Gym of Dreams: Mike


By xythan_shadow

Todayís the day! After todayís practice and workout, me and the guys are heading up to the beach. Itís gonna be awesome. Iím bouncing around, even more hyper and it shows that Iím excited. My teammates keep telling me to calm down but I just canít. Iím too excited.

I kinda take it out on the offensive linemen though. Iím so eager to finish practice Iím knocking them harder than normal. Coach calls me over real quick and tells me to calm down a bit and not to injure the guys. I look back and I see some of them are sore. I canít help but laugh a little before I run over to the guys and hug Ďem by the shoulders and say a quick sorry. I canít help but run everywhere and bounce on my toes when Iím standing. I just canít hold still. This weekendís gonna be awesome.

As usual, practice ends with me still energized. I tell everyone bye and hop in my car and head off to the gym. My head is still swimming with anticipation of this weekend. I can feel the sea spray, the breeze, the looks of admirers.

I wonder to myself, "When did I become so confident?" I remember times when I used to shun the eyes of the public and tried to avoid being seen. Now, I love the attention. Itís because of these I think as I raise my arm and flex slightly. I never wouldíve realized how much confidence just feeling good about myself wouldíve given me. Even before I had the huge muscles, back when I first joined the gym, I felt good.

I think back to the night I first started being called ĎBig Mikeí and how I didnít feel weird at all being around those huge guys. I helped rack weights and load bars and assisted the big guys in the gym with stuff, and I never felt weird. What was it about being there? Was it that I had a place to belong to? Was it because they didnít see me as a scrawny kid but as a future man? Was it because of Sam and Armstrong backing me? I donít know. Maybe all of it, but now, I feel different. I donít care either. It feels good to feel like this, not worrying about what people think about me or even if they care. Just being able to be free from those thoughts is exhilarating. I roar a bit like Armstrong as I drive down the road. Truly, this is freedom.

************************************************** **********************

We do a quick workout as I tell the gang about the beach house weíre going to. Itís quite large and happens to have a hot tub, a pool, several large rooms and even a gym. Mike sighs with relieve and remarks, "Good, thought I wasnít going to be able to workout this weekend." Armstrong recants, "Donít worry big man, youíll defiantly have a workout during this vacation. Plus thereís some things we need to discuss on the way."

Mike looks at Armstrong confused and says "Like what?"

"Later," I say.

Mike nods and we resume our quick workout. After we finish, we grab our shakes and Armstrong grabs a small vial of his sweat. Itís about time he found out.

Weíre cruising down the highway in my jeep when Armstrong begins.

"Mike, we have a few things to tell you. We thought that this would be the best time to do so."

"Like what?"

"Well, for one, Sam and I are bisexual."

I look in my rear view mirror at Mike to try and discern his feeling on the subject. He didnít seem upset, but more jovial instead.

"Yeah, Iíve known. You two are big guys, and when Iím going to sleep after the grueling training you put me through, I can hear your voices and the bed move in your room. It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally knew. I kinda wanted to be in there with you guys, feeling your muscles and seeing your huge cocks in action."

"Good," I say, "Iím glad we got that out in the open. We werenít sure how youíd react."

"Yeah, Iím ok with it. Iím bi myself. Iíve fucked a guy and a gal at the same time already."

Armstrong turns around and pats Mike on the shoulder. "Well that takes care of my next statement. Final thing," he says as he reaches for the vial, "you see this?"

Armstrong hands the vial to Mike and he examines the clear liquid.

"Please tell me these arenít roids."

"No no no. Weíre all natural. Well, except for this, but itís natural too. What youíre holding there is my sweat, slightly purified. I seem to sweat testosterone, and we clean it of impurities and mix it into shakes. So, itís just me youíre drinking."

Mike gets a look of interest across his face, obviously wondering how thatís possible, and then says, "Ok. Thatís cool. I presume that since it is natural, itís not illegal?"

"Nope, I took it to a doctor and he said is was as just like taking aspirin. He also said he was jealous of me because my genetics will keep me producing major amounts of testosterone for a while, and the same goes for people who drink this for years. It seems to alter your bodyís chemistry to where your own body starts to make more testosterone naturally, hence the gains."

"So, what youíre saying is, Iíll continue to be able to make gains like this as long as I keep working out?"

"Your gains will slow, but as long as you hit the gym hard, youíll look like that when youíre 60 and 70 years old."

A huge grin appeared across Mikeís face as he envisioned a massive 70 year old Armstrong, out lifting people 1/3 his age. I smile and am relieved about how he took the news. We continue to cruise down the road, laughing and joking and just being free. •

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