Accident, The


By hero1000

Justin was working in the basement. He had spent three years trying to get the device correct. His best friend Mike was coming over in a few minutes to see the final results. If all went well this would be the greatest invention Justin had come up with. A device that could probe and alter DNA to affect certain diseases, like Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Schelorsis and other genetic problems. Justin was a hard working College Senior. Brilliantly gifted and athletic. He had known Mike since they were kids. Mike and he used to play on their high school baseball team together. Had double dated a couple of times. Mike was athletic, good-natured and just fun to be around. The two were like brothers, inseparable.

Justin was on the backside of the machine, checking the wiring and plugs. he was planning to test it on Mike just to see if the DNA probe would work. If a healthy person tested, the machine would display the results. Justing wanted to make sure that part of it worked correctly, before moving on to the phase of DNA reconstruction.

There was a knock at the basement door and Justin heard Mikes voice.

"What's up big man? You ready for me?"

"Always, brother. You ready for me to try this on you?"

Mike came down the stairs two at a time, and drew Justin into a big bear hug.

"Look at this thing, Justin. How long you been at this? Three years?"

"Yeah, I'm almost ready to see at least a healthy DNA sample. That should be something to start with"

"You want me just to lay here?"

"Mike, I need you to take your shirt off and put the probes on your chest and neck and arms. Lay as still as possible on the table. I have to make one final adjustment to the machine."

Mike did as he was told. Justin went back to his work behind the device. When he moved to remove a separator card and tighten a coupling, a small wire protruding from a corner stabbed him in the arm.

"Ouch, damn it!" Justin yelled and as he jerked his arm, the wire he was holding crossed two bare wires in the back. There was a loud bang. The lights went out. Mike yelled. Justin screamed in pain. There was a huge arc. Then all went still. The lights came back on. Justin jumped up from behind the machine, his arm blackened a bit from a burn and ran to where Mike lay.

"Mike! Mike! Wake up! Are you all right?"

He shook his friend. Mike coughed and opened his eyes.

"What the Hell, dude?"

Mike was covered in black soot. he brushed it off.

"Dude! Your machine! It looks ruined!"

"I was more worried about you. I can fix this with enough time. I can't believe this. Are you sure you're all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Look at your arm, though. You got burned pretty good."

"I'll be okay."

"I should get my shirt on and head back home. You want me to help clean this up first?"

Justin shook his head, despondantly. "No, don't waste your time. I'll get this. We'll have to try again when I get it fixed."

Mike sighed and picked up his shirt. He pulled it on, carefully. He was starting to feel sore from the incident. As he reached the steps, he jerked upright and gasped.

Justin turned to look at him, "Hey, bro, you all right?"

Mike turned towards his friend, gasping, his eyes wide. "I...I...Holy SHIT!"

Without warning Mike's voice dropped two octaves. A surge of power rushed through his body like nothing he had ever experienced before.

Justin just stared in shock.

Then Mike began to grow. He grunted as if in a mixture of pain and pleasure. His shirt tightened as his chest swelled out. His shoulders and arms grew thicker. His back flared out. He grew taller and his jeans rode up his calves which had thickened tremendously. His thighs had filled out the upper jeans until they looked painful. There was a loud SNAP. The back of his shirt gave way, followed by a tearing sound as his shoulders pushed free of the seams.

"Ugghhhh", Mike groaned. His jeans split to make room for the immense quadriceps and hamstrings that needed freedom.

He started panting and raised an enourmous arm up to his face. The massive bicep tore through the sleeve like tissue paper. At the same time, his fly popped apart as his thickening torso pushed through. Thick but ripped with muscle. His chest broke free of the confines of his shirt. His other arm exploded out of the remaining sleeve. he threw down what was left of the rags. When his jeans completely fell apart. His boxers torn up the sides and the elastic stretched beyond belief. Mike's thick hard- on was exposed for Justin to see. Mike tried to hide it but was too late. Justin stared open-mouthed at his friend. Now about 6'5 and over 400 pounds of thick muscle. Not an ounce of fat, and blaring in his face was a thick organ about 10" long and 12" around ready to explode. Mike gave a final groan and shot a load that went clear across the room. It covered Justin from head to foot, and wouldn't quit. Globs of jizz landed on the machine in the wiring. Justin didn't have time to react before he swallowed some of it.

Mike gave one last heave then sat. In a husky voice he said "Dude, I'm sorry about the mess, but that felt AWESOME! " He paused, then thought, "Where the hell am I gonna get clothes now, to get home?"

He hadn't noticed Justin on the floor coughing. Mike suddenly looked up and realized Justin was about to experience first hand what he had just gone through. Justin went rigid, then stared.

"Oh...shit....shit....this ....feels......great!" Each word lower and more gutteral.

Then his body exploded too. His chest grew rapidly, the buttons popping off his shirt. His arms swelled like canons, while his delts burst free. Mike watching this grew hard again.

A loud ripping sound marked the end of Justin's shorts. his thighs made quick work of them as they turned into monstrous tree trunks. His manhood grew to rival Mike's. Then just as his friend had done earlier, Justin exploded all over the room. Mike joined in the ecstasy. The tow of them sharing this intimate, powerful moment.

When they were both spent, they sat next to each other. Mike leaned over, "Justin, I want to kiss you."

Justin at first looked embarassed, then shrugged "Okay'

They kissed, at first just superficial, then Mike sent his tongue exploring Justins mouth.

They pulled apart. And slowly, their bodies returned to normal. They sat there naked for a few minutes.

Justin finally got up, "You want to just stay here tonight? We could go shower and eat?"

Mike said, "yeah" then laughed "After what just happened, normal conversatino sounds so out of place. Do you think that was it, or could it happen again? Like when I'm in class or at work or something?"

Justin responded, "I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and find out. For now, let's just keep it as our secret."

Mike smiled, then kissed him again.

They walked up the stairs and into a very new life for each of them. •

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