Doctor's Delight, The

By FanTCMan

Tyler felt strange with this doctor, Dr. Jeff Archer, his uncle had brought him to. The guy looked so young and so not like a doctor. He knew he had been his uncle's college roommate and was still his workout partner, which would make him about twenty-six. Even in his white doctor's coat, he looked muscular, like his uncle, and handsome, just like the guys in the magazines he would sneak looks at when his uncle wasn't home. His uncle, Toby, who was now his legal guardian, had told him that this guy, his friend, the doctor, needed to run this experiment on someone young, like him, so here he was. He squirmed in his seat as he listened to the doctor.

"You understand that you're here because you've been volunteered for an experiment?"


"Did your uncle explain that it has to do with speeding your growth rate and enhancing your male sex characteristics?"

"Sort of, but I'm not sure what that means."

"Well, Tyler, it means you'll grow up faster than other boys. Much faster. It means your body will grow into a man's body very quickly, and it will grow into a very special kind of man's body. It's going to be a big adventure and it's going to make you very different from the other boys. Do you think you can handle being different and special?"

"I guess so. Uncle Toby really wants me to do it. He said I'll be a stud with lots of muscles. Does it mean I'll still be a kid but I'll look like a grown up?"

"Exactly. How do you feel about that?"

"Kind of weird."

"That's natural, but your feeling will change. We're going to keep track of all that as we go along. Okay? When you come here every day for your injections, you'll tell us on video tape about what you're experiencing and how you feel. Does that sound okay to you?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Who's the other guy doing it? Uncle Toby said another guy my age was doing it, too."

"You'll meet each other in time. Right now you only need to think about yourself. Okay?"


"So. You're thirteen. Is that right?" Jeff jotted notes into Tyler's f ile.


"Now I know this is probably going to embarrass you, but I need you to undress so I can videotape you as you are now, just going into puberty. Do you know what puberty is? It's when you start to develop those secondary sex characteristics I was talking about. You've probably started getting hair under your arms. Right?"

"A little bit."

"And you've also started getting pubic hair by now, haven't you? See, those are adult sex characteristics. We're just going to be speeding up and enhancing those things. Go on. Take off your clothes and just stand over there by the table."

Jeff watched as Tyler took off his shirt, his shoes and socks, and then his jeans. He stood by the chair where he draped his clothes looking extremely self conscious in his white Calvin briefs.

"Come on, Tyler. I know you're feeling self-conscious, but it's okay. Let's see how grown up you already are."

Tyler took off his underwear. Jeff guessed that no one had ever mentioned his having pubic hair before, and the little dark shadow sprouting at the base of his penis probably still embarrassed him, even though he was undoubtedly proud of it. He felt the boy's shyness when he began to videotape him, telling him to turn around slowly for the camera. He also felt his own excitement at the thought of what he was about to make happen to this pretty, immature child. He felt a dark, illicit thrill.

When he finished shooting, he said, "Okay, Tyler. Just jump up here," he indicated the paper covered table, "and we'll give you your injections, and then you can go."

Tyler climbed up and sat on the edge of the table with his legs pressed together, hiding his privates. His hands in his lap covered the small patch of hair that Jeff had brought into embarrassing attention.

"Now, Tyler. You mustn't be so shy with me. You'll make this more awkward. I'm going to be seeing you nude each time you come, so you may as well start getting used to it." Jeff patted the boy on his leg. "And these injections have to be given directly into your testicles, so I'm afraid I have to embarrass you and cause you a tiny bit of pain at the same time. Do you think you can handle that?"

Tyler looked up. His face firmed with resolve that he wouldn't let the handsome young doctor see that he was uncomfortable or afraid. "Yeah, I guess so," he said.

"Why don't you just lean back a little bit, then, and spread your legs apart for me?" Jeff Archer said, as he filled a large hypodermic syringe. Tyler did as he was told, and he watched as the doctor gently moved his small penis aside and took his little balls into his hand. When the needle went into the first one, it pinched and then ached as the doctor emptied half the contents of the syringe into it.

