Muscle Teen, The


By nymuscleboy

After what happened yesterday, I told everyone not to say anything about the roids, but some people have very loud mouths. After one week, over half people in the school had found out about the stuff I was using, it's not like they bothered me, they would contact the guy by themselves. But the fact that everyone was getting bigger than made me upset. I wasn't that big now compared to every one else. It was like everything was back at the beggining. I needed something more potent and better than what everyone else was using. ************************************************** ****************************

I met the same guy on the corner we usally meet. "So, you want some more?" He asked. "No, I want something better than before." I said. "Whoa! This is the best stuff I have!" He shouted. "Well then, I guess I have no more use for you then." I said in a cold voice. "Holy shit don't kill me!" He yelled. "I won't, unless I get some better stuff, you have two weeks." I said. He jumped into his truck and drove of. ************************************************** ****************************

Two weeks later I waited at the corner for the guy. He drove up to the corner and jumped out with seven bottles of pills. "Here you go." He said nervously. "Nice! What price?" I asked. "Free man, all free." He said. "Only I get this shit got it!" I yelled. "Yeah sure, only you man!" He said. I made my way home and into the bathroom. I swallowed an entire bottle and waited for something to happen. I felt butterflies in my stomache. My pecs swelled with muscle. Veins popped up all over my body. My abs tightened and became a hot ten pack, then tightened even more and became a twelve pack! My biceps nearly exploded with muscle becoming 70 iches. My dick became longer and thicker, it was sixty inches long and 15 inches wide. My back became even more cut and defined. The pillars that were my legs grew bigger and longer. My shoulders looker like shoulder pads of muscle. I was now 7 feet tall and six feet wide! I rubbed my dick up and down, letting it cum every where. I could feel the blood running up and down my muscles. I flexed all of my muscles, seeing them grow bigger and smaller as I kept flexing. I flexed my biceps making the veins pop out of them. This was what I wanted to be, I was going to be bigger, the biggest, again. But what about people like Tyler? He was so cute. And he knew how to give me a great blow job. He had to get big with me. He was the best friend I ever had. I had to give him these. I walked over to his house and knocked on the door. Tyler answered the door. He was shirtless, showing off his massive body. "Tyler, you like gaining muscle right?" I asked. "Yeah, that's why I look like this, duh!" He said. "Well, I got some of that stuff I was using, but it's better and faster." I said. "Relly, can I have some?" He asked. "Yeah, that's why I'm here." I said. He let me in and we went into the bathroom. I gave him three bottles. He ate all three. He instlantly began swelling with mass. His muscles grew bigger and were almost as big as mine. His dick grew and thickened. I then took my pills. My body Expanded, bursting the ceiling, I weighed over ton of muscle. My dick was five feet long and three feet wide. I was cumming like crazy. Tyler started drinking my cum and I drank his. We sucked on eachother's massive cocks for hours, Tyler got even bigger with my cum, I just liked drinking his. His pecs pressed against my abs. I grabbed his head, feeling his short brown hair and pushed it further on my dick. He did the same with my blonde hair and shot the biggest load of cum I ever shot. This was how things were supposed to be. •

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