Muscle Teen, The


By nymuscleboy

Later in the morning, I called in sick at school so I could see my growth throughout the day. I spent about an hour flexing my body. I had never seen anything like it exept in some bodybuilding competitions. I wanted to put my strength to the test. So I went to the local gym to show off my muscles and test my strength. As I walked to one of the machines I heard someone shout my name. "Hey over here!" The person shouted. I turned around. "Tyler you freshman bastard, what are you doing here?!" I asked. "I called in sick so I could work out." He said. "Great minds think alike I guess." I said. "You too. By the way, how'd you get so big?" He asked. "Extra hours is all it takes." I lied. I felt that I couldn't tell anyone about the roids. If you were wondering why I hang out with a freshman, it's because his parents died and he lives alone with his grandma who is now sick in the hospital. About two years ago I saw him at the gym and showed him the basics of how to use the machines. He had made incredible gains since then. He went from a thin 12 year old wimp with a 20 inch chest and eight inch biceps, to a big jock with a 42 inch chest and 18 inch biceps.

"Seriously, it can't just be extra work from the past three weeks, you've gained a lot, are you on roids?" He asked. "No! This is all hard work got it wimp!" I yelled. "God sor-ry!" He yelled. "I bet he is on roids." He mumbled. I became infuriated. I punched him in the back so hard that he flew into a machine. He was fast enough to stick his hands infront of him so his chest wouldn't be damaged. It probably would have just absorbed the blow since they were so massive. After all this time I hadn't realized that the pains had started again. I ran to the bathroom to make sure that no one could see me in pain and so I could see my growth. Unfortunatlely Tyler saw me dart away quickly. So he followed me.

"What the hell is going on? Your crazy one minuet and running off to the bathroom the next." He said. "Mind your own business kid." I yelled back. He must have been pissed at me so he kicked down the door just as I started to swell with muscle. He saw my biceps double in size, becoming eighty inches. My chest did the same, 120 inches. By back muscles became more defined and ripped. My eight pack got even tighter and even more rock solid, they eventually grew to a ten pack. My dick lengthened itself to twenty inches. And it was flaccid! It did become hard though, making it grow to 25 inches long and five inches wide. It burst through my pants and exposed itself to Tyler. He stared at it and got a gargantuan bulge in his pants tht made them tear also. He picked up the door and made sure it was balanced. He then turned around at me and put his head up to my hard dick. His lips engulfed it and he began sucking it. His tounge swirled around my massive cock. I loved every second of it. He drank my cum, even though he probably knew he would choke on it since there was so much. I thought that I would have shot four of five times, but it kept coming. Shot after shot of cum. And Tyler drank every last ounce. He finally finished the blow job and moved up my powerful body. He kissed me right on the lips. i put my arms around his muscular back. Wait! His back was never this defined befor. And I noticed That he now had veins running up and down his hot body. He was much more defined than before the blow job. right now, I didn't give a damn, I felt the warmth of his mass. I knew that I had to give him the roids, so he could grow like me. Maybe we could share it with all the kids at our high school. The jocks would be soo hot with their beautiful bodies and faces. I could imagine it. no more sick days. •

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