By nymuscleboy

Adam was a normal eighteen year old. Not thin, not a jock, just the right size. He always idolized the jocks though. Their muscles were awesome. He loved their pecs and biceps, which were usually the biggest part, that he had seen, on them. Soon, he began to fall in love with big muscles, so he started going to the gym. He was suprised at how strong he was already. His muscles started growing very soon. After about a month, he looked like a beggining bodybuilder. After a while, he started taking supplements, thats when everything started.

It was just another day at the gym. Adam was benching 450. Then, two men walked into the gym. They were huge. Their thighs had an extremely defined teardrop shap, and their calves were thick and filled with veins. Their pecs were huge and looked like two boulders resting on their chests. Even unflexed, their biceps were enourmous. Their eight-packs were tight and even. It was incredible. They went over to the benches next to him and started pumping. Their muscles started to expand infront of him. They grew and grew until they were so big that they looked like they could burst. Adam also noticed the bulge in thir pants, even though they weren't hard. One of them noticed Adam staring at them. "Do you like our muscles?" He asked. "Yeah, howd you grow so fast?" Adam replied. "Then you should come down to our place some time." The other said. They finished up their reps and went on. Adam went home after getting their adress.

Later, he went to their house. He rang the bell and the first one he spoke to opened the door. "So you came." He said. He let him in. The inside of their house looked like a lab. Adam was led up stairs. In the upstairs rooms were several small labs, Adam went into the room with the other man. He was working on some chemicle. "Finished." He announced. "I want you to take this when you get home and come back in 24 hours." "Okay." Adam said.

He went home and drank the chemicle. It was disgusting, but he swallowed. Suddenly, he felt light headed. The bathroom started spinning around in circles. Adam fainted on the floor. He had a strange dream that night. His muscles grew gigantic. He felt like he couldn't move and was stuck their while his muscles grew. It was great and awful at the same time. All of his bodyparts were swelling with muscle and mass, but he couldn't move, not even flex. The dream/nightmare lasted all night.

He woke up in the morning and looked into the mirror. He gasped with shock. His muscles were enourmous. Filled with veins. It was awesome. He flexed over and over again. He rubbed his massive hard cock. He couldn't believe it.

He thought about getting even bigger. Suddenly, his muscles burst with size. His pecs were over five inches off his chest. Overall, his chest was sixty eight inches. His biceps were thirty inches each. He now had an eight pack. His thights had the teardrop shape he always loved and wanted. He was now the defienition of muscle. •

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