JP (2005)

The Basement


By luvyalots

So far, the evening had been like a dream.

The events of the past few hours replayed in my head as I stood near the hallway leading to the locker room, waiting for JP like he had instructed. Finally seeing the kid wrestle was amazing, but now I was actually going to be inside his house…and maybe even see where he worked out, where a year and a half of his hard work and determination came to fruition. And then there was this surprise that he mentioned. What could that be? My mind raced with possible answers.

My thoughts were broken by a small bustle of activity in front of the concession stand, where an eager group of freshmen girls were crowded around someone. “Show them to us again,” one of them pleaded.

“Ok,” a familiar voice granted, “but only one more time. I have to get outta here.” It was JP who, while waiting for a food order to be completed, was being accosted by his female fans. I inconspicuously moved closer to the scene to get a better view.

The young teen idol obligingly lifted up the bottom of his T-shirt, offering his ripped abs for the girls’ delicate fingers to touch. A flurry of shrieks and gasps, some in glee, some in awe, escaped their throats as they willfully placed their hands on the corrugated washboard of muscle, rubbing the steel hardness of his stomach.

Then, to my shock, the prettiest of the girls, the one who spoke, bravely drifted her hand down toward the top of JP’s jeans, which hung invitingly low on his hips. Slowly, she began slipping her fingers underneath, searching for his cock, her mouth practically drooling with desire. Gently, JP seized her wrist and peered seductively at her, commanding her attention to his eyes. As if by some magnetic force, she lifted her gaze in obedience.

“No, no, no,” he said playfully. “Don’t go down there unless you plan to do something.”

I couldn’t believe it. The girl was so entranced, JP could’ve told her to jack him off right there in the sports lobby and she would’ve done it. It was like he had an influence over her that she couldn’t fight. I was in complete awe of his power. The girl blushed a deep red and meekly backed away. Seeing me at last out of the corner of his eye, JP grabbed his food, said a quick goodbye to the flustered girls and headed over toward me.

“I can’t believe she did that to you,” I exclaimed in disbelief as we headed out the door. “How did you do that?”

“I’ve been getting it a lot lately,” he answered fairly modestly despite the words. “Ryan’s been getting that kind of attention for years, but he would’ve taken her around the corner and fucked her senseless.” I side-glanced JP in discomfort. Normally with a comment like that, he would smile in humor or even awe of his brother, but instead his face emanated flat stoicism and his tone held a hint of bitterness. Sensing the awkwardness, I decided to change the subject.

“That’s a lot of food,” I observed, noting the two jumbo-sized hot dogs, deep carton of fries and large bottle of water that he carried. “Is that all for you?”

“Of course,” he glinted at me, smiling again. “I always get really hungry after a wrestling match. Man, I could eat a horse.”

Sure enough, as we drove to his house, JP scarfed down every last morsel of the food. I’m sure he would’ve been able to eat an entire horse, if one were able to fit in my car. When he was finished, he let out a huge burp.

“Excuse me,” he said, holding his stomach. “Damn, I’m still hungry.”

I laughed. “You mean, that wasn’t enough for you?”

“Dude, I have to feed these muscles of mine, you know,” he grinned demonically, making me shudder. “I’ll make some turkey sandwiches when we get home. You want some?”

“No,” I turned down. “I only ate dinner a few hours ago.” I shook my head in shock at how much the kid could put away. Where did it all go?

As we continued talking, I would glance over at him every once in a while. He was so beautiful sitting there as the streetlights passed over his face. I so badly wanted to tell him I loved him, but how could I? During a break in the conversation, I had to ask him a question: “So, do you have a real girlfriend yet?” I tried to sound like I was being cool, but I don’t know if I succeeded. He gave me a quick look like he was startled by the question.

“No, not yet.” He paused for a moment. “I guess I’m just keeping my options open.” I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but he was just probably saying that he didn’t want to rush into a relationship too quickly or something like that.

I couldn’t question him any further because we had arrived at his house. I hadn’t met his mom yet, since he would always run out of the house as I pulled into the driveway to pick him up. Therefore, quite a sight greeted me as I walked through the front door. Mrs. Maloney was a broad, almost overbearing Irish woman, but still had a sense of sweetness.

“Hello, Matt,” she said in a rough, yet saccharine voice. “Welcome. I’ve heard so much about you.” JP had already made his way into the kitchen and was gone. His mom continued: “JP just always talks about how much he looks up to you.”

“Really?” I said in slight disbelief. JP looked up to me? Wow! The woman motioned me into the kitchen where JP was busying himself making sandwiches.

“You’re welcome to make yourself a turkey sandwich or two. I’d make them for you, but it seems JP’s got a bit of a head start. He must be starving.” I walked into the bright light of the kitchen as JP was bringing a plate with four large sandwiches bursting with meat and a glass of milk out to the dinette area. “Go help yourself,” she said to me. “The turkey’s in the fridge.”

