Gym of Dreams: Mike


By xythan_shadow

After our workout, we pile into my jeep, Armstrong in the front and Mike in the back, and head towards the mall. We stop to grab a quick meal at our favorite restaurant and head off to the big guy’s store.

We walk in the store and are immediately greeted by the store clerks. There are two females and one male, all very nice looking and slim. We start to head off to the swim section. They have a variety of swim wear there, and Mike is looking at the normal swim trunks, but we have different ideas in mind for him.

“Miss!” Armstrong bellows and waves his huge arm, gaining the attention of the nearby clerk.

“Yes sir?”

“Yes, we’re looking for your speedos.” Soon as he got the word ‘speedos’ out, Mike spins around. I smile as Mike looks at Armstrong.

“Oh, yes. They’re right here” the young clerk says as she leads Armstrong to the far wall. Armstrong motions for us to follow, and I head over with Mike following. Once we all arrive at the speedo section, Armstrong looks at Mike.

“You’re still about a 34, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s about right.”

“Good, same size as Sam. Miss, here’s my card. Charge this pair to it.” Armstrong grabs a pair of black briefs off the wall and tosses them at Mike. “Go put them on. If they don’t fit, Sam can have ‘em, but I’m sure they’ll be just fine.

Mike looks at Armstrong like he’s crazy, but Armstrong shoos him into the dressing room. Armstrong and I stand outside the dressing room while Mike changes. He steps out in a t-shirt and the new speedos. “Give me that shirt,” Armstrong orders as he goes to rip the shirt off Mike. Mike chuckles as he takes of the shirt and Armstrong directs him to a nearby full length mirror.

“You think I can wear something like this?” Mike asks.

“Let’s find out” I say as I wave down the helpful clerk. “Miss, how do you think this looks on our friend here?” She looks at Mike’s toned body and her eyes betray her as she stares at his very decent package. Mike turns 3 different shades of red as he watches the clerk stare at him.

“I---I think it looks quite nice on him”

“Well don’t just stand there, pose for the nice young lady. She needs to see you better,” Armstrong says.

Mike turns beet red and begins to pose, starting with a single bi, then a double bi, then a lat flare. The young lady gasps at his physique, holding her hand near her chest. I look around and I see the other two clerks watching Mike’s display with lust in their eyes. Yup, I think they all like how Mike looks in those shorts.

“Yes, I think they look really good,” the clerk stammers.

“Well there ya go Mike,” Armstrong says, “if the young lady says they’re good, then you’re wearing them this weekend.”

I reach up to the wall and grab another pair of black speedos in size 34, two pair of red in size 34 and a couple of size 36’s for Armstrong. We tell Mike to change back so we could leave, but he protests. “I’m not the only one who’s going to show off today. You two gotta try on your stuff too dammit!”

“Nah,” Armstrong says with a chuckle, “we know they fit us.”

“Dammit, you’re going to try them on. At least then I won’t feel so silly for standing here in these,” Mike laughs.

“Ok, if it’ll make you feel better,” I laugh and punch him on the shoulder. I wave down the clerk and tell her to ring all this up real quick. She trots off to the cash register and then comes back with our purchase. I notice that the other clerks have moved to get a better view of us and I chuckle. Looking at Armstrong, I can tell he sees the same thing. We grab the black speedos and head into the dressing room. I step out first and I flex my right arm for the nearby clerk. I see her flutter a bit as Armstrong steps out. He looks like he flexed a little while changing because you can see some of the veins popping out. He strikes a double bi and I look at the other clerks. The female one is touching herself and the male one is licking his lips slightly.

Armstrong: The master of getting people aroused.

After about a minute of the show, Armstrong speaks up, “So you wanna walk around the mall like this Mike? You know we’re up for it.” Mike bursts into laughter and says, “No man, we wouldn’t want to scare the natives. Better change back into our gear.” We hop back into the changing rooms and switch back into our casual gear. We step out and I notice Mike’s still pumped and kinda hard from the earlier display. My eyes browse the store and I notice there’s only one clerk now. I smile and think, “Wonder where those other two went off to. I hope they enjoyed the show.” The remaining clerk walked up to Mike and placed her hand on his pumped arm and whispered some stuff into his ear before handing him a small slip of paper. Armstrong and I smile as Mike blushes a little more.

We grab our bag of stuff and head out. Mike is really getting into being big. He smiles at every person that seems to be staring at his massive physique. He flexes his pecs a little while he walks and he’s all around enjoying the attention. I remark to myself that he’s a completely different person than when we first met, and I’m happy for him. •

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