Two big teens


By Rex Torres

Ben and his son, Lance, looked on as Jared began to grow! Luckily, the boys were only wearing shorts and sandals on their feet, so it was easy to see their muscles increase over time.

“Whaaaaaa!!!” Jared shouted, while his muscles began to grow at an exponential rate!

The boy closed his eyes and grinded his teeth, while his pectorals began to grow like balloons which had air pumped in them! His abdominals increased in side, forming the tiled wall over his stomach, which used to be flat. The lanky, skinny boy was slowly being transformed into a young bodybuilder!

“Jared! Are you OK?” Lance shouted at him.

“Wait! Don’t come near him!” Ben warned his son. “Wait till his growth has finished before you touch him!”

“Oooohhwaaaaaahhh!” Jared shouted, as the second wave of muscle growth began to hit. The burning sensation increased again, and this time, it affected the boy’s long, skinny legs!

Suddenly, Jared’s quads began to fill up, with layers of muscle forming on his legs, just above the knees. His quads almost looked like they were trying to rip out of his legs! Thick ropes of veins began to surface over his skin, while his legs grew at least 8 inches thicker and about a foot longer! Jared’s calves were inflating to the size of soccer balls, forming two solid packs of steel on his legs.

Jared moaned out loud, when he began to feel the incredible surge of muscular strength and power, which raced through his awesome legs!

“He’s growing taller!” Lance noted, as he stood by and watched his best friend grow bigger and more muscular.

All that was the same about Jared was his youthful face with the brown eyes and the short, dark brown hair. The amazing muscular growth almost made it seem like the teen’s head had been take off the teen’s body and placed on the body of a young bodybuilder!

“Aaaaah! Aaaaaaahhhh!” Jared shouted one more time, as his shoulders pushed out further, as his arms inflated with bulging biceps, triceps, and mighty deltoids on his shoulders. His chest had grown at least a foot wider and his arms were packed with spheres of rock-solid muscle. His lats formed on his back, giving him that awesome V-shape that most bodybuilders strive for!

Once the growth had stopped, Jared just stared at himself in the mirror. The poor boy’s body seemed to be completely out of proportion. In fact, his head almost seemed to be too small, as it rested on top of the body of a huge muscle man!

“Holy crap!” Jared exclaimed, as he stared at his reflection in complete shock!

His pecs had become so big, that they were practically sticking out from the rest of his torso by almost a foot! Huge, round spheres of muscle rock rested over the torso, while his massive arms were sticking out sideways and away from his body. It was funny, for his head appeared to be far too small for the huge, overgrown and extremely muscular body that it now found itself being attached to!

“Dude! You’re huge!” Lance chuckled, as he walked up to his buddy. Both boys were about 5 foot 6 inches tall. However, Jared now appeared to be almost a foot taller! In fact, he had the face of a kid that was placed on a man’s body!

Jared had weighed about 178 pounds or so, and he was clearly way over 350 pounds now! His height had increased by a foot while his weight had doubled in a matter of seconds!

“Ooh man… I feel so heavy and strong right now…” Jared laughed, as he made a fist and flexed his right arm. A massive ball of muscle the size of a bowling ball popped up from the top of his arm, pumping an incredible feeling of muscular strength through the boy’s arm. “This is unbelievable!”

Lance just stared at his buddy, who towered over him by a foot, until he felt something strange.

“Uh oh…” Lance whispered to himself.

“What? What’s wrong?” Jared asked him.

“I think… I’m next…” Lance gasped, as the burning suddenly intensified.

“Son? What are you feeling? Are you alright?” Ben asked the boy.

Ben turned to face his son and placed his hands on the boy’s shoulders.

“I… I feel… something…” Lance said, as he suddenly closed his eyes. “I’m burning up…”

Lance was also 5 foot 6, but he was a little stockier than Jared. He had gained a little weight over the summer. He had jet black hair with brown eyes. Lance weighed close to 187 pounds now, before the growth had started.

“Quick! Get these clothes off him!” Jared said to Ben. They quickly took the sandals from his feet and he removed his shorts. Lance was left with just his briefs.

“My entire body aches…” Lance complained. “I don’t feel too good… I feel like I’m gonna…”

“Lance? What are you feeling? Do you feel your muscles burning?” Ben asked, as he was holding on to the boy by his shoulders.

