That burning feeling


By Rex Torres

It was the first week of summer, and Jared and Lance had decided to do the one thing that lots of teens liked to do once school was out: hang out together at each other’s house.

Both boys were seventeen and had just completed their junior year in high school. This summer vacation would be their last opportunity to spend two months at home, without having to worry about school. They realized that after this year, they would be off to college, and they would be spending their summer working at part time jobs.

Lance and Jared had been classmates ever since they met in the first grade. During that year, when the boys were attending the sophomore year in high school, Lance moved away from the small town in north Florida and went to live on a small family dairy farm, just a few miles over the state line, off of US Highway 319 near Cairo, Georgia. Since this was the fist summer the boys had been apart, they’d arranged for Lance to spend two weeks with Jared in Florida, followed by Lance’s spending two weeks in Georgia.

This story takes place the day after Lance had arrived at the dairy farm, which was owned by Lance’s father Ben.

Ben worked part time as a chemistry professor at the local community college. He had earned a Master’s degree several years earlier, but he declined the opportunity to work full time at the college so that he could use his time to do the thing he loved the most, which was to work on his dairy farm.

While milking cows was the daily routine around the farm, Ben still loved to tinker with chemicals and rare materials. He would spend his free time working in the small lab he had constructed in the basement of the house. He was always looking for ways of producing new types of growth serum or fertilizer so that he could increase his daily milk production. Trucks would come by his farm every day to pick up a fresh supply of milk. However, Ben wasn’t happy. He wanted bigger cows that would grow faster, produce more milk, and stay healthy longer. If he could develop some serum that would increase his output, then he could gain some extra money, and that was enough reason for him to continue experimenting with chemicals.

The small lab was filled with rows of shelves, tables and bookcases containing chemistry books, papers, manuals and charts. The tables were cluttered with numerous burners, beakers, vials, microscopes, test tubes, cylinders, and much more.

Ben was standing right by a large, round glass bowl containing a boiling, dark blue liquid. He had several test tubes filled with other liquids, which were colored in different shades of green, yellow and orange.

Unfortunately, Ben was doing everything on his own, without any help. He had already been in his lab for nine hours straight, and fatigue had started to set it. He was getting close to making a significant breakthrough in the creation of some sort of growth serum; however, he realized that he couldn’t stop the experimentation right now, just because of his fatigue.

Finally, he came to the point that he had to take a break. While reaching for a glass of cold drinking water, which was on the other table behind him, he accidentally knocked his notebook off the edge of the table.

“Darn it. I’m getting clumsy. I’m starting to feel tired…” he mumbled to himself, as he stooped down to grab the notebook. He was just too close to the table, and he bumped his head hard against the edge of the table, when he was trying to stand up again. The bump caused one of the test tubes to fall off the stand and roll onto the floor, igniting a batch of fumes.

Unfortunately, the flame from the burner, which was on the table behind him, ignited into a small fire, and the table, was suddenly engulfed in flames, setting off the fire alarm in the house.

“FIRE!!” Ben shouted, as he looked for the fire extinguisher.

Lance and Jared just happened to be playing a video game in the living room when they heard all the commotion in the basement.

They immediately got up and ran towards the door that led to the basement. Just when they arrived, the fire alarm started to go off.

Ben was frantically trying to put out the fire when his face suddenly turned pale.

“Oh no… the fire’s reached the serum,” he gasped.

“What’s going on, Dad?” Lance asked his father, Jared standing right behind him.

“Turn around! Get out!” he shouted at the two boys. “RUN!! It’s gonna blow….”


There was a loud explosion.

The basement had completely filled with blue smoke following the blast.

Ben, Lance and Jared frantically started running to the door, when they were caught by the strong smell of the strange, blue liquid. They were just a few feet away from reaching the door, when the strong odor had proven to be far too strong for them. First, the boys passed out, followed by Ben.

Luckily, a neighbor had noted the fire and dialed the fire station. Within a few minutes, a fire truck pulled up, and firemen ran to the basement while pulling a long, thick fire hose.

Paramedics arrived at the scene, and they entered the basement while wearing masks over their faces. They pulled Ben and the two boys out of the basement, and wheeled all three of them to ambulances, which were waiting outside. All three of them were quickly rushed to the hospital.

All three men regained consciousness after a few hours at the hospital. They had gone a thorough examination, before they were released. They had no bruises or wounds, and none of them had burns.

After they had made it home from the hospital, they just relaxed and watched TV, before everyone went to bed early.

The following morning, Ben woke to stiffness in his muscles. He got up and walked into the living room, where the boys were watching early morning TV shows.