"Ow, ow," Tyler said. "It feels like you're putting in so much!"

"I know. I'm sorry," Jeff said. "Now the other one. Just hang on there."

"Ow!" Tyler said again.

"There, now," he said when he finished, "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

His balls ached almost like he had been kicked. He felt the ache in his groin, but he answered, "No. It wasn't too bad."

"Well, that's all for now. You can go on and get dressed and just come back tomorrow at the same time."

"Now what's going to happen?"

"That's what you're going to see and tell us about tomorrow, okay? Just relax, don't worry, and enjoy it. Can you do that for me, Tyler?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Good boy. See you tomorrow, then."

Luckily, his lab coat was long enough to hide the bulge in his jeans that his erection made. The idea of putting a couple of young boys through this process excited him more than he expected. This kid, Tyler, was as cute as Toby said he was. It was going to be so hot to watch his metamorphosis, along with the other boy, Adam, who would be here in half an hour.

Adam was the son of another guy from the gym, Dean, who was a workout and fuck buddy of his and Toby's. Dean was older than he and Toby, about thirty-five, and he was hot. His son was very good looking and, Jeff thought, would morph beautifully. The changes that the three of them, Toby, Dean and he, had already experienced had been amazing, despite trying to keep it subtle by taking only very cautious dosages at wide intervals. The thought of these two boys getting huge, daily doses was a serious turn-on.

Jeff unbuttoned his lab coat. Underneath, he wore no shirt, and he rubbed his hand slowly across his muscular chest, enjoying the feeling of the new, hard, rounded contours of his pecs. He felt the sexual sensation of the new, soft hair that had grown in on his chest and down his abs. The cuts of his abs were getting so hot! He hit the waistband of his jeans and unbuttoned them, pushing them down onto his thighs. His cock flopped free and bounced to rigid attention. He wrapped his hand around it, squeezed it, looked at it. It must be nine inches hard, now, and getting so thick. He thought about measuring it, but Adam would be here soon, and he was driven by another idea.

Instead of the tape measure, he reached for a syringe and filled it from the same vial he had just used for Tyler, and with the same size dose. He had never given himself this much before, but if he was going to do it to the boys . . . He hefted his balls in his other hand. They had grown so much bigger, he was amazed every time he saw them or felt them. They were nearly the size of eggs, now. Along with his cock, they made a package in his underwear that was starting to feel heavier when he walked, and that was starting to make a bulge no matter how he adjusted himself or what he wore. But he liked that. It felt very sexy to him. He wondered, as he sank the needle into his right testicle, just what the limit was, how much growth could be achieved.

He felt the fluid flow into his balls one at a time. The ache was severe, but knowing what it would do made the aching an erotic thrill. He held his balls for a minute when he had completed the injections, enjoying how full they felt, loaded with the raw genetic/hormonal essence of masculinity that would soon surge through his body and brain. His cock was throbbing with his excitement. Taking hold of it again, he started to stroke it slowly and hard. He stepped to the sink where he could watch himself jack off in the mirror and catch his cum in the basin, so he could quickly clean it all up before Adam arrived. His reflection looked so hot to him, it was like watching a porn solo of some perfectly hairy muscle stud getting off on himself. When he came, he still couldn't believe how much more jism his body made and how much shot. His hips jerked violently with spasms of deep, intense pleasure, again and again, as he emptied his load.

He was wiping out the sink with paper towels when his entry bell rang. He pulled up his briefs and his jeans, buttoning the fly over his full crotch. He loved the sensation of his balls feeling so full of the magic fluid. He buttoned his lab coat, hating to cover the short, soft, dark hair on his stomach and chest, but loving how the muscles filled the material, clearly showing the shape of his pecs.

He opened the waiting room door. "Adam? Come on in," he said with a welcoming smile.


