Gym of Dreams: Mike


By xythan_shadow

As soon as we get to the room, I drop to my knees and start worshipping Armstrong’s massive body. His legs are just beautiful right now, so pumped from the constant thrusting and his cock is semi hard. I begin to suck it, slowly sliding the shaft down my throat. Sam walks up behind me and crouches down a little, sliding his hardening meat around my back as he rubs my shoulders. I feel his cock rub between the grooves of my shoulder blades as I run my fingers in the crevices of Armstrong’s abs. I hear my moans combine with the growls of my fellow muscle monsters as we worship each other’s bodies. I feel Armstrong’s hands run along my back and tickle Sam’s growing meat. Sam’s hands are exploring the crevices in my arms and my hands are working their way towards the tree trunks attached to the muscle cock in my mouth. I run my hand all around Armstrong’s legs as I slowly work his shaft with my tongue. I feel his serpent swell in my mouth, reaching to lodge itself in the back of my throat. I feel Sam’s powerful arm grabbing my peaked bicep and his cock working itself into my back. All this muscle and cock feel so wonderful and I taste Armstrong’s pre slip from his meat and Sam’s on my back. The thoughts and feelings of muscle everywhere around me, beside me, in me makes my meat swell even larger. I feel a pump that I haven’t felt since I first started lifting and it invigorates me. I begin to work a little harder, wanting to fill my mouth with all of Armstrong. I flex my arms a bit as Sam rubs them and I hear him moan. Armstrong expertly begins to rock back and forth, providing additional sensations to the mix. My hands feel his massive quads work, the muscles twitching and the blood flowing underneath my hands. He leans down a bit and grabs Sam’s arms, massaging the huge mounds of muscle. I take Armstrong’s meat out of my mouth momentarily, wanting to stand against his massive chest. I stand slowly, feeling Sam’s cock slowly slide down the middle of my back and down the crack of my ass. I reach towards Armstrong’s colossal shoulders and around his to his back. His chest is so huge I am unable to fully close my grip around his mass. I spend a few moments letting my hands explore the recesses of his back and lats before he picks me up in a huge hug. Such power feels so good to me and he knows it. Sam approaches and they sandwich me between them. I feel their thickening meats beneath my balls swelling even more. Our three members inter tangle with each other as they press their bodies against mine. Armstrong continues to hold me in mid air as he slides his cock back and forth against my balls and Sam does the same. The sensation is amazing, feeling these muscle cocks and massive monsters all over me is intense, swelling me even harder. I can feel the same is happening to them because their members are slowly but evidently pointing upward. I start to rub my meat between the grooves of Armstrong’s abs and reach behind me to grab Sam’s pulsating forearms as he massages my chest.

“God this is so amazing” I moan.

“Yeah, you like that hard muscle and these huge cocks don’t you?” Armstrong growls quietly.

“Yes sir!” I spatter, “Don’t stop.”

Armstrong’s cock feels as if it’s trying to work its way into my ass and I eagerly anticipate it, but it never penetrates me. It slowly rubs back and forth along the crack of my ass and I almost want to ram myself on his huge fuck pole. Sam’s cock has curved up just a bit and is rubbing the underside of my balls, providing sensations I’ve never experienced before. Armstrong lowers me a bit so I’m almost resting on their huge meats and slowly kisses me. It’s so passionate and amazing. The hardness of his muscles contrasts beautifully with the softness of his lips and tongue. Armstrong ends the kiss after what seems like an eternity, and Sam turns my head towards him and he also kisses me. His is just as electric as Armstrong’s and I enthrall myself in it. My tongue is almost overpowered by the muscular tongue of Sam and it makes me even more aroused. I spend a few more moments entwined in this dance of muscle before I allow Armstrong to lower me to the floor. I slide down between them slowly, letting my body experience each ripple and contour of their massive bodies as I return to my knees. My hands slide down the hills and valleys of Armstrong’s body and slowly work my way to his throbbing meat. I slowly guide it into my mouth as Sam repositions his dripping cock on my back. Armstrong’s thrusts are becoming more and more powerful as I increase the pressure in my mouth. I want all of him so bad that I can taste it. His pre is flowing and I can feel his cock and balls tighten in my mouth.

Armstrong’s head tilts back as he unleashes his torrent of manhood into my mouth. Sam follows suit and releases a deluge of himself along my shoulders, allowing it to drip down my chest and back and along his shaft. I feel myself approaching climax, and they pick me up off the floor. Using one hand each to hold me up, they use their other hands to stroke me to ecstasy. I explode with more cum than I had unleashed all that night over the three of us and I smile at my two buddies.

“This night was amazing guys. I’ve never had anything like it before,” I whisper as my flood begins to recede.

“You deserved it man,” Armstrong’s deep bass echoes in my head. “You’ve worked hard and this is just the beginning. Remember the genetic stuff I was talking about earlier, this is another one of the side effects, increased sexual vigor. You can truly keep up with me and Sam now.”

Sam laughs a bit and we work our way to the shower. I can feel what they’re talking about because just imaging them wet again is making me hard and I can feel my balls refilling themselves almost immediately.

“Let’s go do something about this,” Sam says as he points at his stiffening boner. I laugh as I grab my ever-enlarging meat and step into the shower with my two muscle friends, fuck buddies, and demigods. •

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