By FanTCMan

Riley crested the rocky hill. There, shimmering from the heat down on the floor of the remote desert valley lay the warren of blank-faced buildings he and his partner had been looking for. This had to be itóthe top secret facility that was supposedly the source of the transformational weapon the government had been developing. Riley had researched the stories of the long hidden complex, which, officially, had never existed. Still, the rumors had remained consistent, even if no evidence of the weapon had ever surfaced.

Riley called to Kendall, who was trying to suck a drop of water out of an empty canteen below him on the barren hillside. This place wasnít even hospitable to cactus. Maybe a scorpion or rattlesnake.

"Forget that, dude. Maybe thereís some water down there. Get your ass up here, man. Lookee what we found!"

They were pretty sure they were on the right track when they found a broken sign near a battered down and rusted steel barricade that looked to have been part of a fence at one time. The wind had covered up traces of that, but the twisted, fallen metal showed signs of having been hastily torn apart. Why anyone would worry all the way out here was a mystery. The sign said "no trespassing." Innocuous enough, except for being a three day hike from the nearest gas station, which was about a hundred miles from the nearest town.

Kendall stumbled to the crest to see Rileyís mirage. And there it was. If only, now, they could prove the stories true: a weapon that could transform youths into behemoths who could be trained like attack dogs or kept as pets, their minds cleaned of memory and conditioning, blank tablets of inhuman strength and sexuality, unconcerned with anything beyond their supposedly humongous cocks. Perfect to create powerful, compliant soldiers with the ultimate buddy bond or to effectively disable an enemy by rendering him unconcerned with anything past the needs of his radically transformed body and empty mind. Most doubted it could be true. Like most urban legends, the numbers of people whose friend had a friend whose brother in law knew a guy in the army who knew a guy . . .

"Fuck, dude. That's gotta be it. Looks deserted."

"Yeah, well, let's be careful going down." Riley took off his hat, wiped his sweat, put the hat back on, and led down the rocky slope.

The complex was, in fact, deserted. Hallway after hallway revealed only empty rooms, furnished offices, bedrooms, labs, all laden with dust. Filing cabinet drawers were left open, empty. It appeared as though the place had cleared out rather rapidly. In one room there were several refrigerators, hot, now, as ovens, but they contained several large containers of water.

"Here you go, man," Riley handed one to Kendall and took one himself. "It's probably hot and terrible, but it's wet. You head off that way, I'm going in here. See what you find. But come back quick. It'll be dark soon, and I don't want to waste any of our power pack searching for you."

So Kendall headed off down a hallway, and Riley started looking into nearby rooms. In what appeared to be a bedroom, he stopped at what might be a real discovery. Lying behind a bed next to the wall where it was probably missed was a silver laptop computer. Riley sat on the bed, took off his hat, chugged all but a swallow of the water jar, and picked up the computer. He coughed, the water tasted so foul from sitting in the heat. Of course, the battery on the laptop was dead, but he had a power cord in his backpack to hook his own up to their solar generator, so he got it powered up, finished the last of the foul tasting water, and looked under recent documents where he quickly found a document that he began to read as the sun began to dip behind the mountains, hinting at the coming dark.

The lone document appeared to be a journal. He read . . .

* * * * *

They brought me a computer this morning so I could keep a journal. I know they can read what Iím writing, but they said just put down whatever I was thinking or wanted to write about the experience. This is so weird. Iím not allowed to say my age. In fact, they never even asked. They just grabbed me out of that hell hole that childrenís services had me in. I guess itís better than waiting for some foster family to take me in again, and give me back again. Probably now Iím even too old for one to take me. Hell, once a guy starts to get a couple whiskers on his lip, they donít want him anymore. They only take the little ones and babies.

Pretty soon, Iím going to have to go get my daily dose of whatever it is theyíre giving me. I knew pretty quick that they took me to be a guinea pig since I didnít have any family to worry about me. Also, thereís a bunch of other guys about my age, but I never get to talk to them. I just see them in the hallways or whatever, being taken around by some guy like I always am. They never leave us alone, and most of the time, we just have to stay in our rooms.