"Let's shoot up first, then we'll go work out," Jeff said as he pulled down his shorts. He wondered if the guys would notice the size of his balls or the extra muscle he had gained since he had given himself the same heavy dose that the boys were getting. He needed to know what kind of sensations the boys would be having, even though they were getting it every day and he had only taken the one dose, three days ago when they first came to him.

As Dean pulled down his own shorts, he said, "So what do you think of our boys after only three days?"

"Well, they're showing signs faster than I thought they would," Jeff answered. He knew if he took off his T-shirt, they would see he had suddenly grown more hair on his chest and stomach, so he left it on.

"God! You can say that again," Toby said, taking off his shorts. "Tyler came into the bathroom this morning while I was shaving and asked me when the swelling in his balls was going to go down. He was naked, getting into the shower, and he stopped to show me. I had to hide my surprise. His balls looked almost twice as big."

They all laughed, and Jeff asked him what he told him.

"I told him that they weren't swollen. That the "medicine" you were giving him had made them grow like that. He was so funny. 'Really?' he said. 'Wow!' I asked him if they hurt, and he said no, but they felt funny, like they were always real sensitive and ticklish inside his pants at school, and he thought about them all the time."

Jeff was filling three syringes as they all stood there wearing only T-shirts, chatting. Toby went on.

"I asked him how he felt about that, and if he had noticed, or felt, anything else. He told me it made him feel kind of weird. Then he lifted up his arm and showed me his underarm hair, asked me if it looked like he had more. I was blown away, but I tried to act real casual. I told him it definitely looked like he had more. Then I said to him, 'It looks like you got more down there, too. What do you think?' and he grinned and said, yeah, he thought so. I said he looked pretty happy about it. Did he like the feeling of growing up all of a sudden? He said, yeah, he thought it was cool. He asked me if it could also be making his dick bigger this fast, too, and I said, yeah, probably, and he said 'Wow!' again. I think he's real turned on by it."

"I know. So's Adam," said Dean

"Do they know about each other yet?" Jeff asked.

Dean answered, "I don't think so, but they're in the same gym class so they're bound to figure it out soon." He was watching Jeff as he filled the syringes, and looking down at his groin. "Hey," he said, "How much you putting in there?"

"Listen," Jeff said, "I've got to tell you guys something. When I was giving the boys their first doses, I had to know what it would feel like to take as big a dose as we're giving them every day. How strong it is. So I took an extra dose that day. I'm sorry. I know I said we'd always do it together, once a week, but I had to know."

"You dumb fuck. I can't believe it," Toby said. "I thought your balls looked bigger."

"Yeah, his dick, too," Dean said.

"So you can imagine how it felt."

"You gonna show us how it feels?" Toby asked.

"That was my plan," Jeff answered. "Who wants to be first?"

Toby grabbed his balls and held them up. "Sock it to me, Dr. Archer."

Jeff held Toby's testicles. "Okay, here you go, friend. Something to grow on." He injected the fluid in each of Toby's balls.

Toby stood there, feeling the fluid fill each of his testicles until they ached. "Holy shit," he said when Jeff was almost finished, "Talk about aching balls! You're giving that much to the kids?"

"Didn't we say this experiment was about maxing them out as fast as possible? Dean, you ready?"

Dean stepped forward, saying, "Stick me with your magic, doctor."

As Jeff gave Dean his injections, he continued. "Anyway, I figured when the boys start showing results they can't hide, we're going to have to go public about what we're doing. So why hide or try to be so subtle about what we're doing to ourselves? You guys ready? Let's go workout and show those guys at the gym some real men in action."


Adam stood by Jeff's exam table, dropped his shorts and peeled off his T-shirt. Jeff couldn't believe how he had changed in only three weeks. He looked a year older. His body had begun taking on a more mature shape and his muscles were starting to thicken and show cuts. His underarms had grown dark bushes, which Jeff noticed when he pulled off his shirt. His pubic hair had grown thick and was spreading into the pubes of a young man. And his genitals looked like a well-endowed teen.