“So, are you boys feeling all right?” he asked Lance and Jared.

“Yeah, we just have a strange feeling in our bodies,” Jared responded.

“Me too. It’s actually starting to burn a little…” Ben said. “I may need to keep an eye on this. If any of you feel anything weird, then tell me and I’ll take you back to the doctor’s office…”

Suddenly, a tremendous appetite overcame Ben. He was as hungry as a wolf. He walked into the kitchen and made four ham and cheese sandwiches. After he had finished his meal, he joined the boys and sat on the couch for a few minutes.

A few minutes had passed, when the burning sensation in his muscles had become unbearable.

“What’s wrong, Dad?” Lance asked his father. The boy had picked up on his father’s uneasiness and began to wonder what was wrong.

“The burning is becoming too much… I guess I’d better go to the room and lay down for a while…” he said, as he slowly got up from the couch and started to stumble towards his room.

Ben had walked just three feet from the couch when he stopped in the middle of the living room.

“Uuuuhhh…” he moaned, as he began to cringe with pain.

“Dad?” Lance shouted. “DAD! What’s going on?”

Suddenly, Ben bent forward. He was changing. Jared and Lance looked on in complete shock. They realized Ben was actually growing taller.

“AAAAARRRRGGG!!!” Ben shouted.

His chest suddenly began to expand, like balloons that had air pumped into them. His button shirt, which was very loose at first, started filling up.

“UUUUUHHHHH!!!” Ben moaned, as he slowly leaned back. He was now standing completely straight. The boys realized right away, that he appeared to have grown at least six inches taller.

Ben’s shirt started to show the shape of his muscles. His shirt was now very tight around his chest, and the buttons were struggling to contain the growing muscles.

“UUUUAAAAHHHHHH!!!” he shouted again. This time, his jeans began to show signs of strain, as his legs began to press against them.


The top button of Ben’s shirt just popped off, revealing just the top of his expanding pectorals.

“Look! He’s busting out of his shirt!” Jared yelled.

The boys continued to stare at Ben’s weird transformation.

“UUUUGGHHHHH!!!” Ben groaned even louder, as his muscles continued to expand.

“Should we call an ambulance?” Lance wondered.

“No… Let’s wait and see what happens next….”


Two more buttons popped. Now, all three top buttons of the shirt had popped off, due to Ben’s growing muscles.


Ben’s jeans began to tear by the seams, starting with his quads and tearing down to the knees.

“AAAUUUUUUWWW!!!” Ben shouted, as he bent backwards a little.

Ben’s arms grew thicker and harder as well, causing the shirt to rip by the sleeves as well.

Finally, the last remaining buttons popped off the shirt.


The shirt tore from the sleeves to the shoulders. Ben was suddenly overcome with the urge to spread out his arms sideways, forcing the shirt to rip apart in the back as well.


Jared and Lance just stared at him in amazement. Ben had grown 6 inches taller, and his muscles were huge. His pectorals looked like basketballs, which were placed next to each other on his chest. Ben’s flat stomach had transformed into a landscape of massive and profound abdominals, several rows tall.

“Oh my God… He’s turning into a muscle giant!!” Jared shouted.

Both boys just stepped back a little, for they had no idea what was happening to Ben. In fact, they were scared to death. However, they realized it wasn’t needed to call an ambulance, since Ben was still conscious.


Ben’s arms were hanging from his wide shoulders at a forty-five degree angle. His arms were as thick as a main water pipe. Huge biceps and muscles were forming on them, and his triceps and deltoids were fighting for space.

“Oohhhhhhh!!” Ben moaned for the last time. His biceps grew to the size of bowling balls. Ben quickly ripped the remainder of the shredded shirt off his back. Finally, it seemed that the muscle growth had stopped.

“Dad! Are you all right? DAD??” Lance shouted, as he tried to get closer to his father.

Ben’s face was all red and sweaty, as he just began to gain his footing after he had experienced the phenomenal muscle growth.

Ben slowly glanced at his hands and his arms, before he looked down and examined the rest of his huge body. He was an incredible sight to see. He resembled a huge professional bodybuilder, who could have spent years lifting weights in the gym. Instead, he gained his giant muscles in just a few minutes time.

“Oh my God…” Ben whispered to himself, as he slowly examined his giant muscular physique. “I must be dreaming…”

“Dad! You’re… You’re big. And I mean; you’re REALLY big!” Lance smiled, as he closely examined his father.

“How do I look?” Ben smiled, as he looked down at the two teens. He was clearly several inches taller now, and everything and everybody else seemed much smaller to him.

“How did this happen? What made you grow like that, Mister Ben?” Jared wondered.

