Mardi Gras Muscle


By elysiumfields

I stood on the porched corner of Main Street and La Salle Avenue as the heavy throng of Mardi Gras revellers milled down the wide streets of the Club District of Port Talbeirt Resort,enjoying the music and partying all around me,and in some areas where they congregated in large groups,namely around the open fronts of the bars and clubs that lined the streets,the crowd flow was restricted to where people had to squeeze through to get past each other. Main Street had some bars that also offered accomodations in rooms above in their French Colonial style 3 storey buildings,and along much of its length there were long balconies that opened to the street,and during Mardi Gras,the balconies were usually packed with revellers enjoying the party atmosphere and looking down on the heavy crowds below.

A particular tradition that i was seeing blatantly for myself,was the daring act by some brave or inebriated women to expose their breasts for the lecherous lustful gaze and gropes of men in exchange for necklaces of colourful beads usually thrown down by the equally drunk or euphoric men up on the balconies,or girls baring their tits up on the balconies to the guys below,another reason for people jamming the streets,usually horned up college jocks that just so happened to have their Spring Breaks tie in with the Mardi Gras.

I was gay,so womens breasts did not get me sexually excited,though some of the girls did sport some rather large full tits that were physically perfect to 'look at',..judging by the open dribbling mouths of some of the guys...and i'd bet some of them had hard-ons too!.

I'm guessing this is why my work buddies had organised a 'Lads Holiday' to Port Talbeirt on a low offer budget holiday,just to get a chance to salivate over the large parties of fit birds and even hoping to get a chance to pull a few for a quick shag on the beach or back in the hotel room.There were six of us in the group..Matt,Scott,Ben,Craig,Josh..and myself, Dale. A 30 year old gay man going on holiday with five younger testosterone laden straight guys,firmly fixed into that cocky urban ''Chav'' mold that most British teens and early twentysomethings seemed to be placed into. 'What was i thinking?'..

Though i was openly gay, i was straight acting and having worked with these guys over a period of 5 years,i had gained a tough hide in putting up with their ocassional piss takes and gay remarks, and had eventually worn them down to forge tender freindships,especially with Josh. He was sensible and likeable guy and a long term mate of Craig, the youngest and i suppose the most arrogantly straight guy in the group, and perhaps if it had not been for Josh warning him about his runaway mouth,that Craig and i would have come to blows.

It was Josh who had talked me into joining up on this trip,namely as a way of a farewell as i had just left my job after 8 years for a more free existence,but also that he had considered me a good freind that i hoped was sincere.

I have this feeling though,that when straight buddies asks a gay guy to go to a crowded nightclub or venue with them,its often in hopes that they'd find a pretty girl and try out some 'normal' sex as Ben put it, in hopes of turning the gay guy straight.

But, i was determined to control my own destiny and find the right guy for me when the time arose and handle it under my own steam. My mates had picked up hints of the type of guy i was attracted to,..young muscular,good looking, assertive and in control..

[i considered myself to be the 'bottom' in a relationship]. They even began to joke that i might find some hard young American jock and be his 'bitchboy'.

Standing on the corner of the street,waiting to catch a glimpse of my buds through the crowds, i had plenty of opportunity to scope out the plenty of hot studs around me.Just barely feet away was a cute muscular young guy around 20,in a red tee shirt and murky green Juncko shorts and several bead necklaces around his neck.He had a pretty teenaged girl pinned up against the wall and was snogging her passionately while both his hands were groping at her pert little arse.

Three hot looking college studs nearby,drinking from bottles of beer,were oggling a girl in the centre of them,who was baring her pale little tits from under her green tee with one hand while reaching out for beads being tossed ny a fat hairy middle aged man from the first floor balcony of Crazy Jacks Bar opposite.One of the jocks,with his white tee shirt stained with sweat or split beer and two silver baubled bead necklaces around his sinewy neck and draped over his thick chest,could not resist the temptation of pouring his beer over the girls tits.

I heard a man passing behind me muttering his disapproval at the spectacle and turned to glance at him.He was a thin built tourist in his forties with receding greying hair,dressed in a sky blue tee emblazoned with 'PORT TALBEIRT MARINERS' in yellow letters across the front, and was visiting the Mardi Gras with his young son,a tall lithe attractive looking boy aged around 12 or 13 in a long sleeved black shirt and black cargo skaters shorts.I could see that the boy was enjoying seeing the girls tits for he had a broad smile on his face and his father gave him a disdainful look when he noticed his son oggling her.