"Only three weeks and look at you. How do you feel?"

"I feel really good, but it's kind of weird."


"Some of the guys in gym class keep staring at me. One guys even said I looked like my crotch was getting awful big and hairy awful fast."

"What did you say?"

"I said I guess I just have a lot of hormones or something. I can't help it."

"Good answer. How did it make you feel?"

"Well, it kind of embarrassed me, but it made me feel real good, too. Except . . ."

"Except what?"

"Well It made me get this funny feeling that I keep getting all the time, and my dick started getting hard."

"You got a hard-on in the locker room?"

"Not all the way. But it was weird. I felt kind of embarrassed, but I also felt really cool, like I didn't care if they all looked, like it was cool being bigger than them. Except one guy."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, there's this guy, Tyler, in my class, and I think he's the other guy, 'cause he looks like he's getting more grown up and bigger, just like me."

"Maybe it's time you two became friends, then. You're right. He is the other one. Hop up here."

Adam sat on the edge of the table. He didn't have to be told to spread his legs. Jeff shot each of Adam's balls full.

"Oh, man!" Adam s aid.


"It aches, but it's kind of starting to feel good. It gives me that funny feeling in my dick." His dick immediately began to get hard.

"You getting hard-ons all the time, now?"

"Oh, God. All the time. And I always feel like I want to rub it."

"Have you tried it?"

"Yeah, but it felt so weird I stopped. It was like I was going to pee in my pants or something."

"But it felt good, didn't it? Does it feel like that now?"

"It always does, a lot, after you give me my shots."

"That means you're becoming a man. Your body is producing semen, and you need to ejaculate. Do you know what that is?"

"That's what happens when you have sex, isn't it?"

"That's right. Why don't you try rubbing it, the way it feels good, but don't stop. See what happens. I think you're going to enjoy it."


Tyler was in the showers when Adam came in. Another week had passed, and they were both showing more musculature, as though they had been working out with weights. Adam had started getting some dark peach fuzz on his upper lip and a few fine, dark hairs had appeared on his belly below his belly button. He couldn't believe all this was happening to him so fast. His pubic hair was growing thicker and spreading into a small but definite, dark bush, and it just kept spreading out, with new hairs sprouting all the time, creeping up his stomach and out onto his thighs. Even the hair under his arms was getting so thick and dark he felt like he was actually getting hairy armpits, just like the grown-up guys. It made him feel very strange, but at the same time, it made him feel excited. He was starting to like the way the other guys looked at him in the locker room. He was beginning to like the way he felt when he took off his jeans and shirt, and the guys could all see how the package in his underwear was growing. He loved being naked, because when he walked, he could feel how much bigger he was getting by the way he flopped against his thighs, always just a tiny bit heavier and lower. He couldn't help but see, when he walked into the showers, feeling so aware of all the things that had happened to him already, and how much he liked it, that the same things had happened to Tyler.

"You're getting pretty grown up for an eight grader," he said, looking openly at Tyler's groin.

"I've been thinking the same thing about you," Tyler said. It was strange to him, but he didn't feel shy or embarrassed at all any more. Like Adam, he liked it when people looked at him, now, and he liked the way he was looking. He also thought this Adam was very good looking, and getting more and more so all the time. He'd had it figured out for a while. "You're the other guy that's going to Dr. Archer, aren't you?"

"Yeah. He told me it was you when I guessed. He said we should be friends."

"Yeah. Isn't this weird, and so cool?"

"Yeah. I think I'm going to have to start shaving any day, now."

"I know. Me, too. Hey, you want to come over to my house? My uncle will be out working out for a few h ours."


They toweled off and dressed and, since gym was their last class, they left together and walked to Tyler's house.

As soon as they got there, Tyler said to Adam, "You want to get undressed? I really want to look at what you look like. It's amazing to see all the stuff that's happening to you, the way you look, and to think I look the same way."

