Gym of Dreams: Mike


By xythan_shadow

I open the door and see the three girls we first met at the beach and I greet them with a hearty hello. They’re standing on the porch just staring at me and I’m wondering why. A slight breeze blows, and I realize that I’m in my full glory. I smile for them and extend my arm to them, flexing my muscles ever so slightly. I invite them in the house with a Cheshire cat grin saying, “Welcome to our parlor,” and they giggle and enter. The ladies walk into the house and towards the living room where Sam and Armstrong are still man-handling the furniture. Seeing them like that makes me kinda excited so I can imagine what the girls are feeling. I give them a quick tour, showing them the kitchen and the pool area. I say to them that they’re free to relax, and the party should be starting soon. As soon as I guide them back to the living room, the doorbell rings again. I guess it’s later than I thought. I open the door and it’s the guys we played football with today. They also immediately notice I’m naked, but they come in anyway. I give them the same tour and lead them to the living room where Sam and Armstrong are already comfortable with some of the ladies.

More and more people come, and soon the living room is full. Music is playing and people are getting more and more comfortable. Surprisingly, no one brought alcohol, but the atmosphere is still light. Our freedom with our bodies seems to make everyone comfortable, and slowly, clothing starts coming off everyone. I would’ve never guess that something like this would happen, but it seems that this was Armstrong and Sam’s plan from the start. The chick I met from earlier is near me, and she’s taking her time exploring my body. She starts with my chest, drawing her gentle fingers along the ridges of my chest. Her touch is so soft, and I feel my member beginning to harden. Her eyes glance towards my package, and they widen as if she was a kid at Christmas. She works her hands down to my cock and begins to wake the beast. My shaft arises to its full glory, and I hear a few audible gasps. She smiles and begins to mount me and Sam tosses a condom my way. My lady catches it and reads the labeling, “XXL eh? I can see why.” She rips the packaging with her teeth and goes to glove my member, slowly working her feminine hands down my throbbing shaft. It feels so good and I see Sam tossing condoms to all the guys in the room. It’s gonna be an orgy, but a safe orgy. She mounts me and starts grinding as some random guy begins to caress my balls with his tongue. “Damn that feels good,” I moan. I look around and I see Armstrong lifting a woman to the ceiling licking her while some guy sucks his massive member and Sam pounds some guy from behind while the guy pounds a chick. There are hands of all types feeling over myself, Sam, and Armstrong, getting a taste of the power our bodies hold. I hear the grunts of people having sex all around me as my chick slowly rides me. I lean her forward and give her a gentle kiss. Her whole body smells of some exotic scent, like lavender and aloe with some other tropical flowers. The guy under her is enjoying himself also, guiding his tongue along my shaft and her ass in rhythm with her. Sam is flexing for his partner, and I hear the coos from the woman admiring his body. The guy sucking Armstrong off has his hands full with Armstrong’s massive meat and the woman that Armstrong is tonguing seems to be lost in ecstasy. Sexual energy is flowing freely, and Armstrong is the first to cum, spraying hot man juice over everyone. His roar as he climaxes causes a chain reaction in the room, leading others to climax soon afterwards. While some people start to die down after that, obviously exhausted from the extreme activity we’re engaged in, we are still hard and ready for more. After a quick condom change, we take a few of the more lively people out to the hot tub and start more action there.

I would have never thought I could fuck more than one person in a row, but Sam and Armstrong are almost pushing me to keep up. They’ve pleasured two guys and one woman each already, making them cum harder than I bet they’ve come in a while, and they’re pounding away on the 4th person. The guy I’m with begins to moan and I can tell I’m hitting his prostate just right. I start to thrust deeper and deeper, hearing his moans of pain and pleasure grow. He spews his load over his chest and I direct his hands to my guns as I pound him harder and harder. I cum soon after and I lift him out of the pool. He lies there, exhausted but euphoric. I take off my condom and I walk over to where Sam and Armstrong are. They each have a person, Sam with a chick and Armstrong with a guy. I’m getting hard again from just seeing their muscles work as they work these two over, so I position myself where the guy can suck my meat and the chick can lick the balls. It’s a nice 5-way; water’s splashing everywhere, their moans fill the air, and the primal grunts of the three of us echo. The guy cums first, and I follow suit, shooting my hot load into his mouth. Sam and Armstrong thrust a little more and empty themselves with an animalist roar. The guys lift their partners out of the pool and lay them down on the warm bricks. I grab a towel and lay it across them and then I look at my buddies.

Their muscles are standing at full attention, veins bulging everywhere and toned muscle calls to me. Their cocks are still semi-hard, and even now they look amazing. I feel myself getting hard again, and they smile. I’ve cum 3 times in the last couple of hours and they’ve come four times, but it doesn’t seem like the night is over yet. We walk back into the house, dripping of water and jizz and we see the entire party lying there. Everyone’s asleep or falling asleep from the orgasmic bliss, and we slowly make our way to the bedroom. Now it’s time for us to really enjoy ourselves I think. •

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