Anyway, like I said, I knew pretty quick I was some kind of guinea pig in some fucked up experiment. These guys are so spooky, like government guys in some science fiction movie. They brought me in last weekóeight days ago, I thinkóand didnít even talk much to me. They fed me a meal of some kind of horrible tasting food bar and a big drink, like water that tastes even worse than the bar, and when I told them it was horrible, they told me Iíd better get used to it.

So that night they put me in this room and locked me in. No big deal. I was used to being locked up, and this room is pretty nice. I even had a TV to look at, a desk, a private bathroom, which is more than I had at that other place. So I got on the bed and started to watch TV. I was just flipping channels, last I remembered. Then I woke up feeling really, really weird. I donít even know how to describe it. Real dizzy and kind of confused, but not bad feeling at all. And I was so tired I could barely pull the covers down to get into bed. I remember that the TV show that was on was something with a bunch of young, jock muscle guys joking around with each other, flexing and stuff, but I was too tired to pay attention. I stripped down to my tighty whities and went to sleep.

When I woke up, I felt great, and I had to pee real bad, so I got up, and right away I knew something was weird. My briefs were really tight and it felt like my front was all stuffed full . . . full of me. I could just feel it when I got up. All big and heavy in the front of my briefs. I got to the bathroom and reached in to pull out my dick out the leg hole, like always, to pee, and I felt this giant thing in thereómy dick, I mean. I pulled it out, and it was huge. I mean like six inches long and fat as hell, even though it was all soft and wrinkly. The day before, it was really small, just barely starting to get bigger than a little boy dick. But I had to pee so bad, I just went ahead. Watching my pee come out of this really big dick was so weird, I was feeling kind of scared. And, with my dick pulled out of my briefs, there was still a big bulge down there that felt all big and heavy, and I knew it had to be my balls. And something else. There were a bunch of dark hairs that came out when I pulled out my dick, but I didnít have any hair there yet. At least I didnít yesterday. Just a little peach fuzz. Some was starting to get a little bit dark, and that was about it. Sort of like my upper lip. But now I was seeing these real, dark hairs. A bunch of them.

So as soon as I finished peeing, which felt really, really good, by the way, I pulled down my briefs and stepped in front of the mirror. This is when I knew I was in some kind of sci fi thing, some secret experiment or something. I was standing there looking at my reflection in the mirror, but it was like I was a year or two older than before. Thereís no window or clock in the room, so I had no idea if Iíd been out for hours or all night, or for days, but I was sure it couldnít have been years. Remember I said I had a couple whiskers? More like peach fuzz than hair, with a few getting dark if I looked real close. Well, now I was looking at myself and it looked like Iíd smeared dark dirt on my upper lip, my chin, and down the sides of my face. I leaned close and reached up to touch it, because I knew, but couldnít really believe, it was whiskers. Sure enough, when I touched my face, I could feel the hairs, kind of soft and kind of rough at the same time. And reaching up to touch my face, I caught a glimpse of dark under my arms. Naturally, I lifted up my arms to see, and, sure enough, swear to God, I had hairs under my arms. A bunch of them. I mean, I didnít even have to lean close to see them.

I probably donít have to tell you what I did next. I pulled out the waistband of my briefs and looked down where that big dick I found before was all curled up, and it looked so big, and all around it I had hair. Those hairs that I saw when I pulled it out to pee were all around it. Not real thick, like some grown-up guyís or something, but an awful lot, when I didnít have any the day before. I was sure youíd be able to see even from across a room that I had hair down there. Of course, I had to take off those tighty whities and check it out.

It was getting more and more like some weird dream. How could I have grown into a guy getting hair and all just like that, while I was sleeping? And how could I all of a sudden have this big dick and all? I mean, my dick, hanging there, looked so big, and just like I thought, when I took off my briefs, my balls were way bigger, too, and were hanging real far down behind my dick. I bet they were as big a walnuts or something.