'Why the hell was he down here in the Club District if he did not want to let his son see all this gratuitous tit flashing.?

Then i saw Matt through the crowd,coming out of Neumanns,a free entry club next door to Crazy Jacks,wearing a navy blue/sky blue Nicholson tee and black adidas trackie pants.

I stuck up my hand above the crowd to get his attention,which took a few minutes and i ended up hooking a red chain bead necklace over my stretched up arm in the process,thrown or dropped absently from someone on the balcony above me.

Matt saw me and turned breifly to look back into the bar. Ben,appeared beside him,a cigarette dangling from his lips,and he was shirtless to reveal his toned athletic and sweat glistened smooth torso,that i had to admit that i found quite a turn on...and even that black tribal thorn tatoo that spread across his left shoulder and upper arm,looked good on his sleek body..

As most times i had seen him,he wore his trusted Burberry baseball cap and light blue trackie pants.The baseball cap always seemed to be one of the main fashion features of any young Brit Chav nowadays,what with urban designer or sports tees,hooded tops,trackie [tracksuit] pants and trainers...and gold neckchains.!

Matt waved for me to come join them. I could not hear him over the loud thudding of dance music coming from within Nuemanns.

I stepped off the pavement and pushed myself through the crowds of sweaty,half drunk revellers,trying to keep my irritation with trying to get through, as under control as possible. Barely feet from the other side of Main Street and Matt and Ben,some college fratboy in a claret American Football Varsity jersey,who had his back to me,had moved back closer to me because of the swell of the crowd, and inadvertantly stepped back onto my left foot,crushing my toes in my trainers. I let out a yelp of pain and gave him a firm nudge off of my foot. "Oh dude,i'm sorry man..!" he said,twisting around to face me when he realised what he had done.

I tried not to drool at the sight of his beautiful 'Jock Boy-Next-Door' looks.Short cropped blonde hair,elfin cute face with piercing turquiose blue eyes like shallow tropical island lagoons,full lips that in my mind i wanted to kiss,and his left ear pierced with a gold stud..and it was hard not to notice his solid gym toned muscular physique, especially his thick round pecs that drew his jersey tight across his broad chest, and his sinewy bulging tanned biceps stretching at the short sleeves,and with one arm raised slightly as he held a budweiser beer bottle,the action had made his bicep thick and pumped.

"Sorry i stepped on your foot dude, this place is just so bangin' with chicks and dudes that you just can't move properly"

"Thats ok mate" i replied,trying hard not to get an erection over this buff hunk.

He recognised my accent even over the din of the music.

"Yo dude,you're British...!"

I nodded.

I glanced past him and could see Ben standing on the curbside with a big wide grin on his face.

He seemed to read my mind perfectly,sensing that i was attracted to this jock, and maybe i made it plainly obvious to him in my body language. Now he was standing there grabbing and hefting his crotch and gesticulating to me.

I flushed red in embarassment,hoping the fit jock did not notice it.

"Well, i hope you have a good time here buddy,these Mardi Gras are to die for..".

He gave me a little wink which led me to some dread that he could read my posture as easily as Ben did, and then turned away.

Trying to regain my composure,knowing it was'nt going to be easy what with Ben and most likely even Matt noticing my reaction to the American jock, i pressed my way up to them,trying not to look especially straight at Ben.

"I saw you checking out that brer" Ben said,smiling broadly.

"Do ya fancy him..?"

I swallowed hard."He was quite buff yeah, but i don't even know him to know if i fancy him."

"Yeah,like fuck...i bet you were getting a fuckin' hard-on over his big muscles..hey Dale.!"

I squirmed noticeably at Bens jest and tried to change the subject to avoid further embarassment.

"So wheres the others..?"

"There inside this place." Matt gestured to the club.

"Yeah, this whole street is fuckin' crawling with well fit birds and i'll bet a few of them are gagging for it..!"

Ben gazed admirably across to a girl being hoisted around on the shoulders of a stocky pasty looking guy,pulling up her pink string top and exposing firm round tits.

"So you alright tonight then,Dale?" Matt asked me.