“No thanks,” I answered politely. “I already ate.” And so did JP, I thought.

The three of us just sat at the kitchen table talking. Well, Mrs. Maloney and I were doing the talking; JP was busy devouring the huge sandwiches. I couldn’t believe how much this kid could eat. I guess that was another reason why he had gotten so big.

“Yeah,” JP’s mom explained. “I can barely keep up with him anymore. As soon as I buy him clothes, he grows out of them in a month or so and I have to buy him a bigger size.” She laughed. “Have you ever tried finding pants a decent length with a 29 waist? They’re impossible to find. I keep telling JP to stop working out so much and put some fat on that body but this little demon doesn’t listen to me.”

“Mom,” JP had just finished his third sandwich and was about to start his fourth. “Will you stop talking about me?” I couldn’t tell but I think he was blushing. Nonetheless, his mom continued.

“His brother never used those weights down there nearly as much. It‘s a good thing he’s not as big as he is…yet, anyway.”

“JP, you’re home!” a cheerful voice chirped from the living room. The door swung open as a young girl rushed enthusiastically into the room. She looked about 12 or 13, the first signs of maturity just beginning to manifest in her face. She was pretty, but not yet quite attractive, though I could tell that she had the potential of being a knockout in a few years. Her eyes reminded me of JP’s, their bright sparkle attracting my attention first. I assumed her to be his sister.

The girl bounded toward the table, heaving herself against it with a dramatic brace. “How did you do?” she jovially asked. JP smiled with brotherly fondness.

“’Aight,” he responded, his mouth full of food.

Then, without missing a beat, she turned toward me and offered me her hand. “Hi, I’m Erin, JP’s sister. You must be Matt,” she introduced herself very deliberately.

“Nice to meet you,” I returned, trying to keep from laughing as her eyes brimmed with zeal.

“I’m in seventh grade, so you won’t see me in school or anything.” She talked quickly, as if she wanted to get everything out in one breath. “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re really cute?”

JP burst out hysterical, pieces of meat flying from his mouth. Erin asked the question so breezily that it seemed as if it slipped out by accident. I didn’t know exactly how to respond, so I just said, “Um, thank you.”

“Gotta go, have stuff to do,” she blurted. And as swiftly as she came, she was out the door. I was just about to ask JP whether she was always like that or if it was just because I was there, but – “JP!” a deep voice bellowed down from the second floor.

“That would be Ryan, JP’s older brother,” his mom said. “I don’t know if you’ve ever met him.” Well, I hadn’t met him face-to-face anyway.

A loud rumble was heard as Ryan came bounding down the stairs. Suddenly, the kitchen door swung open and the hulking mass that was JP’s brother burst through…wearing nothing but a towel. Ryan was a little over six feet tall, but he looked bigger than that. The bangs of his jet black hair curled over his gorgeous piercing green eyes. He had a neck that actually bowed away from his cheekbones ending at his shoulders which were incredibly broad, at least twice the size of my own. His massive pecs hung menacingly over a set of six-pack abs made faint by layers of fat. Ryan’s upper arms were nearly the size of my legs and his forearms exhibited writhing snakelike veins. I shrunk back, completely intimidated by the immense presence of the jock god of Central High School.

“JP, did you use my shampoo?” he bellowed.

“No, I didn’t,” JP answered back, calmly taking a bit out of the sandwich.

“Yeah, you did, you punk.”

“Ryan!” His mom spoke up. “Don’t treat your brother like that. Your father ran out of his own shampoo and didn’t have time to go to the store before he went to work, so he used yours instead.”

“Oh, sorry bro.” Ryan was immediately quiet. Then he looked at me, as if just seeing me there for the first time. “Whose he?”

“That’s my friend, Matt.” JP answered the question without even looking away from his meal.

“You mean,” Ryan smirked, “you have friends?”

“RYAN!” JP’s mom was starting to get furious. “Go back upstairs and take your shower, now!”

“Whatever,” Ryan said as he turned his gigantic back toward us and walked out of the room. It’s a wonder how he even fit through the door, he was so bulky. JP finished his meal and gulped down the last of his milk.

“Sorry about that,” his mom apologized. “Ryan can be so offensive. I hope to God JP doesn’t turn out like him.” With that, she turned away and walked into the kitchen.

As he let out a deep sigh of satisfaction, possibly signaling that he was full, he looked over at me and gave a quirky grin. I knew what he was thinking. “Mom, I’m taking Matt down to the basement.” he called to his mother.

“That’s fine,” she answered from the kitchen. “Ryan probably won’t be down there tonight anyway.” Then, he grabbed my arm and led me to the basement door.