I started getting this tingly feeling all over, and I didnít know why. I felt like I should be scared, and I was, in a way. But I wasnít hurt or anything, and Iíd always tried to imagine what it was going to feel like to get grown up, to get hair and big and all that. I guess every guy does. And it was kind of coolóreally cool, in a wayóthat it was happening like this, even if these weird spooky guys were doing it to me. And my dick and my balls were already as big as Iíd ever seen on any grown up guys, even if the hair and stuff I was getting still looked like some of those guys in middle school. I even thought I looked like I might be taller. In fact, really looking, my face looked older, too, and I looked kind of cool, kind of, well, handsome. I thought I would have to get something and learn how to shave, that Iíd have to shave these whiskers that were coming in. That was a really cool thought. And suddenly, my dick was getting stiff.

I knew what a boner was. Iíd been getting them for a while. But they were only, like, four inches long, and I had to pull back my foreskin so I could see the head. Iíd heard about jacking off, too, and I was going to try it, but I didnít really know what to expect, and I hadnít done it yet. But all that funny tingly feeling I had seemed to get all concentrated in my dick when it started to get stiff, and it felt so big and heavy that it made me get hard really fast. When it was really stiff, it had to be about seven or eight inches long, at least. I mean, it was so big that the head pushed right out of my foreskin and from the way it stuck up toward my belly, it felt so heavy, pulling down from how big and heavy it was. And it felt so tingly. It made me want to touch it, to feel that it was real. It was still scary, this happening so all of a sudden, but it was pretty cool, too. I almost felt like I shouldnít like it, but I did. I felt it just a little, slid my foreskin all the way back, and it felt like some kind of electric shock went all through me, a really good electric shock. It made me suck in my stomach.

My head was kind of whirling, that feeling, at the same time, when I sucked in my stomach, seeing there was what looked like stomach muscles, like when guys start getting a six-pack from working out. I had done a few sit-ups and stuff, but only to see if I could learn. Now, every minute is some new thing, a big dick, big balls, hair, whiskers, being taller, looking older, and now, some muscles. I couldnít even stop the feeling, like getting real excited about it, and more tingly, way more, and all of a sudden, my stomach pulled in real hard, and everything down there, and something felt like my dick was going to explode, and then this whitish, creamy kind of stuff just starts coming out of my dick in spurts, just flowing out and dripping on the floor. I guessed it had to be what comes out when a guy ejaculatesó before I got taken away, my foster parents had told me that would happen before long.

I didnít have a chance to do anything, and I was just kind of standing there, looking at myself and the little puddle of milky stuff on the floor, feeling some kind of really, really good that Iíd never felt before, when I heard the door lock click. I stumbled trying to get my briefs back on before whoever it was came into the bathroom, and I was just pulling them up when this guy was standing there, another one of those spooky government scientist type guys, only I noticed, since heís grinning, kind of laughing at me for my clumsy nervousness, that heís real good looking and real big and muscular.

"First dayís always funny," he said. "You guys get so nervous and freaked out. Donít worry, youíll get over it soon enough. Come on."

I was standing there with the wet floor between my feet, just my briefs on, all bulging out in front and my dick still kind of stiff, and I felt like I should feel a whole lot more embarrassed than I did.

"I didnít even shower yet," I said, "and I gotta get dressed."

"Nah, you donít," he said. "Just come on. Youíre fine."

It felt really strange, more and more like some sci fi movie, walking down this hallway by this guy, who didnít talk at all, in just my briefs, which were now fitting me like extra tighty whities, all stuffed full and bulging when I walked. I couldnít get my mind off what that felt like. And my legs did feel longer. I was farther from the ground. Now I knew what big guys felt like.