Suddenly, his face turned red as a tomato!

“Whaaaaaaa!!!!” he screamed, as his muscles experienced the first growth spurt.

“Lance! Lance!!!” Ben shouted at his son.

Suddenly, the teen started to grow! He slowly grew taller, as his legs and arms and his torso began to grow longer, pushing the boy’s head further away from the floor.

Ben just gasped as he saw his son growing taller right before his very own eyes! Within seconds, he was looking his son straight in the eyes.

“Oh my God… You’re growing!” the father whispered.

Ben and Jared looked on as they witnessed Lance slowly growing taller. He began from 5 foot 6 inches and his head slowly started to rise further from the floor. He was 5 ft 7 inches… 5 ft 8 inches… 5 ft 9 inches…

“AAAAAAHHH!!!” Lance screamed.

“Wow!! Look at him!” Jared exclaimed.

Lance was now 5 ft 10 inches… 5 ft 11 inches…

This time, the growth accelerated a little, and then it stopped. Lance was standing about 6 feet tall, when his muscles began to expand!

Ben’s mouth dropped wide open, when he realized how his son’s pecs began to inflate, pushing his hands outwards as the boy’s shoulders began to grow wider.

Before his very own eyes, he saw his son being transformed into a muscle man! Lance’s biceps started to grow, and his arms grew thicker. His chest continued to fill up with solid muscle, pushing the pecs out further while the shoulders widened at the same time.

“OOOOHHWHAAA!!” lance shouted, with his eyes closed tightly.

Abdominals surfaced over his now seemingly longer torso, and they seemed like a washboard that was forming over a stomach which used to be flat.

The boy’s legs began to inflate as well, as they grew thicker and wider. The legs began gaining layers of muscle, which allowed the quads and the calves to thicken rapidly!

“UUUHH…. UHHH… UUUHHH….” Lance panted, as he was struggling to catch his breath. For a brief moment, it seemed as if his growth was over. He had gain a modest amount of muscle, and Ben figured the growth had stopped.

Lance’s face was fire red and his head was all sweaty.

“Oh no… Here it comes… Again…” Lance gasped.

“Lance! What’s wrong? What are you feeling?” Ben asked him. Ben was feeling a panic coming over him. He realized that he had gone through the growth spurt already. But, there was noting more frightening, than seeing his son, or someone else, going through the same thing!

“AAAAYYYIIIIIIEEEE!!!” Lance shouted, with his eyes closed while he grinded his teeth together.

Ben had to let go of his son’s shoulders when he noticed that the boy wasn’t done growing yet! He took a step back and watched in amazement. It seemed as if Lance would suffer the most intense growth spurt, and there was no way for them to know how big the boy would end up becoming!

Lance was now standing about 6 ft 1 inch tall. He continued to grow taller and taller! Within seconds, he was standing at 6 ft 3 inches… 6 ft 4 inches… 6 ft 5 inches…

“My God! He’s still growing!” Jared shouted. “When will it stop?”

He was 6 ft 6 inches… 6 ft 7 inches… 6 ft 8 inches… Finally, Lance’s incredible growth spurt appeared to come to a halt for the second time! The teen was standing 6 ft 9 inches tall, and he dwarfed his dad by nine inches!

“UUUUHHH…. UUUUHHH… UUUUHHH… UUUUUHHHH….” Lance panted again. The growth spurt seemed to have taken a lot out of him! His face, arms and chest were completely drenched in thick drops of sweat, while his face was completely red.

“Lance! Say something! LANCE!!” Ben shouted in panic, while hoping the growth spurt was finally over.

“Daddy… I… I…” Lance stuttered, while trying to catch his breath. For the moment, it seemed like he was gasping for air!

“Take a deep breath, Lance! Just take it easy!” Ben instructed, as he walked up to the boy and pressed his hands against his pectorals. Lance already looked a lot more muscular than before, but for right now, his increased height was the most astonishing thing about him so far. He wasn’t as muscular as Ben and Jared, but he was already considerably taller than either of them!

Suddenly, Lance’s mouth dropped wide open, as he closed his eyes shut tight and made fists. He fully extended both arms sideways as he let out a loud shriek!


“Lance! What’s going on? What are you feeling? Say something!” Ben yelled back at him.

