steve discovered that the Web was a very complete teacher. He and Jim had done a lot of things Cary probably never even thought of.

And now he was going to show a little of what he knew, first hand, in the flesh.

He pulled his mouth off Cary's dick and bent his head under his balls, applying his long, slick tongue to the place between the scrotum and asshole, the smooth path at the very base of the cock, and then he licked his friend's ball sack, drew it inside his mouth and sucked, then released him, drawing his tongue forward and then up and up and up his throbbing hardness. He ran the tip of his tongue under the helmet, then put his mouth against the head to wipe his spit-coated lips all over the read, glossy surface. Then he bent and did it again, slowly, lovingly, worshiping every millimeter of Cary's manhood, his cock and balls, the salty taste of him. Finally, after half a dozen strokes of his talented tongue, he cupped Cary's nuts in his hand, rubbing his fingertip at the entrance to his rosy hole.

Then Steve went down on Cary's rod and held it in his mouth, feeling the head at his throat. Then he slowly withdrew the cock, sucking against the shaft, and tongued the tip. He held Cary's dick at the base with his free hand as his other caressed the balls and he started sliding his mouth up and down the stiff tool, moving his head back and forth as he did so, letting Cary feel all over the inside of his mouth with his sensitive, hot, hard dick.

Cary had to cum. He had to. He could feel the shining silver pain of his load tingling at the edge of release. It was sublime torture, and finally Steve plunged his head down on Cary's fat cock and released his balls and Cary could feel himself pumping up every inch of his prick, with a deep, bright, hot orgasmic rush of pleasure that crawled up his back and grabbed his scalp. His whole body was cumming, harder and deeper than he ever had before. Everything came together perfectly, and Steve was swallowing his load, he could feel his throat muscles working, still feel Steve's hand holding his dick.

Steve loved cock. There was no two ways about it, he fucking loved cock. And Cary had a nice one, and he held it inside his mouth until he felt the last spasm of joy leave it, and his mouth was filled with the taste of Cary's cream, the salty sweetness of it. And Steve, the health nut, thought, "he has a good diet," because he knew the taste of a man was the taste of what was inside him, what he gave himself, his body's health and fuel, and Cary's spunk was salty with meaty protein and sweet with fruity fiber. He'd learned about that, too, about the taste of cum, and why some was sweet and delicious, and some… wasn't.

`Another reason to avoid dairy,' he thought, weirdly, and smiled as he took Cary's dick from his mouth and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. Then he licked that off, too.

Steve fucking loved cock.

"Jesus," Cary whispered, looking down at the broad, suntanned shoulders of his lover's muscled form.

Their eyes met and Steve smiled, licking his lips. "Good?"

All Cary could manage was a nod. He'd felt that one to his toes and to ends of each strand of hair on his head. His body heated up hotter than the water splashing against him, and all he could think was that he wanted more, more of what Steve had, more of his body, more of his beauty and power and lust.

Steve rose slowly to his feet and wrapped his arms around the slimmer boy and kissed his mouth deep and hard and completely. "I've been saving it all up for you," he said. "I've wanted you for so long. So much." He kissed him again, their wet naked forms held tight against each other, slick and hot and clean.

Cary's brain flip-flopped and he felt like collapsing. His whole body and mind felt sapped of strength and he hoped the dream would never end. "I want you, too," he answered, "more than anything."

Steve reached around him and turned off the shower. "I have an idea," he said. They stood in the silence, their bodies dripping and warm.

Cary met his lover's gaze. "What?"

Steve's smile was back on his full, sensuous lips. "Let's fuck."

Suddenly, Cary didn't feel so worn out after all. •

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