Drawing Inspiration


By Lover_Boy

Art sat at in his usual spot on the grass in the school's courtyard, happily munching on his sandwich as he awaited Michael's arrival. Art and Gym were in the second half of the day today, so Lunche would be the first time today he'd see Michael. Suddenly, a pair of large, masculine hands covered his eyes from behind.

"Guess who...."

Art played along, "Ummm, Alex....?"

Michael stepped around to Arthur's side, and kissed him on the cheek. "Very funny, smartass."

Art blushed profusely, trying to hide his embarrassment as he looked around to see if anyone else had seen. He whispered cautiously, "Michael....."

Michael looked up from getting his lunch out of his backpack, "What....? Oh, right, I forgot the other cheek...." He leaned across the table and kissed Arthur on the other cheek.

Art's jaw dropped as he was left speechless, and he felt even his ears turn red. Stammering, he finally mustered a response. "I can't believe you just did that....twice!"

Michael looked at him innocently as he bit into an Italian sub from his uncle's shop, "Why's that?"

"Because....around here, it's a good way to get your ass kicked!"

Michael shrugged, talking around a mouthful of assorted meats and cheeses, "Well, where I'm from, it's common to show affection in public for those you care about."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, Artie. I'm from New York, for god's sake....and Italian to boot! We're all about life, love, and happiness."

Art shook his head, "I just don't wanna see ya end up being an outcast like me."

Michael paused, looked at Art, swallowed, wiped his mouth, "You're sayin' you're an outcast....?"

Art shrugged, "Yeah. In case you didn't notice, I don't have a lot of friends besides you and Alex."

Michael set his hoagie aside and looked Arthur in the eye, "In that case, I'm an outcast too...." With that, Michael launched himself at Art. He tackled him, pinning him to the ground, and kissed him passionately. Art tried futily to resist, but quickly gave in as he felt Michael's arms wrap around him.

Gasps came from the other students in the courtyard as they beheld the spectacle that was taking place. And in the window watching with a look of deep disapproval was Mr. Parker.... __________________________________________________ _________

"....What you two young men do on your own time behind closed doors is entirely your business. But when you're on school property, and on the school's time you will refrain from such inappropriate behavior !"

Art sat watching silently as the pricipal paced, and ranted. Normally, he'd be scared out of his wits to be in Parker's presence over something like this. But with Michael here, for some reason, he felt no fear at all.

Michael spoke up, "I don't see what was so inappropriate about it."

Mr. Parker stopped pacing, a look of disbeliefe that a student was questioning his word. He spoke condescendingly, "Mr Casanova, I appreciate that you're new, and not from around here. But such flagrant displays are not tolerated here."

Michael rasied his voice a bit, and Art could tell he felt insulted. "Not tolerated ?! Apparently, you're not only stupid, but freakin' blind as well...."

A look of shock registered itself on Mr. Parker's face, "Excuse me.....?!"

"You heard me! You're blind as a bat! I see straight kids makin' out with eachohter in the halls all the time, and I know you've seen them too. But let two guys do the same thing.... " He assumed a mocking, pompous attitude "...and it's 'this sort of flagrant, inappropriate behavior won't be tolerated here!' Sounds to me like a simple case of homophobia. Or maybe, you're jealous!" Art tried too late to stifle a laugh, and the room fell silent.

Mr. Parker looked for all the world like his head was going to explode as he spoke through gritted teeth. "Mr. Casanova, I believe you need to be taught a lesson. You will therefor report to after-school detention every day for the next two weeks." He looked to Art, "And you, Mr. Estery, since you've found this so amusing, may join him. Now, both of you, return to class...." •

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