Mentor, The



By Corwin

Jim was awakened by his doorbell ringing. His mouth was dry, and he craved coffee. There was a cramp in his neck, and he realized he wasn't in his bed, but in his office. He stared groggily at the papers cast upon his desk. He started to get up, and bumped his keyboard. The screen saver on his computer vanished and the chemical formula he had been studying appeared. Clint's formula. The one that changed him from geek to muscle freak.

'Clint's a fucking genius,' he thought as the doorbell rang again. He looked at the time in the lower corner. It was just after 3 in the afternoon.

"Fuck," he said as he realized he had worked all night. He looked outside and saw Jen. She was with some kid that was about her height. They rang the doorbell again.

"I'm comin'!" he shouted as he tried to press his bedhead hair into place as he stumbled down the stairs to the door.

As Jim opened the door, he was greeted with a cheerful, "Hi!" from Jen. It took her a second to process his appearance, then with a laugh added, "Gee Jim, you look like shit."

"Thanks," he grumbled as he stood there, trying to force the sleep from his foggy mind.

After a few second, Jen asked, "Mind if we come in?"

"Uh," he grunted as he stepped aside. Then, realizing his manners, he said, "Sorry. Unexpected all nighter."

"I see," she said. "Well, be that as it may, Mark's here for his first training session with you." She looked at the boy that was with her. He was about five foot five, maybe five foot six, and couldn't weight more than one hundred thirty pounds. He had a cute boyish face, and seemed to be staring doe-eyed at Jim. "Mark, this is Jim."

Jim reached out his hand and realized that he wasn't wearing a shirt. He had on a pair of black cotton workout shorts that he wore around the house. Even though they should fit loose, Jim's muscular body filled them to capacity. He never wore underwear with them, and he had a piss-hardon that snaked down his leg. Mark seemed totally in awe of Jim's scruffy look. He extended his hand. "Hey Mark," he said.

Mark's eyes moved, tracing the path from Jim's cannonball deltoids, over the massive upper arm to the bowling-pin shaped forearm. Jim's hand seemed huge compared to Mark's. Eventhough Jim didn't squeeze, the power in his grip crushed Mark's hand. "Hi."

For the first time, Jim really looked at Mark. He hadn't noticed the fading black eye or the swelling around his cheek. There was a black and blue spot on Mark's arm, and Jim suspected there might be more.

"Well," Jen interrupted. "I'll let you two get acquainted." She started to leave. "I'll be back around 8ish to pick you up Mark."

Mark nodded.

"Jim, I was hoping maybe we could go out after that. Catch a bite to eat. I'd love to show you my appreciation. You know, you're fantastic for doing this." She winked at him and walked out the door.

Jim stood looking at Mark for a second. His mind had only three thoughts -- pissing, coffee and shower. A growl from his stomach added a fourth -- food.

Mark's expression was one of awe. He seemed to be trying to take in all of Jim's physique. His eyes seemed to dart across Jim's wide shoulders and powerful chest, attracted to the involuntary bouncing of Jim's pecs as he flexed the sleep out of them. Mark's eyes seemed to widen as he watched Jim's six-pack flex with each breat he took. He seemed to want to stare at Jim's tree-trunk legs, but Jim's cock had begun to creep out of his shorts, and Mark seemed afraid to look.

"Kid," Jim's voice startled Mark as he once again made eye-contact. "I need to wake up. Come on up to my room. There's a TV there if you want to watch it, or we can talk."

"OK," Mark muttered.

"So," Jim said as they walked back upstairs, "you look kinda beat up. What happened."

"Kids at school," Mark said, not offering any details.

Jim led Mark into his room. It had a big king-sized bed which Mark sat on. Jim walked into the ajoining bathroom and dropped his shorts. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mark staring at him, taking in his huge cock, perfect bubble butt, the sweep of his legs , thinness of his waist and power of his chest, back and arms. He saw Mark squirm a bit, but Mark's gaze never left Jim.

Jim, lifted his shorts and turned to the sink. Washing his hands, he said, "So, these kids pick on you?" He saw Mark jump a bit.

"Uh, ya," he said.

Jim turned around and walked out. "Hey kid, it's OK, I don't bite. Do you want to tell me about it, or do you want to watch TV?" Mark didn't answer. "You know your sister asked me to teach you to lift weights, right?"

"She worries too much," Mark complained.

"Maybe, but you know she likes guys with real mans' bodies, right?" Jim bounced his pecs and flared his back. "Guys with bodies like this don't get picked on," he said.

Mark squirmed and place his hand over his crotch. Jim noticed a little bulge.

"Kid, I gotta shower," Jim raised his arm, moving his nose to his hairy armpit and making a face of disgust at the smell. "Why don't you tell me about it as I get cleaned up? Then I'll grab a bite to eat and we can start lifting. Jen told you we got some new supplements to try out. I can guarantee that they will take care of any problems you got with bullies real fast."

"Uh.." Mark said as Jim bent over and took off his shorts. He threw the shorts on the bed next to Mark and stood inches in front of him, his magnificent body totally exposed. Jim noticed a distincted bulge in Mark's pants.

"Hey, nobody here but us guys," Jim said as he turned and walked into the bathroom. "Come on in and tell me what's happenin'"

Mark stood up and slowly walked in. The bathroom was huge! Not only was there a sunken bath tub, but there was a huge shower stall with two shower heads. Jim walked into the stall and slid the glass door closed. "So talk," he said as he turned on the water.

"Nothing much to say," Mark finally said as he squirmed, trying to hide the hard-on he developed watching this powerful man. "Just some guys. Bullies. You know."