When he left me in a small office, I just stood there, waiting, thinking how someone, probably another one of them, would walk in, and there Iíd be, just bulging in my briefs, and I thought how embarrassing that would be, or should be, but somehow I thought there was something kind of cool about it, and my big dick started to get stiff again.

Well, it was another one of those guys that came in, and he was like the other guy, really muscle-bound and really handsome. I never really noticed any guys being so handsome and packed with muscles before, except in those magazines, and I thought they looked sick, too extreme. But this guy actually looked kind of cool, and he smiled.

"Itís natural to be nervous," he said. "Itís a big change youíre going through. But itís all for the greater good. Youíll lose that nervousness real soon. Here, drink this," he said, handing me a big glass full of some water looking stuff like before.

I smelled it. It was foul, and I knew it would taste horrible. I must have shuddered, because he just laughed and said, "I know, but youíll get over that too. Go ahead, down the hatch. My job is to get you through the hyperpube stage. Looks like that first dose got you started nicely. Drink up. Then take off those briefs." And he just stood there and watched me.

I tried to chug it down, but it tasted so nasty that after a few swallows, Iíd start to gag and have to stop. He just did a little head bob that said keep drinking, and I knew I had to. I probably could have fought him, or thrown it down, or something, but somehow I felt like I pretty much had to keep going, to follow through. Something about how I felt, with what was happening, this "hyperpube" thing. I mean, what kid doesnít think about what itís going to be like, changing into a man and all. Something about it made me want to see what would happen if I kept going, even though it also kind of scared the crap out of me. What were they doing, and why? But hell, if they wanted to make me grow up extra fast, why fight it? Just some kind of experiment. As I was trying to keep drinking, I wondered how long it would take before I would have real pubesóI mean all full and thick and all, since I already had as big a dick and balls as any grown up guys Iíd ever seen. Or if Iíd be getting more whiskers real fast. Those thoughts were pretty cool, somehow. Exciting. So I kept drinking and gagging till I had it all down.

"Good," the guy said. "Very good. Now, just lose those briefs so the cameras can see how youíre doing."

I remember not even thinking about not doing what he said. Somehow, I just knew to follow directions, to do what he, or any of them, wanted me to do. The drink made me feel so full, and I remembered, now, how it felt all warm in my stomach. That warm feeling would spread, and thatís when I felt like I couldnít stay awake. But I just felt the warmth, now, and I wasnít sleepy at all. In fact, I was kind of excited . . . this guy telling me to strip and heíd see how big my dick and balls were and that hair I was getting. I bet he had a lot. I could see some above the neck of his tee shirt. His whiskers were real, real thick and heavy. I wondered how long till I would get like that, as I just pulled off my briefs and left them on the floor.

"Well," he said, "I see they got you up and running. Great. This accelerant should really kick you into gear. How you feeling?

"Fine," I said.

"Yeah," he laughed, "I bet. How you like waking up to that meat? Full man size. Mustíve been a surprise, huh?

"Well, yes, sir, it was."

"And starting with those pubes, and getting some pit hair there. Lift your arm up, let me see. Yeah, decent start. Well, Iím pushing that start into true hyperpube mode, so you can expect to see more changes like that pretty fast, now. Oh, and when you get back to your room, shave those whiskers. Theyíre going to need it. Enjoy your ride."

And with that, he just left me standing there and walked out. That other guy who brought me in showed up. He scooped up my old briefs and just threw them into a trash can. "Letís go," he said, and led me back to my room.

If I felt strange before, walking down the hall, bulging so much in my briefs, imagine how I felt now, naked, walking with this huge muscle guy. I could feel how big my dick was, and my balls, just by how they felt hanging so heavy, bouncing back and forth. But I wasnít embarrassed. I was feeling like this was pretty cool. We passed a couple other guys in the hallway, also being led by other really big muscle guys. One of them was in briefs and looked like I did yesterday, like a kid. The other guy looked real young but he was way too big, I mean all over, to be a kid, and he had a lot of hair. Naturally I wondered if the one guy was going to get done to him what they did to me, and if the other guy was like me, or him, and if they were going to make me get like him, all big and stuff. Might not be bad.

