Gym of Dreams: Mike


By xythan_shadow

I walk over to Sam and I begin to rub his arms a bit, slightly moaning in pleasure. Sam turns to me a bit and says, “Like that pump, don’t you? I know we all do.” He uses his other arm to grab my arm and squeezes it a little. It burns a bit from the pump but it feels so good. After replacing the dumbbells, Armstrong steps over and stands near us, and I reach out my hand to grab his arm also. While rubbing Sam’s arm, I guide my tongue along the road map of Armstrong’s arm outlined by his massive veins. I feel his light layer of hair across my tongue and the salty taste of his manly sweat and I whimper in delight. I have dreamed about doing this kinda thing for the longest, ever since I looked at my dad and other bodybuilders and realized that I loved muscle. I finally feel as if I can explore those feelings with these guys. They seemed to know what I was thinking and they pull off their clothes and help me with mine. It’s like my deepest dream come true. Sure, I still love women, but they don’t have these huge muscles that I also love.

We spend the next hour standing there, worshiping each other’s muscles. I spent my time focusing on their upper bodies while they moved from my chest to my arms and down to my legs and back again. They expertly used their hands and tongues to send wave after wave of pleasure to each muscle in my body, and I tried to imitate them with my hands and mouth. Their fingers are running through the crevices of my abs and I flex slightly to gently hold it there. Sam laughs a little and continues upward while Armstrong works my lower body. My hands are exploring Sam’s massive chest with stops at Armstrong’s huge shoulders. It was heavenly, just standing there feeling their rippling mounds of flesh attached to their huge cores. After we finish up, we hit the shower. It’s a nice big shower and it can fit a whole family. Naturally, we all shower together, continuing what we started in the gym. In here, the experience is heightened by the flowing water. I enthrall myself with their bodies, washing their toned muscles as they wash me and each other, paying heed to every mound and indention in their amazing bodies. Our muscles are glistening in the water and soap, flowing around our bodies like rivers. Suds stream down their bodies slowly, following the path outlined by the years of hard work. Our cocks are hard and are rubbing against each other as we slowly draw our hands along each other’s contours. It feels so sensual, the firmness of their muscles and the powerful veins combined with the softness of their touch. I can barely control myself and I feel close to climaxing when Sam turns off the water. He steps out and smiles at us and directs us to the bedroom floor. I happily follow, and we continue on the carpeted floor. We roll around with each other, displaying our naked wet bodies and our rippling muscles. I grab their massive tree trunk legs and go to massage them. Sam picks me up and starts to lift me as if I were a barbell. At the lowest point of each press, I reach down to feel his massive pecs working and I reach towards Armstrong who is sliding his meaty paws up and down Sam’s arms. After a few reps, Sam hands me to Armstrong and the lifting continues. I am throbbing and I begin to stroke my lifter on each press. Armstrong then lays me down between him and Sam and we continue to rub our wet, glistening muscles against each other. We eventually begin to stroke each other as we continue to worship our muscled bodies and I’m first to explode in euphoric delight. Sam and Armstrong follow suit, and we lay on the floor, exhausted, glowing with pleasure, and covered in creamy goodness.

“That was amazing guys,” I say.

“That’s nothing compared to what’s planned for tomorrow,” Armstrong says.

We get up and clean up the area. Seems we’ve had more fun than I thought and it takes half a dozen towels to clean up all the water and jizz. After tossing the towels in the wash along with our clothes, we head downstairs to eat. I’m beginning to wonder why I even bothered with clothes for this trip since now that I’m free with my buddies, I don’t plan on wearing anything around the guys. Our dinner consisted of steak and veggies, and a side of hard beef enjoyment. After dinner, we head off to bed. I’m headed to my room but Sam grabs me by the arm and leads me into the master room. I smile as I think about what’s going to happen, but they say no sex just yet, that I’ll need my energy for tomorrow.

