Gym of Dreams: Mike


By xythan_shadow

We arrive at the house and start unloading stuff. Armstrong and Sam had packed two huge coolers with stuff for the two day vacation so weíd have tons to eat. They grab the coolers while I grab the duffle bags and we head in the house.

Itís better than Sam described. The living room is huge, tons of space leading to a dock where you can see the beach. The view is beautiful, the ocean so clear, the breeze so crisp. Armstrong calls me back into the house to put the stuff away. I walk around and see the rest of the place. Thereís a fairly nice gym, nothing like home but it should suffice for the two days. Thereís a kitchen with a giant fridge. Two bedrooms, both with king size beds. Iím beginning to hope I can spend a little time in Sam and Armstrongís room on this trip. Out the back door is the pool and hot tub. I nod approvingly, sensing this is gonna be the place of action.

I head back towards the bedrooms and drop the luggage off before heading to the kitchen to help put away our supplies. After putting away the tons of pre-made drinks and food, we hit the living room for a little while before being drawn to the gym. We just canít resist working out. We sat and relaxed for a good five minutes before I started getting jumpy and looking back and forth at Armstrong and Sam, them looking at me with the same glare in their eyes. Funny how I would usually relax at a time like this, now I just have to work out.

We hit the in house gym, and since it doesnít have the massive amounts of weight weíre used to, we decide to do really low weight for 100 reps. Well, I didnít decide, Armstrong brought it up, and I agreed. After 60 curls, I wish I hadnít. My arms were burning like acid was being poured on them. I wanted to drop the weight, but Sam and Armstrong were relentless.

ďDude, you canít stop. Look at that gunĒ Sam encourages me as he points to the mirror. I look at my arm and I like what I see. The high reps have my arm veins twitching madly. Every blood vessel in them are standing at full attention and pumping giant amounts of blood. Itís inspiring and helps me focus on the monumental task. I need a little help getting the last ten out without cheating, but I do it and my arms flop to my side, begging for mercy.

ďWay to go man, did you feel that burn!Ē Armstrong cheers wildly. I drop to my knees and exclaim, ďMan that was hard as hell!Ē Armstrong looks at me then Sam and says, ďYeah, this might not be the best idea. Oh well, how bout ice cream!Ē They burst into laughter and I follow suit.

Armstrong picks up a dumbbell about 20lbs heavier and cranks out his reps. Iím still on the floor but I watch as his huge gun churns out the reps. With machine-like precision, the arm goes up and down, each rep demanding more of his muscles than the last. I watch as his skin slowly tightens, the veins in his massive forearm begin to pump harder and harder, threatening to break the skin. Also around 60 reps, I see Armstrong begin to sweat. His arms are bulging with power, the muscles look fatigued but beautiful. The veins work up and down his arm like a serpent, coiling and relaxing at the task. Sam is pushing Armstrong to keep form and he continues to lift. Itís an amazing site, this manís arms. At rest, they look simply like giant rocks on his arm, but when stressed like this, itís awe inspiring. The beauty of his muscles working that hard, the blood coursing through his thick veins supplying lifeblood to each fiber, the massive size of it all, it is almost too much to take in. By the time Armstrong hits 100, I think his arms are going to explode. Veins Iíve never noticed have risen to the surface and are throbbing relentlessly against the skin. His forearms and biceps have tightened to almost unreal levels of tension and I can feel myself getting hard.

Sam grabs the same dumbbell and starts working on his set. Itís amazing how much alike they are. He performs each rep with the same precision, same rate of lift and decline, same muscles bulging in the same spots. Maybe itís me being tired from the massive strain on my body, but I feel as if Iím getting light headed. I watch as Samís arms bulge and strain just like Armstrongís, and I get so exicted. Iíve never seen them looked so pumped. Sure, lifting like they usually do showed me their exceptional mass, but this was different. They could be ripped if they wanted to because theyíre so close to it but they prefer to be big, and seeing their arms ripped like this was a huge turn on. Armstrong does his best to assist Sam with the last few reps and at 100, Sam drops the dumbbells to the ground. ďDamn that was a burn!Ē he shouts. I stand up and I can no longer resistÖ. •

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