He was referring to the fact that two nights previous,..our first night at the resort,i retired early to the hotel room that i was shacked up with Josh and Ben in..[Craig,Matt and Scott being in the next door room.]..because i was'nt feeling too well for some unknown reason. I ended up dozing off on the hotel room balcony while watching and wishing upon a spectacular myriad of shooting stars fleeting across the night sky in a display of metorites that the other guys seemed to have totally missed out upon,having stayed out till the early hours clubbing. Even into yesterday i was feeling a little under the weather,but thankfully today i felt fine.

"I'm fine..Can we go in now, you can by me a beer.?"

"What makes you think i'm buying you a beer?" Matt replied,giving me a quisative glance.

"Cos' i brought you 3 beers the other night..!" i said,rubbing him on the shoulder as the three of us went into the packed club bar,pressing our way through the dancers and revellers. Ben could'nt resist blatantly giving his approval of a slender,narrow hipped girl with long blonde hair in an orange tube tee baring a tight flat belly and high tight denim cut-offs that hugged her pert little butt that wiggled while she danced to the music.

"Heya baby..wanna have some fun with me later tonight?".

The girl politely smiled at him but turned away,giving her answer that she was'nt interested.

Matt and i stifled a laugh.

"'re not as much a totty magnet as you think you are." Matt laughed as we caught sight of the other three,or should i say two,Craig and Josh, sitting on high stools by a wall shelf-cum-table near the bar...Scott was standing nearby chatting to and no doubt 'chatting-up' a leggy blonde in a miniscule black skirt and white tee.

Ben rebounded from the brush-off my again groping his crotch and sneering at Matt and i.

"Don't you geezers worry,...i'll pull a a bird and once she sees my big cock,she'll be gagging for it!"

Matt disappeared to get the beers as i pulled up a stool next to Josh.

"Hey Dale,glad you could make it here...Maybe you might get lucky tonight". Josh said,sipping at a beer bottle.

He was wearing blue shorts and his red and white Arsenal football team shirt.

Craig sat across from me bare chested and showing off his strong muscle packed physique,..his thickly muscled pecs sprinkled with dark hair and his left nipple sporting a small ring...and he had two colourful bead necklaces around his neck.

Matt came back with some buds and passed one to me and one to a still standing Ben,whose attention was again diverted to another girl and his pathetic attempts to woo her.

I took a swig from the bottle as i peered around at the writhing masses of revellers dancing and partying on the dance floor in the centre of the club. A majority looked to be around the college their late teens and early twenties,yet there were a few older party goers.

As the afternoon progressed towards evening and the beer flowed,i could see the subtle changes of increasing inebration in the other guys,while purposefully trying to keep as sober as possible.I somehow still felt a little unwell and assumed it to be down to the effects of the alcohol and the loud beat of the club music. Josh by now had a glazed and dazed look on his face as a result of a few too many beers. He and i were the only ones now sitting at the table as the other guys had spread out to enjoy the atmosphere and gaze wantonly at the plenty of girls that milled around.

I felt the need for a piss and got up to head for the toilets across from the bar. Getting up suddenly,had caused me to feel a little woozy and it took me a few moments to regain my composure before i set off through the revellers.. I must have been a little more tipsy than i thought i was..!

Pressed against a corner beside the toilet door,two young men were very obviously kissing and caressing each other in a firm embrace,seemingly not caring about the world around them. I raised an eyebrow in surprise that indeed no-one else seemed to be hinting negatively towards this first sighting of homosexual affections that i had seen on this holiday.

I smiled to myself and entered into the relatively quiet mens toilets and saddled up to the long trough of urinals to take a piss.

"Hey Dale..!" i heard Bens voice from behind me as he stepped up beside and hauled out his cock to piss,and i tried my hardest not to look down at his cock to see if the rumours that he had a big one, was true or not.

"Found any buff brer for you,yet.?" he said.

I was sure he had just given my own small cock a quick glance as we pissed.

"No" i replied curtly.

Ben turned towards me slightly as he continued to shoot out a forceful stream of piss into the urinal trough.

It was then that my resileance in not glancing down at his cock,broke.

I gave it a quick glance and then shot my eyes up and forward at the wall in front,in clear wide eyed awe.

The rumours and Bens boasting about being 'well-hung' were true.!

From the furtive shocker glance i saw, his cock was thick and long and would at least be around 10 inches when he got hard.!

My own cock twitched as i drew near to finishing my piss,showing signs that i was getting a little turned on by my buddies huge cock.

And what was worse,..Ben had again read the expression on my face that i had so foolishly been unable to hide.