We jump into bed and I feel their hard muscles and cocks rub against me. It’s hard to fall asleep like that, but for some reason it feels natural. I eventually drift off to sleep with their massive arms draped across me like shields.

************************************************** **********************

We wake up later than normal around 7 am. I notice that all 3 of us are covered in white stickiness, and I smile. Nice to know the kid is highly aroused. I wasn’t so sure how he would react, but I’m happy. I wake up the gang and we head to the shower. Mike is raging again and it makes Armstrong and me hard too. We spend about thirty minutes “showering” and head to breakfast. After a quick meal, we put on our black speedos and head to the beach. It’s still fairly empty, so I lead the guys to the ocean.

“Morning warm up today will be kata number 17 against the sea,” I say as Armstrong smiles.

Kata 17 has a lot of circular and precise arm motions and emphasizes tension and control in the upper body. Armstrong knew exactly why I picked this one. While we’re standing still in the water, the kata will focus and pump our upper bodies, stretching the biceps and pecs, and the water will make our muscles stand out more. We begin the long kata, slowly tensing and relaxing our muscles as me move in the warm ocean. As we stand in a line facing the sea, I can see Mike’s tight body get pumped and Armstrong’s veins bulge against his skin and I feel the same in my body.

We stand in the ocean for almost an hour, slowly performing the fluid and precise movements of the kata, breathing in controlled methods, being in sync with each other. We finish by bowing to the rising sun and turn around. On the beach are around 20 people, all staring intently at us. I laugh a bit and I smack Mike gently on the ass and tell him they’re checking him out. He laughs and I lead our little group out of the ocean. I spot this trio of college chicks lounging on the sands and I begin to walk over to them with Armstrong and Mike behind me. They begin to whisper and giggle as we approach them.

“Good morning ladies,” I greet them as they stop giggling. Armstrong and Mike wave at the young ladies as they smile back.

“How are you today?” Armstrong asks.

One of the females speaks up and says, “Oh, we’re really good after that performance out there. What was it exactly?”

I jab Mike in the side with my elbow and he speaks up, “Oh, it’s called Taijutsu. Something this big lug here taught me.”

The leader of the females speaks up, “You looked very good doing that.” Clearly she was flirting with Mike, but Mike didn’t notice. I sit him down next to the chick and sit myself down near another one. Armstrong sits near the end and says, “Yeah, he’s a good kid and he knows his stuff.”

“I bet. All you looked real good doing that out there. So big and strong,” she quietly speaks as she rubs Mike’s abs.

Mike smiles a bit and I speak up, “Perhaps you ladies would like to join us this eve at our beach house? We plan on having a party and I see that Mike would love to invite you over.” Mike blushes as the woman rubbing him laughs a bit.

“We’ll be there,” the female next to me giggles.

I stand up and say, “Good, looking forward to having fun with you tonight. Excuse us while we go invite more people.” Mike rubs his companion gently before rising and waving goodbye. Armstrong takes a little more time detaching from his playmate, but we eventually continue down the beach.

The large portion of the day was spent enjoying the onlookers and inviting them to our party. We got a large mix of male and female participants. I especially enjoyed our little beach football game. It was kinda unfair, 4 on 8, but they gave us a good run for our money despite the odds. We only won by 21 points. It kinda helps when three of our four players each are almost as big as two of their players. We invited them all to the party and told them to bring the ball too.

We had lunch, played a few beach games, flirted with some guys and gals, and before we knew it, it was around time for us to start preparing for the party. We walk back to the house, waving and winking at all the hot people on the beach. I think to myself, damn this is gonna be one nice orgy.

We set up some food and drinks that we brought along and we clear out a lot of the breakables to the second bedroom. We plan on keeping most of the action in the living and outside, so we block off the two bedrooms. We spread the couches out a little, exposing more floor space and we place pillows around the area. The door bell rings and Mike goes to answer it. I don’t think he’s realized that he’s naked, but what the hell, everyone’s gonna be soon. •

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