Life as a Hypertrophe for Dummies: A How-To Guide



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Life as a Hypertrophe for Dummies: A How-To Guide By Hugh Jandhott and E. Norm Uspex


So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and signed up for one of the explosive new transformation programs made possible by the discovery of HMH (Human Muscularity Hormone). Not long ago, the idea of transforming a “normal” male into a massively muscular sexgod was unthinkable, except by a few fertile minds at HyperTrophy Inc. Their discoveries enabled a new league of men to emerge, of which you have now joined the ranks – the Hypertrophes, 5,000 strong and counting.

If you’re a typical Trophe (it rhymes with “loaf,” dummy!), you’re between 6’2” and 7’5”, with between 250 and 400 pounds of hard, vascular muscle. Your chest is between 60 and 90 inches around; biceps, a minimum of 25, and possibly as much as 50 in the most extreme cases. Your waist is a ripped 30 to 32 inches, while your quads flare out to an insane 35 to 60 inches. If your bodyfat is more than 3%, you should get your money back. And of course, best of all, your cock is now at least 12 inches long when erect, and as many as 20, and between 3 and 5 inches across. Your cock alone is up to 5 pounds of forearm-thick, primed meat!

But as you know, the physical changes aren’t the whole picture. You have had to get used to the mental changes as well – and the sexual ones. Were you thrown at first by your almost complete preoccupation with your own muscles? Were you confused by the fact that women no longer interested you, and that your only object of desire, besides yourself of course, was now other hyper-jacked men like yourself? Have you been frustrated by the lack of full-length mirrors in public places? Was it hard to get used to the constant need to jack off to your own image? How about the incredible amount of cum you produce with each orgasm – and the complete readiness for another go-round as soon as the previous one subsides? And most difficult for some (if you happen to have the K2Y9 gene that about half of us have), the deep empty feeling you have when your asshole isn’t plugged by another Trophe’s massive tool? All strange, new sensations – but ones which every new Trophe experiences. You’ve had time to get used to them by now – in fact it doesn’t take anyone long to start enjoying them without guilt.

Still, you probably feel inexperienced – not sure how to go about daily life in your new, hyper-enhanced body. You have problems with clothing – none of your old clothes fit, of course, and ones that do are hard to find! You have problems fitting into spaces you previously had no problem with, such as behind the wheel of your car. Even the heaviest weights at the gym seem insufficient to give your muscles the slightest pump. You worry about neck injuries from the speed that your head swivels when you pass your reflection in a plate glass window. Not to mention, the sudden and uncontrollable erections that demand that you drop trou and stroke a load out of your massive muscleprick RIGHT NOW.

What’s a poor Hypertrophe to do?

Well, you’ve bought the right book. From personal experience, we will guide you through the ups and downs of being a new Trophe. The following chapters will address the topics that matter to you, that should help you feel more comfortable in your new body and your new sexual persona. We’ll give you pointers that will help you overcome any remaining inhibitions you may have about displaying your incredible new body in public. We’ll warn you about the pitfalls of, for example, trying to eat and masturbate at the same time. We’ll share the joys of muscle exhibitionism and help you learn what is appropriate to do in public, and what is not appropriate (but still unavoidable). In short, you’re about to embark on a crash course on how to be a Trophe in the modern world. Turn away from the mirror, sit down and drop your dick for long enough to read these short chapters – and welcome to the ranks of the Trophes! •

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