So, anyway, Iím taking too long. I know theyíre going to come get me soon. Iíll cut out some detail. I got back to my room, and that stuff they made me drink was working and I could feel it this time. Instead of making me sleepy, it made me feel real up. They told me later they make the first dose make a guy sleepy until his head gets adjusted so he doesnít freak totally when he starts changing. After that first dose, it changes a guy enough that he doesnít freak any more, that part of the changes is how he gets into it. Well, I was already starting to feel that, I guess.

I still hadnít showered, and I remembered that guy told me to shave, so I went to the bathroom, and when I looked in the mirror, the dark smudges on my face looked more like whiskers than they did, and some was filling in the spaces between the sides and my chin and some on my neck. I found a razor in the medicine cabinet. All I knew about shaving was watching guys do it, but I figured it out and only cut myself a couple times. But meanwhile, there was something so intensely cool about having to shave, that I got another boner while I did it.

When I finished, I stepped back to look at my boner. It felt so hard. Even more than before. And it felt so big. It looked bigger already. And here was a surprise. My hair down there was filling in more, too. It already almost looked like a grown up guyís, all thick and dark, and some was growing out to my legs, some up my stomach. Little hairs were growing right up halfway up my stomach. My legs were all covered with hair, and so were my forearms. I saw some when I was shaving, but now I really saw lots. It made my dick so hard that it felt like it was stretching the skin, straining and stretching, like it could explode. My foreskin only covered about half the head, and it looked so big, the head of my dick. I started getting these crampy feelings down there. My balls ached. I reached down, they ached so bad, and they were tender, but so big. If they were walnut sized this morning, now they were more like limes or lemons, even, and it felt really good to hold them and look at how big my dick looked. It was like I could really see it was bigger, fatter, thicker, than it was just a minute ago when it got hard when I was shaving. And it felt so good, being so hard, stretching its skin, bouncing and smacking my stomach. What a dick!

I knew it was the stuff working, and was it working fast. Even standing there in front of the mirror, I could almost see my dick growing and feel my balls in my hand getting bigger and heavier. I knew that I was already getting bigger than any of the grown up guys Iíd ever seen naked, and I knew that they were making it happen, and it made me feel so cool. Wow, I thought, theyíre making me really big down there. Itís going to show, how big I am, no matter what I wear. And the thought just made me get harder, and when I got harder, I could feel my dick forcing itself to grow bigger, and that made me feel even more excited and cool, which made me harder and pretty soon that cramping did that thing where everything pulls tight and stuff starts to leak out until it just coils up and starts to shoot. God, it was like lightning hitting my dick and balls and shooting all through me, it felt so amazing and so good. I shot all over the mirror and the sink and everywhere.

When I was done, I wiped up and figured now I had to shower. Thereís no way I can explain what it felt like, soaping up that day. The hair around my dick was thicker already, and it was growing all across my lower belly, and those hairs that started up toward my belly button were getting thick, spreading out, getting to be a real dark rope of hair, and it was even up past my belly button now. And when I put soap on my chest, I realized I had tons of little tiny hairs growing all over my chest, too. I soaped my armpits, and the hair there was getting long, and so thick and dark. And when I washed my face, I thought, how could I have whiskers when Iíd just shaved, but it felt like I did, and they were stiff and kind of scratchy.

I donít have to tell you that my dick got hard again, realizing what that guy meant by "hyperpube." In less than two days, I had grown up as much as a kid grows in like five years or something, and my dick and balls were already way bigger than they should be. I didnít know what was happening, what they were doing, or why, but I didnít care, either. Whatever the experiment was, I was glad they took me.