"Yeah, I know. Me, too. I mean I want to look at you, too. You look really good."

They undressed and stood face to face, looking at each others' bodies, letting each other look. They both got hard immediately. They talked about the funny feelings they both got in their dicks all the time, how they always wanted to rub them, and soon they discovered that Dr. Archer had showed them both how to jack off. So they did it together, and they were so turned on by having a sexual experience in front of each other, that they decided to try doing it to each other. At first tentatively, and then with mounting youthful passion and abandon, they began jacking each other off, and before long, they were exploring their young, gymnasts' muscles together, ecstatically enjoying how big their muscles and balls and dicks had grown, and were still growing. Tyler suggested they try sucking on them, and before Toby got home, they had experienced the full range of sex with each other.

By Thanksgiving, the changes that Adam and Tyler were showing were becoming profound. They had both reached six feet in height, and their shoulders had broadened to accommodate the muscles ballooning all over their bodies. Jeff was so turned on by the success and results of his drug, and the way he felt when he gave himself a dose, that he had not been able to resist shooting himself up a couple of extra times. He guessed the others would see that he was growing bigger faster than they were, but he didn't really care. It was his thing, after all.

He even went so far as to arrange a session where he would shoot them all up together, himself and the boys. Each dose of this powerful formula, with its surge of supercharged hormonal acceleration pushing each enhancement of genetic male sexuality into physical reality, boosted the already intense level of unrelenting erotic excitement and arousal. Ejaculation was becoming an almost constant need. The boys were becoming increasingly hot and increasingly aware of it. He could also tell, by the way they looked at him each time they came in, that they were feeling the same kind of continually increasing sex drive, and that they were finding him more and more an object of their desire. He knew, because they told him, that they had been having sex with each other, frequently. He also knew that just as his inhibitions and sexual boundaries were dissolving, theirs must be as well.

He scheduled their appointments for the same time, knowing that when the hormone surge flooded them, they would be ripe for picking, and he was right. They were beside themselves when, after injecting them, both of them standing together in front of him with immediate, insistent erections, he injected himself as they watched, his own large cock also growing hard for them to watch. The invitation was obvious. They couldn't hide, didn't want to hide, their excitement that their own cocks would soon be as big as his, and he assured them that the way theirs were already growing was exciting to him. He removed his lab coat and let them see him shirtless for the first time, invited them to study up close, to feel, the kind of changes they would soon be experiencing themselves. The boys were swept away with erotic abandon at the chance to sexually devour a body like his, massive and hairy, an unbearably exciting display of what they had to look forward to, and the afternoon quickly evolved into a passionate three-way.

After that day, each time they came for their "treatments," a sexual escapade became the normal post-injection procedure. Tyler and Adam, meanwhile, were growing more and more turned on by the changes they were going through, how they felt, looking so muscular and grown up. Not only had they grown noticeably thicker and more bulked up, they both had sprouted short, dark hair on their legs, their arms, their chests, and down their abs, and those hairs were filling in steadily and fast. Even from all the way across the locker room, they were starting to appear almost hairy, and they loved it.

They were becoming obsessed with how hot it made them feel when the other guys looked at them. They began increasingly to realize how much they wanted to show off their new and constantly improving attributes, especially undressing in gym class. So they went together to buy the briefest, skimpiest bikini underwear they could find, so brief it barely covered them up, with stretch fabric so thin that completely showed off their cocks and balls. When they tried them on, they laughed at how the underwear was cut so brief and low that they had pubes sticking out all around their plump, full baskets.

Toby and Dean had laughed at their boys when they saw this change in their style, and they teased them about how they were showing off. But they told them that it was absolutely okay with them if they were proud of they way they looked and the way they were growing. They should be enjoying this. But they should also try to find a way to be a little careful about how blatant they were.