“I’m not so sure… This might have been caused by the fumes in the lab…” Ben replied.

“But we were also exposed to them! Do you think this would eventually happen to the two of us as well?” Lance wondered out loud.

“I don’t know…” Ben mumbled, as he slowly turned around to walk to the bedroom, where there was a large full-size mirror that was hanging from the wall.

“How are you feeling right now, Dad?”

“I’m feeling great!” Ben laughed, as he flexed his arms while he examined his well-muscled body in the large mirror. “I’ve never felt this strong in all my life!”

“Gosh, Dad… You’re as hard as a rock!” Lance chuckled, as he ran his hand over Ben’s rock-hard pectorals. “You look like a professional bodybuilder!”

“Thank you, son…”

“Look at his legs! They’re huge!” Jared grinned. “I’ve never seen legs that thick before on a living human being!”

“I bet I can outrun the two of you in a heartbeat with these babies!” Ben laughed, as he bent down to feel the back of his calves with his hand.

“Check out his abs!” Lance giggled, as he pointed out the phenomenal abdominals that Ben now possessed. “They’re like tiles on the bathroom wall!”

“You’re really big now, Mister Ben!” Jared added.

Ben struggled to hold his arms straight down. His biceps and his triceps were so huge, that his arms were actually hanging at an angle away from his body.

“My God… I feel so heavy…” Ben grumbled, as he slowly took a few steps back towards the living room. “I need to get used to my body being so big and so heavy…”

“I’d love to see how strong you’ve become, Dad!” Lance chuckled, while looking up to his overgrown father.

Ben stumbled out the door, still struggling to get used to moving around while feeling so big, so tall, and while carrying all that muscular weight around with him. He walked slowly, since his feet seemed bigger, and he noticed the impression he was leaving behind on the dirt road that he was walking on.

When he finally arrived at his small tractor, he walked over to the back of the vehicle, where he carefully placed his hands under the rear bumper. He then ground his teeth as he flexed his arms slightly. His biceps were bulging on his arms as the rear of the tractor slowly began to rise up off the dirt road.

“Wow! You can even lift a tractor, Mister Ben!” Jared cheered. The boys had never seen such a display of strength before.

Ben gently lowered the rear tires of the small tractor until it was firmly set on the ground.

“Man… I can just feel the strength going through my muscles!” Ben chuckled, as he made fists and flexed his arms. Both boys gasped when they noticed the size of his giant biceps.

“Let’s walk back to the house, guys…” Ben quipped. “I’m starting to get hungry again…”

While they strolled back to the house, Lance noticed that his father started to rub his chest a few times. Even when they entered the house through the back door, he noticed that Ben was consistently rubbing his fingers over his pectorals and his temple.

“What’s the matter, Dad?” Lance wondered out loud.

“I feel like I’ve gotten a rash of some sort…” Ben replied, as he looked down at his huge pectorals. Indeed, his skin looked like it had turned a little more reddish. “My muscles are starting to itch all over….”

Ben walked into the kitchen and grabbed a drink out of the refrigerator before he sat down on the recliner chair. Moments later, he stood up again to walk to the bathroom. The itching feeling had become unbearable.

“Uhhmmmmnnnn!” Ben groaned loudly, as the itching had suddenly turned into a light series of stings in his muscles.

“Dad! What’s going on?” Lance shouted, as he leaped from the couch and ran over to where his father was standing, with his best friend right behind him.


“Look! He’s… He’s shrinking!” Jared exclaimed. Suddenly, Ben had to close his eyes tightly as he stood there. His huge muscles rapidly began to deflate, just like large rubber balloons that had the air taken out of them.


Within moments, Ben looked just like his old self again. All his huge muscles were gone, he had shrunk back to his old size, and his arms and legs appeared to have been reduced back to their original size.

“Well, so much for that…” Ben said sadly, as he turned around and walked back into the bathroom. He glanced at his reflection in the mirror, and he noticed that he looked almost the same as before- but not quite.

As he stared at his reflection in the mirror, he couldn’t help but notice that, even though he had shrunk back, he was still slightly larger than he was before he went through the very first transformation.

“Hey, guys… Do I look different to you?” Ben wondered.

“You look a little bigger than you were before, Dad….” Lance replied.

“Yeah, Mister Ben… You don’t look the same… In fact, you are just a little big—“ Jared began to turn pale.

“What’s wrong?” Lance asked his buddy.

“The burning feeling… it has… gotten… worse…” Jared began to groan.

“Oh no! It’s happening to him now!” Lance exclaimed.

Both Lance and Ben looked on as the teenage boy suddenly began to grow…. •

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