The whole rest of that day, I kept going to the mirror and jacking off. I couldnít get over it. It felt so good, and I was getting to feel so sexy. I really thought I was getting what sexy meant, for a guy, what it meant to feel sexy. I shaved again, just because it turned me on that I was getting all these whiskers, and they were filling in like crazy. After a few minutes of trying to relax, lying on the bed watching those young muscle dudes goofing and flexing and arm wrestling and stuff, Iíd get all excited again, like I couldnít stop thinking about what was happening to me and how I felt, how it made me feel. The guys on the video were all real smooth, and I was getting hair on me, and I thought how much more sexy and grown up it made me feel to be getting hair, and Iíd go look at myself again, and Iíd be even more hairy and my whiskers would be darker, more filled in, and my dick and balls would be bigger still. They were getting really, really big. My balls were definitely like lemons. Big ones. And my dick was, I didnít know for sure, like a foot long when it was hard, and so thick, and it curved up a little and got so hard it would almost touch my stomach, and Iíd feel the hair I was getting all over and my whiskers and how big my dick was, and get that feeling, all tingly, and just have to rub it and bounce it and play with it until it would get that great crampy feeling and make my toes curl and make me almost yell when it would start to spurt again. Finally, I was so tired from doing that all day, I lay down to watch the tube and just fell asleep.

I didnít wake up till another one of those guys woke me up, standing next to my bed. Barely gave me time to pee, let alone really look at myself. But I could tell I was a whole lot bigger. He took me to one of those rooms, and some other guy came in to give me my drink. It was like all these different guys were taking turns with whatever theyíre doing to me. Now it was like three days, and I was probably six inches taller, and I had almost a beard from not shaving all night, and it totally covered the bottom part of my face and neck, not long, but real thick and dark and heavy. I couldnít even see my skin under it unless I got real close to the mirror, and then just barely. I had hair all over my chest and stomach with a dark line down the middle, and so much hair around my dick, and on my legs and arms. The guy told me I was responding very well.

I wasnít even paying much attention to him. The room was mirrors all around, and I couldnít stop looking at myself. It was like looking at a different guy, some kind of comic book guy. It was like sci-fi, and I was in it for sure. My dick was pretty soft when I went into the room, and, besides the beard and all the hair, the first thing I noticed was how big it had gotten, or was getting. I couldnít imagine they could make me much bigger. It hung more than halfway to my knees, and so fat and heavy. Then it started to get hard just when the big muscle guy came in the room to tell me how well I was responding. And it was cool, because I didnít care. He was talking about all the hair and my dick, and my balls, which were getting huge, and there was no doubt this was what they wanted. And hereís the weird thing. Even though I knew it wasnít natural or normal, being made to grow up so fast, in a few days, and grow up like this, it felt really, really cool to me. I just liked it, and liked how they looked at me and treated me like a guinea pig. So I just let my dick get hard till it was sticking way up, way over a foot long, Iím sure, and it was getting so heavy that it had to get even harder to go above straight out and point up like it always had. And the weight of it felt really hot to me.

"They call me muscle man," the guy said.

I told him I could see why. He was bigger than any of those professional bodybuilder guys.

"Not because of that," he said. "Because I analyze a guyís potential, his basic shape and all, and devise the formulations that will explode his potential to maximum effect. Judging by how well youíre responding already, Iíd say youíre going to be one of our best."

I tried to ask him what he meant. I thought I had a pretty good idea. By the time they got me back to my room, I was buzzing in a whole different way from before. Or maybe it was just stronger. I saw a couple guys in the hallways, being led around like me. They looked more or less like they were having the same thing done to them. Some were more hairy than others, some had bigger dicks and balls, some were muscular, but they all had this kind of guinea pig look, like they were being created, just like me. I realized I was being created. I was a kid who looked like a grown up guy, all hairy, bigger dick and balls than anyone, and even getting kind of built. My face was different, too, besides looking more grown up. I was getting real handsome. I could just stare at how handsome I was getting. And seeing other guys going through the same thing made me feel good. And when I saw the real muscular guy, I realized thatís what the guy meant. So I was buzzing like crazy.