But rather than react angrily like a straight bloke might, Ben gave me a wry smile and a wink,that made me feel all peculiar inside,as i stuffed away my very perceptively hardening cock into my beige cargo shorts..

I wanted to avoid another embarassment and went to slip away,but as i turned,Ben suddenly gave my arse a firm squeeze and that action made my 7 inch cock suddenly go rock hard.

"Maybe you might get lucky tonight from an unexpected source.." Ben said,his speech low and sounding almost seductive.

My mind reeled with the incredible and incredulous feeling that Ben sounded as if he was coming on to me.!

But i thought it must have been the alcohol that was making me hear things that deep down i wanted to hear Ben say,but knew a straight guy who thought of nothing but fucking a hot girl on this holiday,would never dare say.

I walked over to the wash basins and began to wash my hands,taking furtive glances at the reflection of Bens bare sweat glistended back in the wall mirrors,as he still continued to piss. My cock felt painfully erect at the sight of his muscled lats that tapered down to a narrow trim waist line and a cute muscled arse that hugged his trackies. He looked more muscular in the reflection that i thought he was,..and i rubbed my eyes thinking that i was having a bbozy daydream. No..he was definately more muscled than earlier,the sinews of his lats rippling and seemingly pulsing as if he had just finished a serious work out.

I leant over the basin and spalshed water on my face before giving Ben another glance in the mirror.He had finished pissing,but was standing uncomfortably close to a guy in a white tee and denim jeans and short gelled up spiky black hair,and he was very plainly giving the guys cock a good eyeful.

The guy reacted like Ben had done when he had caught me oggling his cock,and instead of anger,gave Ben a wide smile.

My jaw almost dropped into the basin when i witnessed what happened next.

Ben kissed the other guy firm and passionately on the lips,literally deep throating him.

My mind reeled and swam with a mixture of disbelief,bewilderment and a growing sexual arousal.

'What the fuck was going on here?' Ben was staunchly straight,.and any gay man coming on to him like that,would of ended up with a smashed up face. That is why i hid my attraction to him with as much effort as i could. And now he was openly making out with this stranger..!!

Ben finally broke the kiss and turned to face me,his face etched with the stupor of lust.

My heart pounded in my chest as he seemed to move slowly across the toilet towards me.

I could not tear my eyes from the fact that his firm pecs had so clearly seemed to have expanded in mass into thick meaty mounds capped with sensuous nipples.

He had a hungry look on his cute face and his eyes glazed by being both slightly drunk and lustful.

Again,his hand went to his crotch and kneaded the thick chunky outline of his big cock that was very rapidly growing more erect

along his thigh,..but looked as if it was growing even larger in girth and length to poke down towards his knees.

I stood frozen against the basin as another guy in an blue shirt,open to reveal his hairy meaty chest and firm abs,and his neck heavy with beads,came walking into the toilet,acting as if nothing was happening untoward.

I felt my mouth go dry as Ben stopped close by me and reached out his hand to grope my covered erection.

"I always knew that you had a hard-on for me.." he smiled wryly.

My eyes were darting from his pecs that still seemed to strangely be expanding and adding more muscle mass to their smooth bulk,..and up to Bens cute features.His lips were close to mine in a near kiss.

"So hows about you sucking me off..Dale" he said erotically.

Ben turned me away from the basin and backed me into one of the tiolet cubicles,not bothering to close the door but closing the toilet lid,sat me down on it,so i was eye level with his ever growing erection that now looked too freaky it was even bigger than his 10 inches..more like 14 inches.

"Take my big cock out..and give it what you've been dying for all this time.."

I tried to think rationally but i could not..My own desires seem to be getting the best of me as i tentatively pulled down the front of Bens trackies and let his hugely obscene sized cock flop out and whack me in the face,followed by a heaving cum bloated sack of orange sized balls.

His erection rose out like a massive fat battering ram,pulsing with veins along its impressive length up to a broad bulbous flaring cockhead oozing pre-cum from a piss slit as wide as the coin slot in a vending machine.

I looked up nervously at Ben who now seemed to be hulking over me in the ever decreasing space of the cubicle.

His heaving pecs bulging out obscenely like huge mounds and his thickening rippling shoulders pressing against either side of the cubicle..

"What in the fuck was happening here....was it those damned shooting stars that i had seen the other night...?

My main concern right now,was how was i gonna suck on a moster cock like Bens..? •

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