But there was no way the boys could not be obvious now. Several faculty members, starting with the gym teacher, had pulled them aside to ask just what was happening to them. They were far too muscular and mature for their ages, and obviously something out of the ordinary was going on. Tyler and Adam just said, to each person that confronted them, that they should talk to Dr. Jeff Archer.

Archer had been waiting for this day, and in fact looking forward to it. If it all came out, then they could just do it, concentrate on the experiment, and go for it, without worrying. When the miracle drug became publicly known, when they could all openly exhibit themselves as examples of its power to transform, he knew they would become famous and rich.

So Jeff Archer told those who asked just what had been happening to the boys, to himself and to his friends. The news was at first received as scandalous, a blatant promotion of sexual abandon. The media were in town quickly, and the story spread. The initial reactions began to be viewed as puritanical as fascination with the results of the experiments built. Their school could not eject them just because they were showing such outrageous results of the "treatment" the were undergoing. All of them became objects of worldwide attention. And once everyone knew what was going on with them, Tyler and Adam felt a new freedom. They could show off even more blatantly and joke about how big they were getting, because now everyone was looking at them as the ongoing result of an ongoing experiment.


Just before the Christmas break, Jeff said to Dean and Toby, as he was giving them their weekly doses, "You know, I had to meet with the principal and the dean at the boys' school today. Those boys are getting out of hand."

"Well, look at what's happening to them. They already both look like young bodybuilders, and they both have cocks and balls that any grown man would kill for. Can you blame them if they carry on?"

"Well, stories are flying. They're becoming such outrageous showoffs, and they look so mature, that the principal thinks maybe we should make some other arrangements for their education. Supposedly they've seduced the gym coach and half the guys in their gym class. They go to the bodybuilding club at the high school and work out in their posing briefs instead of shorts, obviously to show off. Probably seducing those guys, too. They have absolutely no shame, he said, and they are causing too much of an uproar here."

"But Adam's having so much fun," Dean said.

"Well, I think we're turning them into guys too hot to stay in school. Maybe we should really just get going over to Hawaii and set up the institute we've been talking about. We'll get the boys tutors, and they can spend more time enjoying their changes. We all can. We can start publicizing this stuff and making some money. I've been thinking about it. We'll call it 'The Adonis Club,--the world's most advanced weight loss and muscle building system.'"

"Maybe you'll start giving us the same doses you've been taking, now," said

Dean. I'm starting to get jealous of all that extra size you've been putting on lately."

"You noticed?" Jeff asked with mock innocence.

"Noticed?" Toby said. "You're an inch longer and, what?, thirty pounds heavier in the past month. It's pretty noticeable."

"Well, gentlemen. I have some plans I think you'll appreciate. But let's get there, first."

Jeff left the two men in charge of the drug while he went to secure a house. Thanks to a couple of guys in the pro bodybuilding world, who had heard of the drug and hoped to get a jump on it for their bodybuilding supplement distribution business, Jeff had enough front money to look for a property that could be their home, their pleasure palace, and their Club Adonis.

In the few days it took before they got his call to come with the boys, Toby and Dean had decided they could not hold back from tasting the forbidden fruit that they were creating. The boys had become just too hot and delicious looking, and constantly behaved in such an uninhibited, seductive manner. Still wary of old taboos, they traded boys, and they shot up together, each with the other one's boy. The kids were now as big as serious young bodybuilders, with enough body hair to be extremely sexy but not to hide or cover their cuts and musculature, and hung like some famous porn stars, but with bigger balls, and they were even wilder than the men had expected. They were like a explosion of unleashed sexual energy.

Very quickly, Jeff found a big house with expansive walled grounds and a pool on Lani Kai Beach, and they all moved in. They would all be together all the time now, and they would just concentrate on enjoying and exhibiting the results of taking the experiment to its conclusion. When asked what he would look at as the conclusion of the experiment, Jeff announced that would be when the drug couldn't make them grow any bigger. They would have to find what that limit was. Something about all this, being in Hawaii, away from their old lives, in the eye of the media, made them feel less and less inhibited and restricted, more and more able to openly enjoy themselves as they continued to grow. Or maybe it was the size of the doses the Jeff was giving them all now.