“Look! His muscles! He looks like he’s going to blow up!!!!” Jared exclaimed, as soon as he noticed that Lance’s muscles started growing again!

“My God… How big is he going to get? This is incredible…” Ben whispered out loud.

“Wow! My growth spurt didn’t last this long!” Jared added.

Lance’s pecs continued to inflate, until they reached freakish proportions! His pecs seemed like giant beach balls, which were soldered on to his chest. His large torso was covered with well defined tiles of abdominals, which stacked over his stomach in neat rows! The abdominals were large and deep, with straight edges and “gutters” between them of about half-an-inch wide. He was an incredible site!

“AAAAAAAHHH!” he shouted again, right at the moment when his legs started to grow once more! Not only were they growing even more muscular, but they were growing longer still, making the boy stand even taller by continually increasing his height by every second on the clock!

His head slowly continued to rise even further from the floor! He was now 6 ft 10 inches… 6 ft 11 inches… 7 ft… 7 ft 1 inch… 7 ft 2 inches…

“OOOHHH…. OOOOOOHHHH…. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH….” Lance moaned, as his biceps continued to grow as his arms became thicker by every passing second! His arms were like steel cranes, extending sideways while they are packed with large spheres of rock solid, bulging muscles!

Lance’s lats were extending almost by a foot from the side of his body, as they continued to widen in order to support the increased weight, which came due to the inflated pecs and thickened arms. His shoulders were so wide, that it began to look like he could no longer even walk through the door! His shoulders were at least five feet wide!

He was now 7 ft 3 inches… 7 ft 4 inches… 7 ft 5 inches… 7 ft 6 inches tall!

Finally, the boy’s phenomenal growth seemed to come to a halt. The 17 year-old teen was now standing 7 ft 7 inches tall!

Lance’s long, muscular legs showed the last signs of growth, when the quads and calves started to grow for the last time! His legs were each over a foot wide! Massive layers of muscle slabs were covering the top of the legs like layers of concrete. His legs literally resembled the concrete pillars of the Supreme Court building! They were huge and round, and there were long strands of thick, red veins which covered them!

From the knees on down, Lance sported the largest calves on earth! Huge balls of muscle were jutted out from the back of his legs, which were big enough to pump so much power in the legs, that he could take off like a rocket! The basketball sized calves were like round balls of steel, giving him the look of a professional soccer player!

“UUUHHH… UUUUHHH… UUUUHHH…” Lance breathed, as he had his mouth wide open. His breathing was labored while he stood there panting loudly, gasping for air. At first, it hadn’t dawned on him that he had just experienced such a dramatic growth spurt.

When his breathing finally slowed down, he turned his head sideways in confusion, wondering where his dad had gone.

“Dad… Where are you?” he said.

He looked to the left, and then to the right. Strangely enough, he started to realize that the room seemed much smaller than it was before. The ceiling was just a foot above his head!

“I’m down here, son…”

Lance slowly tilted his head downward, until he saw his father’s face, which was almost 2 feet from his own face. Somehow, both his dad and Jared appeared a lot shorter than they were before!

“Oh my God, dad… You’ve shrunk!” Lance gasped.

Ben walked right up to Lance and stopped when he was standing right before him. Ben had to tilt his head completely to the back, and he had to look straight up, in order to look at his son’s face!

“No… You’ve grown! You’re huge now!” Ben chuckled.

“Yeah! You’ve become a giant!!” Jared exclaimed, as he walked next to Ben.

Ben lowered his chin and looked straight ahead of him. His mouth dropped wide open, when he realized that he was staring at his son’s abdominals. Lance’s muscular legs were about 5 feet long, making the boy look like a real giant!

“My goodness, son… You’ve grown into a real Goliath…”

“Gosh, dad… You’re so short now! Both of you seem so little to me now!” Lance laughed, when he realized that he stood over a foot-and-a-half taller than his father!

Ben turned around and saw Jared standing behind him. For the moment, he found it amusing, to be standing between two teenage boys who were far bigger, stronger and taller than him!

“Man… Both of you guys seem like giants to me now!” Ben whispered, as he found himself being sandwiched between two teenage muscle freaks.

“Oh man… I feel so heavy…” Lance said, as he took a few steps. He heard the floor creak under his weight for every step he took. As he looked down, he began to survey his remarkable body!

His arms were long, and he had huge hands at the end of them. Long, think fingers allowed him to grab a basketball as if it were a tennis ball.

