Muscle Teen, The


By nymuscleboy

The bell rang and first period started. I had to keep saying to people that i was wearing leyered clothing. Good thing it was cold out now. I kept the roids in my backpack all day until gym class at eigth period. The guys went to their lockers and started getting changed. I pulled several pill out and walked over to where some football players were. "Hey." I said. "What do you want?" John, my favorite jock, said. "I was thinking, you want to be ready for football try-outs right?" "Yeah, that's my sport." He replied. "Well, the stuff in this jar will make your muscles big enough to make sure your on the roster." Some more guys looked over. "Sounds interesting. How much?" He asked. "Free." I responded. "Damn man you gotta be pullin my leg!" He shouted. "Oh really, look what it did for me." I said as I flexed my muscles, making my shirt tear off. The guys couldn't help but sport massive erections. John put his hands on his dick and started rubbing it. "I'll take it." He said grabbing the pills from me and swallowing the whole bottle. Every other jock did the same. "So, when's this shit start working?" James, one of the wrestlers, said. "3-4 hours or so." I replied. "Damn Don that's way too long!" (I never did mention my name) "Come over my house after school and we'll pump up for a while until the growth kicks in." I said. They all said okay.

************************************************** ********

All the guys who had taken the pills from before were at my house, I ended up changing it to two hours after school so we could kill some time doing other things besides waiting to get big. We pumped up for an hour before the effects started taking place. I was on my third growth spurt. Every one doubled over in pain for a few minuets, then they all realized that they were swelling with power. I was the most impressive. I was only 15 and I was four times the size of evry one else, every one I had fantasies about. My three foot dick was shooting gallons of cum everywhere. Everyone began sucking on me and each other. I had nver had so much FUN! It finally ended after hours of fucking. •

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