Accident, The


By hero1000

About six the next morning, Mike awoke. He was confused. He was lying naked, next to Justin on a bed. Then he freaked out.

"Justin! What the Hell?"

Justing moaned and rolled over.

Mike went looking for clothes anything to cover his nakedness.

"Justin, wake up you asshole! What did you do to me?"

Justin shook his head, groggy. Then started, "Oh, my God!"

Mike found some shorts, then jumped him. Slamming him against the wall.

"You little....I come over here to help you out! I trust you, and you turn me into some kind of FAGGOT!"

"Mike...stop....I'm just as freaked out as..."

"The Hell you are. You did this on purpose. I was supposed to meet Lisa last night. Instead I ...I.... I can't even say it. If you breathe a word of what happened last night, I swear I will kill you!"

"Mike, put me down! You know I love Jennifer. I'm straight. This was as much a surprise for me as it was for you."

Mike started shaking. "I just gotta get dressed and get out of here. I can't think right now. Holy crap, Lisa's probably pissed as all..."

"Mike, I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better, Jen is supposed to be over here this afternoon, I gotta figure out what to do with the mess down stairs. Take some of my clothes. We can work it out later."

Mike grabbed some shorts and a shirt. He started for the door, then turned around, "Don't EVER do that to me again. Don't even call me! I 'll send you these clothes back after I get home."

Justin started to go after him, "Mike, wait. Don't do this...."

Mike just turned and stormed downstairs and out the door.

He got into his car, and slammed his hands on the steering wheel. There was his cell phone with a notice that he had 10 missed calls and 4 messages. All of them from Lisa.

"Just great. She doesn't know what happened so I can make something up." he thought as he started the car and checked the messages.

"Mike, it's Lisa. Hope you're on your way! Can't wait, baby doll."


" Mike, where are you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago. I hope you're okay. Call me!"


"Mike, this is ridiculous. We've already missed the movie. You haven't called. At this point don't bother! I'm going to bed, I don't want to here your lame excuses. (crying) Maybe I don't mean much to you, but at least you could show me some respect, you bastard!"


"What the...Answer your damn phone! Are you with Melanie???? Or are you playing with your boyfriend, Justin. I swear, I think you two are gay lovers the way you spend all your time together!!!! Fine, you can have him. I put your ring and your pin on the front porch, don't bother trying to come in.

Mike hurled the phone across the car. " Okay that was just a coincidence that she said that. But it did feel kinda....What the....I am straight...I am straight...I am straight...I'll call Just...I mean Lisa... and work it out with her. I'll tell her my phone wasn't working, I forgot to charge it. Yeah."

He was turning onto the last street by his apartment. He reached for the phone, and banged the car into the curb. In a momentary panic, he slammed the wheel back. "Sheesh! Gotta get.....UGHHHHH" As his adrenaline kicked in, a rush raced through his system. He nearly blacked out from the surge and gripped the wheel.

"NOOO! Not now....Ugggggh..... This can't be happening again."

Waves of pain and pleasure coarsed through his body. He fought to maintain control. The car slowed down as he fought with the change.

"Can't have....Anyone see....this."

His voice deepened with each word. His clothes started to feel tight. He shifted in the seat and tried to beeline for home.

A boy on a bicycle stared into the car. Mike yelled out the window, " What the Hell you looking at" and two buttons burst from his shirt. He grunted in ecstasy. The boy fled in a panic.

"Almost....home." Another button gave way and a small tear appeared on the right leg of his shorts.

"Ughhhhhh, feels so good." His penis thickened and rose to full erection, pushing hard against the shorts.

He finally slowly pulled into his driveway. Fumbled to get the door open and remove his keys. As he got out of the car, he dropped them on the ground, and when he bent to pick them up, the back of his shirt split down the middle.

"Ahhhhhh, hang...on....." He gasped and picked up the keys, got to the door and shoved them in the lock. The band of the shorts had reached the limit of its elastic. And a small popping sound ensued.

"Ughhh....Inside...Must.....hurry! Got to release......"

The door opened and he nearly fell inside. He pushed it shut, turned the lock and gave in. The sleeves blew apart as his biceps exploded with size the rest of his shirt fell away. His traps rose up to meet his thickening neck.

"Ahhhhh, feels soooo good!'

The shorts, burst apart, as his legs thickened into monsters of power. His erection grew immense and he groaned in pleasure rising to his full height. An immense growl escaped his lips. He was even larger than the last time, close to 7' tall and 500 pounds. He smiled and picked up the phone.

Justin was despondent. He really didn't know what had happened. Mike was his best friend. He didn't want to lose that.

"I can't believe this. Hopefully, he'll calm down, and everything will go back to normal."

He took a shower and started downstairs to clean the basement.