I went and looked at myself in the bathroom, and my dick was so hard I could tell it was pushing on the skin again even more, that it was going to get even bigger. But what was really getting me was how handsome I was getting, and all the hair, and my whiskers. I really looked like a guy with a trimmed beard, and I always thought older guys with real good five oíclock shadows looked really good. I knew I had to be like that now, and just getting out the razor and shaving cream got me so excited I spurted into the sink and on the mirror without even touching myself. But I went ahead and shaved. It felt so cool, the razor scraping so much thick whisker hair off. And when I was done, I had the kind of dark, heavy, totally filled in shadow that I always thought was so cool. It was all scratchy and thick and dark, even right after shaving. This hyperpube thing was amazing. They were making me totally like a man, and so fast I could see it happening, and feel it. I could feel when new hair was growing, all itchy in a good way. I could feel my balls getting heavier and tell they were getting bigger by how they felt against my legs, even if I didnít look or hold them in my hands, And now, while I was shaving, I could see the muscles in my arms looking sort of pumped and hard. My arms were already getting thicker. When I stepped back to look at the shadow left after shaving, I could see the shape of my chest getting wide, square pecs, and the ripples in my abs getting bigger. I was so buzzed, I was almost dizzy, so I went to lie down, also so I could just lie there and feel this stuff happening to me, feel myself being changed. Now Iíd feel my muscles grow, too. I wasnít sure about being made real big like those guys running this place, but since I didnít seem to have a choice, I was more curious than upset about how it would feel.

The TV had different guys on it now. They were all gigantic muscle guys, and I remember thinking how much more hot they looked that the sort of fitness guys that were on before. And I thought they were muscle guys. Hell, I was already almost like them, except hairy, which made me even more masculine, in a way. I was feeling really masculine, lying there. Masculine as hell. And so buzzed. I could barely think. I could just watch the TV and feel how I feltóso jacked, so good.

It was almost like dreaming, lying there, those huge guys showing off their muscles, feeling myself so buzzed, my body all hot, cramping like crazy in a way that felt really good to me. I couldnít even make myself get up to go look in the mirror, even though I kept wanting to. I just lay there, wishing I was big like the guys on TV, wishing I could just flex and show off my huge muscles and make other guys get stiff and hard the way it made me, the way it made the guys on the TV. But I could feel myself getting bigger. I could feel my chest muscles pushing on my arm muscles, my back muscles pushing my arms out, my arms getting thick and heavy, my legs getting thicker and pushing apart. I donít know how many times I spurted on myself.

The next thing I knew, it seemed like Iíd been there like that for a long time, days, maybe, and I never got hungry or anything. I remember some huge guy coming in and making me get up and go to the bathroom and getting me back to the bed a few times, and Iíd look in the mirror and see this super handsome guy, all hairy with a beard and all and big muscles like a bodybuilder, and I knew it was me, but I was so buzzed. Finally, like it was morning, another guy came in and woke me up, like it had all been a dream. But I knew as soon as I got up that it wasnít.

He took me to one of those rooms and another guy came in. He was like the others, maybe not as big, and he told me they had a couple other things I had to do. He would be testing a new delivery system, whatever that meant. I found out soon enough. He told me to spread my legs and he pulled out this big shot thing. It scared me, but I couldnít not do what he said. Whatever he was going to do, I felt so hot with my gigantic muscles all bulging and hairy and my huge cock and balls hanging there for him, it would be just fine, no matter how much it hurt. I remembered screaming with pain when I was so buzzed and my muscles were cramping so hard and growing thicker and thicker, and even though it hurt so much, I liked how it felt. Somehow, I thought getting a shot would be like that. But I didnít think about getting it in the balls. I almost tried to get away, or, at least, I think I thought about it, but I really didnít want to even though I wanted to. I know that doesnít make sense, but neither did any of this.