Jim soaped his massive chest. Raising an arm, he flexed his bicep. It looked like a mountain rising. He soaped it with his free hand, making sure to clean the deep pit formed where his thick chest and wide lats met his powerful arm. "No kid, I don't. These guns scare off bullies. Think having arms like this might solve your problems."

"Oh ya," said Mark.

"So, how many guys are we talking about?" Jim asked as he bent over to clean his legs.

"Well, this guy Kevin. He's kinda like the leader. And then there's Brad and his brother Brent."

"What are they like?" Mark asked, flexing while he twisted to wash his other leg.

"Kevin's big. Maybe five ten. But he lifts weights. Says he can bench press two hundred pounds. Brad and Brent are twins. They're a little taller than Kevin and work out with him, but they can only bench one eighty, or so they say."

Mark grabs his pendulous cock and begins to soap it and his groin. "They're wimps," he says. "Look, kid. Jen wants me to turn you into a man, and that's what I aim to do." Jim puts the soap down and stands under the water, rubbing his hands over his body as he washes the soap away. Turning the water off, he slides open the glass doors separating him from Mark. Jim stands in the opening, staring at Mark, who is looking at the floor. "What's the matter kid? Afraid to look at a man's body?"

"Uh..." Mark hesitated. "No sir." He looked up.

"Good, cause we are going to be seeing a lot of each other. D'you like my muscles? D'you want muscles like this?"

Mark didn't answer.

"Speak!" Jim commanded.

"Kevin says I'm a faggot... I'm..."

"That's horse shit. Straight guys, gay guys, who the fuck cares. Most guys would kill for a body like this. Besides, I don't care what you are. Hell, I fuck girls and I fuck guys. With a body like this, I got my pick. I my huge cock loves a lot of attention. Now, answer the question. D'you want muscles like mine?"

"Oh god yes," Mark blurted out, before looking quickly away.

"Ya, I thought as much. Kid, with what I got planned, you're not going to have muscles like these. You're going to have muscles bigger than these. And so am I. Now, toss me that towel."

Mark looked up, and Jim noticed a wet spot on his pants. Mark was smiling. He picked up a huge towel and handed it to Jim. Mark never took his eyes off the muscle god as he stretched, twisted, turned, and flexed while drying himself. Jim thought he heard Mark mutter, "God, bigger than him!"

Jim dropped the towel and walked naked into his bedroom. He pulled open a dresser drawer and grabbed a fresh pair of work out shorts. "Did you bring clothes to work out in?"


"Never mind." Jim grabbed a second pair, and threw them at Mark. "Take off your clothes and let's see what we're working with."

Mark hesitated.

"Come on boy! You've already seen what I've got. Might as well show me what you've got. I've seen it all before..."

Mark stood up, and unbuckled the belt. He slid out of his jeans. His legs were thin, and Jim knew his arms were bigger than Mark's thighs. His white briefs showed a clear stain where he had cum. Jim pretended not to notice. Mark reached for the shorts, but was interupted by Jim.

"No. Take everything off first. In this house, we don't wear underwear under our workout shorts and we workout without our shirts on. That way, we can see the muscles working when we lift. Besides, we'll be sweating so much that it would soak any shirt, and I hate doing laundery."

Mark looked at Jim, then slowly lifted off his shirt. His stomach was slightly rounded and his chest was flat. Jim could see each of Mark's ribs and his bony shoulders. Marks arms had no muscle tone at all. At last, Mark pulled down his cum soaked briefs. His cock was average, about four inches soft. Mark put his hands in front of it and stood, looking at Jim.

"Put your hands at your sides, boy!" Jim ordered. "Let me get a good look at you. Damn, you're skinny. Well, that's about to change."

Mark slowly moved his hands.

"Did you look at my cock when I was showering. Don't be ashamed. Most guys check other guys out."

Again Mark hesitated, then nodded yes.

"Kid, you're gonna get a cock like mine too. Big and fat. When those punks that are picking on you now get a load of it, they'll be the ones creaming in their briefs." Jim laughed. "Now, put your shorts on and let's grab some food before our work out."

Jim made egg white omelletes for food. He used two eggs for Mark's and six for his. He also whipped up some protein drinks. Jim was starving, and finished eating before Mark. Mark didn't talk much, but coaxed out of him that he was a straight-A student and that he hated gym class.

As Jim cleared the plates, he talked to Mark.

"Kid, do you know what steroids are?"

Mark shook his head no.

"Well, they help build muscles. The government doesn't like them, so they're hard to get. But, you see, I work with Jen and we do work with steroids. I got some new ones here. Your sister gave me some in return for helping you, but she said I had to share it with you. It won't hurt you, but these drugs are pretty powerful. You're going to get pretty strong and pretty big here," Jim said, grabbing his dick. He walked over to his refrigerator and took out two vials. He went to a drawer and grabbed two syringes. He filled one syringe with some liquid from the first vial. "This drug effects your sex," he said as he stuck it in his arm. He took the other syringe and filled it. "Stick out your arm."

Mark did as he was told. Jim aimed for the thick vein, and stuck the needle in, emptying the contents of his Mr. Fantastic formula.

Jim turned and grabbed the first syringe, filling it from the second vial. "This," Jim said grinning, "is going to turn us into Supermen!" Jim stuck the needle in his thigh and emptied it. "More powerful than a fucking locomotive!" He threw the syringe away and grabbed one he had used on Mark. He filled it.

Without being told, Mark lifted a leg of the baggy workout shorts that hung down to his knees. He put his thin leg forward, and Jim stabbed it.

Mark's head was beginning to spin, and he was feeling funny. First, his dick seemed to be throbbing, then he kinda began to feel sore all over his body.

"Now let's go grow some serious muscle," said Jim, throwing the second syringe in the trash and leading Mark into the basement. •

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