"Whew, what an odor. Still, he was the one that wanted to kiss me. How can he say that....NOT GONNA GO THERE."

He picked up the remains of the clothes, and got cleaning fluid to wipe up the equipment and survey the damage.

The phone rang.

"Probably Jen, mad at me. I'll finish cleaning then call her back."

It stopped ringing, then started again.

"All right, all right. Hello? ...Mike? I thought....Wait , you sound......Did it happen again?...Are you home right now?...Yeah, I'll be over. Have you talked with Lisa, yet? I'm really sorry.... no okay, I 'll be there. Just a minute." Justin looked oddly at the phone and hung up. He was a bit nervous about what he had just heard.

Mike hung the phone up and smiled, seductively. He started stroking his cock, his thick arm pumping, the veins standing out huge. He flexed in the mirror once.

"Yeah, lover, I know you're coming over. I got a treat for you. Heh."

Justin pulled in the driveway. He noticed Mike's car door hanging open and pieces of shirt on the driveway. He checked the small bottle he had brought with him, to make sure it was safe.

He went to the door and knocked. It looked dark inside.

"Come in." Mike called.

Justin used his key to go in. They had keys to each other's place for use in better times.

Justin walked in. He couldn't see anything.

"Mike? Mike? Where are you? You still mad?"

A light clicked on and he heard Mike's voice, "Why should I be mad at my lover?" And he walked into the room. Filling the doorway with thick huge muscle. A monster.

Justin shivered. Turned off and yet also turned on by the sight of his best friend.

Mike shuddered a strange look crossing his face. Then he gestured to Justin, "Come, here, babe. I'm not gonna hurt you." He smiled.

Justin cautiously approached the behemoth. Mike reached out a massive hand and wrapped him, giving him a kiss. Justin at first fought it, then realizing it was useless, gave in.

He could feel Mike's meat pushed up against him, and it was starting to have an effect.

He clasped the bottle, now in his pocket, hoping he could use it before it was too late. Mike's tongue moved inside his mouth. Yep, he was definitely getting turned on. Damn it, he didn't want to do this.

He pulled away.

Mike growled, then asked "What's wrong? I thought you liked that."

"You blasted me this morning, now you're making out with me. We're gonna get you back to normal." Justin pulled out the bottle.

"What's that? I like being this way. I don't want to be 'normal'" He flexed his thick arms and bounced his gigantic pecs a couple of times.

Justin looked at him and said. "This is some of your original fluid DNA, it shoud help return you to normal, and you can fix things with Lisa."

"Who needs Lisa? I have you. You're getting turned on too. I can see your dick in your pants."

Justin turned away, embarassed. "I need you to drink this, Mike. It will make everything all better."

Mike moved over to him and hugged him from behind. "Everything is already better. My lover is here, you just need to give in."


"Yes! You want it."

"No! Mike don't do this. Drink the bottle."

Mike hugged him tighter. "You know you like me this way. Come on. Yeah, there you go."

Justin groaned, "Ughhhhh"

His shirt tightened as his hormones triggered the transformation. Mike smiled and hugged him tighter, relishing every minute of the change. He could feel Justin's pecs thicken and swell under his shirt.

"NOOOO!" Justin nearly screamed, gasping. His penis hardened anyway and thickened in the jeans. His legs swelled out and rose up. The calves burst free of their confines.

Mike groaned and rubbed himself against Justin's backside while he changed and grew. He felt Justin's butt bulge outwards against the jeans and his own thick cock. "Yes, baby, you're all mine now."

Justin felt the back of his shirt split and then his bare skin was against the thick pecs and abs of Mike. He closed his eyes and groaned in pure pleasure, in spite of himself. And he continued to grow.

His thick traps burst through the collar of the shirt and the buttons finally flew off. Mike's groping hands pushed the shirt out of the way. When the sleeves blew apart, it just fell to the ground.

Justin's butt finally broke the denim confines, and enveloped Mike's thick cock, waiting eagerly for it. His legs burst the seams of the jeans and they, too, fell to the floor.

Mike pushed his thick manhood deep inside Justin's huge muscle butt, and kissed him gently on the neck. Justin gasped and then gave in completely. Allowing the transformation to be complete.

They fell to the floor, Mike pumping him fuller and harder. He reached around and stroked Justin's huge cock. They writhed and kissed as one. Huge muscle to muscle. Then Mike gasped and exploded inside Justin. Justin groaned as he felt the thick load fill up his anus. Then he exploded all over Mike's hand and thick forearm.

Then they fell asleep together. The bottle rolled under the sofa, forgotten.

Slowly they changed back to their normal size, with Mike's dick still inside Justin. Wrapped up together in complete love. They slept on through the night. Even Mike's phone ringing insistently didn't wake them. •

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