"This is going to be a bit stronger than the drinks," he said. "Weíre taking you into your final phase, now. You might find some things getting a little fuzzy and other things much sharper. Donít worry. Just enjoy what youíre becoming."

And while he was talking, he lifted my huge balls one at a time and shot a huge amount of whatever it was into each of them. I thought I would throw up, but it made me instantly feel so good and made my dick so hard, I didnít care about the pain at all.

They took me back to my room, and now I donít feel like lying down at all. I could feel my muscles start to get bigger even before they took me out of that other room to bring me back. The guys on the TV are guys like me, now, just flexing and showing off their gigantic muscles and playing with their huge dicks and all, even shoving them into each other. I wish I could do that. I wish theyíd let me get with some of the guys Iíve seen them walking around here, getting bigger all the time, like me. They look so cool. I need to shove my huge dick into one of them. I love my huge dick, whether itís hanging or sticking out all hard. I love how the huge head just slides out of the foreskin when it gets hard. I love feeling my huge muscles, flexing, and then rubbing it with both hands until it spurts. God I love how that feels. But I really need to get with some of the guys and see how it feels to stick it in or suck on one and have one of those hot guys suck on mine. I know I said Iíd leave out some details, but I canít stop thinking about it. I canít even think about anything else. I can barely remember where I was when they got me. Just some awful place with those stupid kids. Iím not sure what they used to call me. Iím 036. I mean thatís what they call me now. Oh-three-six. I wonder whoís 035. Or 037. I wonder how many of us there are. Itís getting harder to keep typing. I keep forgetting where the keys are. Anyway, now that Iím kind of caught up, I think Iíll watch the TV for a while. I feel so hot, like Iím burning all over, and getting so heavy. Ha ha. Itís kinda hard to walk with my legs getting so big. Getting kinda hard to do stuff like my hair, or wipe myself, but I just get under the shower and donít worry about any of that. I just look at how the water runs off my muscles, how it makes all my hair look, how if feels on my huge dick, makes it get hard and spurt that hot cream. Thatís all I care about. Iíll try to write some more after my next treatment. Itís supposed to be the last one. Then I donít know what happens. God, my typing is getting soslow itsssohard to fin the kyes.

It was rely hard to wlak today. The doctor gabe me anther shot thistime behing my balls it felt good itsgoin to mak me so bigand hot iget to go wit other gys whare we cn play all the tim wit eachoter. hesay wehavgo ritaway soon made me drink the water agan it tastsbettr but stilbad, bud he sas its necesery to finish tke chnge icam touch my chest wth my dic nowi love bighary bdoy musssldiiiiiiiiiiiiii

* * * * *

Riley finished reading with a feeling of horror and excitement. He realized, and he found it very disturbing, that the laptop was sitting on top of the hardest boner he'd ever had. What a story! He gulped to think it could be true after all, and more unbelievable than he'd even imagined.

The light was fading rapidly, as it does in the desert, and, as he'd instructed, Kendall returned, pulling him from his fantastical reverie, yelling, "Riley. Dude. Where are you, man?"

"I'm in here, Kendall," he said, closing the laptop but leaving it on his lap. He looked at the empty container on the floor by the bunk. "Dude, did you drink that water?"

"Fuck, man. Yeah, I was dying of thirst. That had to be the foulest water I ever tasted."

"Yeah. Dude, I'm not sure it was water."

"Why, it make you feel weird? It did me. Not bad though. Just kinda buzzed. You think it had something in it?"

Kendall unconsciously adjusted himself, like he was scratching his balls. Riley noticed. He thought he saw a bit more bulge in Kendall's khakis. It was dark enough now that he figured Kendall wouldn't notice the wood in his pants, and he wasn't sure he'd really care if he did. In fact, he felt a kind of excitement as he handed the laptop to his buddy.

"Sit down, man. Read this," he said.

Kendall sat next to Riley, and as he read, Riley watched him. The two of them, alone, way out here, those dead refrigerators with all those full containers in them. •

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