Gym of Dreams: Mike


By xythan_shadow

I’m sitting at my desk one boring day, and I’m reminiscing over the past 2 years. Year one of Mike’s transformation ended with him becoming his dream: a defensive lineman. He wasn’t on the starting line yet, but he could’ve been if he was a junior or senior. Every game he played and excelled. Year two was a lot more interesting. After he started playing football, he never seemed to tire. He would catch Armstrong and me after his football practice and make sure he got his daily workout in. Every weekend, he continued to do his personal football camp. We saw gains in him that made us proud. When he first started playing football, he was around 5’6’’ and 230lbs, but in the past year, he’s grown a full foot. And the constant running and lifting and diet has bulked him out to a lean 280. While he’s as tall as I am and a little shorter than Armstrong, he’s not as massive. But what he lacks in mass, he more than makes up for in definition. He’s a natural ectomorph and you can tell. While Armstrong’s shakes bulked me up, they added more lean muscle to Mike. Every muscle on his body is ripped. He carries no more than six percent body fat, no matter how much he eats. We had to go to his team’s dinner, and all three of us needed to be fitted for suits, so that gave us a good excuse to be measured.


6’8’’ 334 lbs.

Chest: 64’’

Waist: 36’’

Neck: 25’’

Arms: 27’’

Calves: 28’’

Quads: 37’’


6’6’’ 321 lbs.

Chest: 61’’

Waist: 34’’

Neck: 22”

Arms: 25’’

Calves: 25’’

Quads: 33’’


6’6’’ 280 lbs.

Chest: 57’’

Waist: 34’’

Neck: 20’’

Arms: 23’’

Calves: 24’’

Quads: 30’’

He continues to keep up with us in everything; eating, lifting and life over all. Over the past year on our weekends, I’ve been guiding him through some simple Taijutsu katas, forms and movements in a set pattern. He’s been keeping up with it and looks good doing it. While my frame is a lot bigger, his is extremely toned and you can see every vein move as he performs the kata. This week is Mike’s two year anniversary and we have a beach trip in mind. I haven’t heard of Mike having any girlfriends or a social life, so it will be interesting to see what he does at the beach. I pick up the phone and confirm our reservations. We plan on going to an extremely nice beach house, right on the beach. Our goal is to have lots of ‘fun’ this weekend and to do so we need to be as close to the white sands as possible.

The time is slowly ticking away, me fantasying about the beach is keeping me awake enough. The day finally ends and I head out to the gym. We’re going to be meeting up there and taking Mike out shopping after we finish lifting. Armstrong and I arrive at the same time as usual and we great each other. We hit the gym feeling good about the upcoming weekend. •

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