His legs were astounding! They were like giant, muscular pillars of bone and muscle, about five feet long, which gave the boy his amazing height! Not only that, but his feet were huge! It was as if his shoe size had gone from a size 11 to 20 in a matter of minutes! His long, wide feet resembled a set of natural fins that would make any scuba diver green with envy!

Lance walked over to the mirror and realized that the mirror was too short and too narrow to even cover all of him!

“Wow! I can’t believe how BIG you’ve become, dude! How does it feel to be a giant?” Jared smirked.

“It’s awesome! I just need to get used to the idea of being this tall…”

When Lance turned around, he saw his father standing behind him. Ben just had a wide grin on his face. He felt bad that the two boys were also affected by his stupid chemical accident, but he couldn’t help but feel very proud of his giant, overgrown and freakishly muscular son!

From Ben’s standpoint, seeing lance walking straight towards him was like seeing a bear walking up to him! When looking straight ahead of him, he would see long legs and a muscular, wide torso approach him. Only when he looked up, would he realize the small, familiar head of his son, which seemed ridiculously out of proportion. It seemed as if the boy’s small head was misplaced and attached to the huge body of a giant muscle man!

“I wonder if I’m strong enough to…” Lance pondered, while looking straight down at his father. Somehow, Ben began to feel intimidated by his giant son.

Lance extended his thick, long muscular arms, and gently slid his huge hands under Ben’s armpits. Ben realized that it was useless to resist, let alone back away, from the overgrown teen. Lance’s arms were longer than his own, and the boy looked like he was capable of crushing Ben’s body with just minimal effort.

Suddenly, Ben felt his body being raised off the ground! His toes were dangling in mid air!

“Heheh…” Lance chuckled, when he realized for the first time ever, that he had grown so big and so strong, that he could pick up his father with practically no effort at all!

“Oh my God…” Ben whispered, as he looked down. His feet were dangling almost eighteen inches from the floor!”

When Ben tilted his head and looked straight ahead, he noted that he was staring his giant son right in the eyes. Lance was holding the 200 pound man suspended in mid air, while showing absolutely no strain at all! Ben seemed no more than a toy, or a rag doll to the giant teen!


“Yeah, dad?”

“C… Could y… you please… set me down?” Ben stuttered. Ben couldn’t help but feel something he has never felt before, when dealing with his son: fear! Ben suddenly showed great fear for the giant teenager!

“Sure, dad! I just wanted to see if I was strong enough to lift you! Well, I guess I am! Cool, huh?” the teenage Goliath replied.

Ben felt helpless! He was completely at his son’s mercy! Not only was the boy much taller than him, but his frame had gained at least 450 pounds of solid muscle, making him extremely strong! Ben didn’t dare say nor do anything to upset his son, while the boy was enjoying his new body as a hulking giant.

Lance gently lowered his father back until his feet were standing on the floor, when he pulled his arms toward him and stepped back.

“Hey, Lance… How about we go outside and test our strength and our new muscles?” Jared wondered out loud.

Jared and Lance then turned around and walked towards the door.

Ben could just stare and watch the two giant teens with his mouth open wide. He realized that the two boys would slowly shrink back to their normal size again. The question was: How long, before they would return to normal? He remembered that he still ended up being slightly bigger than he was before. But, if Lance was this big already, then how big would he end up being after he started to shrink back?

Lance’s shoulders were too wide for the door frame, so he had to turn sideways just to get out the door. Then, the two giant teens ran down the old dirt road, enjoying their new size and titanic muscles.

Ben chuckled when he saw how Lance struggled to get through the door. At first, he felt bad, that the boys had to experience this strange muscle growth, which came about as a result of the chemical accident, which he had caused. However, disappointment turned to laughter when he noted how much the two teens began to enjoy their new bodied.

Many questions still remained: How long would this last? When would the boys shrink back? Would he grow again? When would it stop? Even though he felt comforted knowing that the boys were happy with their bodies, he concluded that he still needed to keep a watchful eye out for them, because of the further changes they could experience.

Ben turned around and was about to sit down on the couch, when he froze as he began to sense that odd, burning sensation in his muscles for the second time.

“Here it comes again…” he thought. He stood up and walked to the middle of the living room, while he was in full anticipation of his second growth spurt… •

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