To celebrate their new lives, Jeff had arranged a welcome party the first night they had all arrived. He told them, as he filled five syringes and laid them on a table in the living room of their new mansion, since they would be going into treatment full steam, that he had worked secretly to develop a more powerful version of the drug. It was nearly twice as strong. And they would celebrate this first night by getting naked together, all of them, even father and son, and trying it together. It was phenomenal.

The immediate effect was to completely dissolve any inhibitions they had left, which were few, anyway. Their balls were full of such explosive masculine sexuality that they were overwhelmed, totally, savagely driven by their erotic energy, unrestrained exhibitionism, completely absorbed by their magnificent muscles, their incredible cocks and balls, their intensely masculine body hair. They felt like gods worshiping themselves, worshiping each other.

After that night, all they wanted was to have more fun, to be more outrageous, and the most fun they could have was getting totally into their experiment. Especially since it was out, now, and the public knew of them and their new genetic and hormone drug. The media announced that close watch of would be kept on this experiment. When they had finally taken themselves as far as they could, found the limits the male body could be pushed to, then the awaited day would at last arrive. They would open their Adonis Club to those who could afford the treatment.

Every day they went to the beach, purposely wearing their briefest posing trunks, to parade for the ever increasing crowds that showed up to see their progress. Even they could not believe how massive they were becoming, and how huge the bulges of their still growing cocks and balls were in their trunks. The boys were rapidly catching up with the older men, and they were enjoying their bodies just like two thirteen year olds would, who found themselves growing into supermale demigods. The media were always there, outside the wall, on the beach, to catch an interview and the latest shots. Archer's tribe accommodated them, pausing to talk, to pose for them. Adam and Tyler attracted much attention with their youthful enthusiasm for the way they looked and the erotic sexuality of their bodies. They began satisfying their relentless drive by seeking out whoever they thought were hot looking guys and inviting them inside the compound for a "swim." Soon the others followed their lead, and small interludes started to be regular occurrences, and soon orgies with the hottest men on the islands became the coveted invitation.

Their pictures were in every publication in the world, the evidence of a miracle in hormonal and genetic medicine. Everywhere, everyone watched to see how they would look at the end of this experiment. They reached a plateau where it seemed, although they were already each more massive than any bodybuilder ever seen, that they had stopped growing. They waited through several doses, and, even though the drug still felt incredible, They remained the same size. So Jeff decided to try one final increase of the dosage, to push them all to their absolute physical limits.

It worked for a brief but incredible time, and they had one last, unbelievable spurt of growth. It was so intense that they couldn't leave the compound for the several days it took to reach the final plateau. They couldn't leave, because the sexual drive that was created made them prisoners of their desire and lust, possessed by the erotic insanity of their final explosion of mass and density. When they finally emerged for the cameras to record their magnificence, they were all like contenders for some futuristic, genetically engineered Mr. Olympia contest.

Their pictures made commonplace a kind of physical display that, previously, would have been considered obscene. Now, it seemed, everyone wanted to try it. And not just bodybuilders, although they were in the first rush of men to ask. All kinds of men, even young professionals, wanted to experience the feeling of taking this miracle drug, to know what it felt like to change, to be made to become so hung and so huge. Requests and applications poured in. More and more people showed up on their beach for their daily appearances, begging to be included, to be given the chance.

Jeff decided that, before starting the formal program, they would select two guys to go through the process, beginning to end, just to make sure, once more, that it worked as it should. He wanted just regular guys, and so he selected a guy who had written from Philly. He described himself as blond, 5'8", smooth, worked out but not big, and a professional in his early forties. Perfect kind of guy. And his roommate. His mouth watered thinking about their first injection. •

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