At the bottom of the stairs, JP flicked on the light switch to reveal a well-stocked workout room, containing nearly every sort of exercise machine you could think of. JP didn’t have a weight bench and only a couple of other pieces of equipment; he had a whole fucking gym!

“This is where it all happened.” JP said to me, sounding very proud of himself. Who wouldn’t be? I could no longer contain my disbelief.

“Jesus Christ!” I exclaimed, nearly breathless. “You got almost as much stuff down here as the high school has!” His parents must’ve spent a fortune on it all. There was a bench that bended for inclines and declines, a squat rack, a pulley set for pull-downs and rows, a chinning bar, parallel bars for dips, a leg press machine, and tons and tons of weights. There was an Olympic bar with its own set of big plates, a couple of barbells with more plates and a whole set of dumbbells, going all the way up from 10 to 250 pounds. Finally, as if the room wasn’t already crammed with stuff, a quarter-sized wrestling mat was laid in one corner. It was a phenomenal facility that made me green with envy. If only I had private access to a gym like this during crew season, I thought.

“Yeah, I guess my mom and dad really trusted my determination.” His eyes were swollen with pride as he was talking. “The bigger I got, the harder I worked out. Once they noticed how big I was getting, they made the investment.” He suddenly stopped at the bench press and looked down at the weights on the barbell.

After a few seconds hesitation, JP shook his head and said, “Ryan’s been upping his poundages again. That son of a bitch.” JP looked up at me. “Ryan’s the one who started me on this, really pushed me too. But when I started making the gains I did, he got jealous. It took like five years before he had a body like mine. I haven’t even been training for two years yet.” He kneeled down behind the bench, eyeing the weights suspiciously, but continued talking. “I was getting big so fast, I was out-growing everything I wore.” He quickly stood up and peered over at me. “Like this shirt, for instance. It’s brand new, that’s why it’s so big on me, but by the end of next summer, it’ll probably be getting small.”

He took off his shirt and moved toward the bench to sit down. His chiseled upper body seemed even more impressive in the dim light; his pecs cast small shadows over the crevices of his abs and his jeans rode so low on his hips that his obliques were completely uncovered. I could even see the veins of his lower abdomen creeping up from beneath the waistband. My dick twitched in my pants. He looked so hot!

He lay down on the bench, grabbed the bar with his hands and said, “Spot me.” I still remembered how to spot from my crew days so I obeyed. JP lifted the bar from its rack and lowered it to his chest. With a slight grunt, the bar slowly moved up until his arms were straight. Then, he lowered the bar and started pushing up again. This time, JP had a little more trouble with it. He let out a slightly louder grunt, arched his upper body a little more and raised the bar. The muscles in his chest were working hard and his abs were amazingly tight. His arms started shaking a bit as they neared the straightening position. Finally, he reached the top and took a few quick breaths. I re-positioned my hands to prepare for putting the bar in the rack, but JP jerked his head no, signaling for one more rep. This kid really pushed himself! He lowered the bar to his chest one more time. Then, after a moment’s pause, began pushing once more. Eyes squeezed shut, body shaking, veins pulsing, JP let out a loud grunt and the bar slowly moved up. My eyes were bulging out of their sockets in amazement at his determination. His shoulders were quivering like mad, his arm muscles were bugling out of the skin and his pecs were engorged with blood. After what seemed like an interminably long time, JP finally straightened his arms and jerked his head yes. I helped him guide the bar back into the rack.

JP immediately dropped his arms to his sides and breathed heavily. He sat up and motioned toward the squat machine, “Get me that towel over there.” I grabbed the towel and gave it to him. He wiped his face and slid the towel down his upper body and along his arms, which were red and glistening with sweat.

“You alright, man?” I asked him.

“Never felt better,” he assured me, smiling.

“How much weight was that?” It looked like more than I had ever benched. “225 pounds,” JP answered. My mouth dropped open. This 130-pound kid had just benched 225 pounds three times in a row! “Ryan used to bench 215 regularly,” he said between breaths. “But apparently, he’s gotten stronger.” Then, he looked up at me and gave me that look that made me melt. “Well, I have to.”

He got up and walked over to a mirror on the wall. He still was breathing pretty heavily so his arms were moving up and down and his inflated chest was heaving along. He looked at his body in the mirror with satisfaction. Suddenly, he did a most-muscular pose in the mirror and I almost wet my pants. JP was getting HUGE! “Every rep makes me stronger,” he said hauntingly.

He must’ve caught my expression in the mirror because he turned around and, with a smirk, jerked his head toward a door at the other end of the room. “You ready for the surprise?” He once again grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the door. What was in that room? What was this surprise? My mind was racing. JP opened the door, turned on the light and led me in.

“Check it out,” he said. I gasped. It was the most unbelievable sight I had ever seen. •

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