Gym of Dreams: Mike


By xythan_shadow

As I sit at work today, I’m wondering about Mike. He’s a good kid, just needs a little more confidence. I pick up the phone and call Armstrong. I have an idea how we can help our new buddy out. Armstrong answers his phone and I give him the details of my plan. He agrees and says he’ll be a little late to grab the stuff. I spend the rest of my day warm on the inside because I know this is going to be good.

I arrive to the gym at the normal time and I sit on my car. It’s nice to just sit sometimes and relax, baking myself slightly in the sun. I watch as Mike’s father drives up. I flag him down before he drops Mike off and tell him to come here. I ask Mike to stay in the car while I talk to his father. We step away from the car so I can tell him of my newest plot. He laughs a bit and agrees to my plan. He goes back to the car and tells Mike it’s ok to go. He comes out and sits with me on my car. I pick him up and sit him down next to me and tell him to relax

Armstrong had not arrived when Mike begins to inquire about the current situation.

“So, what are we doing out here?” he begins.

“Just waiting for the big guy. He needed to pick up some items.” I say as I stretch out a bit.

“Cool. I’m really anxious about it all.”

“That’s good man. You’re gonna do great”

“I had a dream last night. All of what you guys did yesterday really made me think.”

“Want to tell me about your dream?”

Mike looks up at the clear sky and begins. “I dreamt that I was in my high school. But I was tiny compared to everyone. I was shorter than everyone and even the lockers. I was trying to go about my day and do stuff, but the books were so heavy and people kept knocking me down. I was about to get stepped on when everything started shaking. People scattered everywhere and I rolled to avoid being trampled.”

“Then the roof of the school started to peel off like a sardine can. I saw you and Armstrong towering over the school. You were like two naked gods. I remember seeing your arms bulge and your chest heave as you ripped the roof off the school. You two looked down at me and Armstrong put his hand on the ground next to me. I jumped into his palm and he lifted me out of the school. He brought me close to his chest and I began to feel the power of it all. I heard his heart beat like a bass drum and I could feel the muscles. Then you held out your hand. I jumped in it and you did the same. Your heart beat was just like Armstrong’s and your muscles felt the same way. Then you pointed at me. I looked at you in question and you pointed at me again, then your chest, then your ear. I understood what you were saying, so I listened to my own heart, and it beat the same way.”

“Then Armstrong flexed his huge and powerful arm. You took me over to it and I felt every bulge and dent in his massive bicep. It felt wonderful, powerful and titanic. Armstrong then pointed at him, then his giant arm then me. I felt my arm and, although it wasn’t as big, it felt the same. I nodded at both of you, and then you set me on the ground. Suddenly, I felt my body growing. My muscles were expanding and my height was growing and I grew up as big as you two. I flexed my new muscles and I looked around and laughed. Then…..”

I noticed he began to trail off, but I knew the dream didn’t end there. I felt as if he was holding back something. “Go on, you can tell me.” I whisper. He looks at me and sighs a bit. “I’m not sure how you’ll take it though” he mutters. “You’ll have to believe that anything you say I won’t be shocked or think of you any less.” I reaffirm him.

He lets out a deep breath and continues, “Then I noticed your two huge cocks. They were hard as stone just like the rest of your bodies and thick. I felt as if I needed to touch them and you guys nodded. I grabbed both of your meats and I felt them. They felt good just like the rest of your muscles. They felt vascular and strong and thick. I wanted to rub them more and more, then I noticed that I was getting hard. I never saw myself get so hard and huge before. It was as huge as you guys’ and just as thick and vascular. Armstrong reached his massive hand down and grabbed it, and you followed suit. Your hands were rough but gentle and it felt so good.”

“We continue stroking each other as I licked your muscles and you felt on mine. As I approached climax, I felt my hands getting wet. I looked down to see you two were the same. Armstrong turns me around and faces me toward the school. We explode together and we hit the school with our jets of hot liquid. My aim is off and I tear down some of the wall with your streams, but you two aim me right into the hole you made in the roof and scooped me out of. I aim you two in the same direction. We were filling the school with our juices; it flowed through each floor all the way down into the basement. Our streams finally slow down and I see a tiny person swimming in it all. It was that junior that was laughing at me trying to swim in our man juices. I roared with laughter and bellowed at him, “Who’s the small man now!”

He looks away from me and adds, “I had to change my sheets this morning.” He seemed slightly sad that he had the dream. I put my hand on his shoulder. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you knew the things that Armstrong and I’ve done since we’ve met, well, let’s just say that what we’ve done in this last year would make your dream seem tame.” Mike looks back at me and asks, “But what does it all mean?” I say to him, “It means you love muscle. Our cocks are just another type of muscle. Remember how you said it was hard and veiny? You just like to see ripped muscle everywhere.” He smiles at me and I know I’ve made him feel better. I think to myself he might be bi or gay, but I don’t want to confuse the issue right now. He’ll need to figure that out for himself when he’s ready. •

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