Attempt at Elevator Muscle, An

By Archangel

before you read this please read the following disclaimer: I was always a fan of elevator growth scenes, the whole concept of growth without reason fascinated me. so this is my attempt at it, however I feel I should say it is rather poor, (I say this only so that you may not condemn me for reading it, you have been forewarned)

"I hate Mondays, I hate rain, I hate tall buildings, I hate elevators, god I hate every single damn thing about this fucking day." William thought to himself. Truly a pessimist, though there was in fact very little in life he had to look positive about. He was in poor shape, homely as hell, and the closest thing he had come to an intimate encounter earned him a beating when his father walked in on him with some muscle mags. William hated that the most, he hated the repression, the guilt he felt every time he looked at a jock walking past him, hated the way he instinctively checked any stacked guy out, watching his muscles flow underneath his clothes. William stopped himself; he was starting to get hard.

William shook his head as he watched the numbers gradually increase on the elevator display. It was his own fault he thought for working in this building, the 1000 story office building of Evolution enterprises, the company foremost on the forefront of technology. At floor 300, the elevator slowed to a stop, William cursed as he watched the doors open. Slowly the muscled figure of Jacob Ensar walked into the small 8 person elevator. William watched as the jock reached his muscled arm forward and hit the 943 floor button.

“Getting my girl, she works on that floor as a receptionist; I haven’t seen her in ages. Names Jacob.” William took and shook his hand, strong handshake nearly broke Williams fragile arm, and William nearly came. William forced himself to calm down and focus, his floor would be here soon, he kept repeating to himself, over and over again, his floor would be here soon. But again Williams hopes of making it out of the elevator were dashed on the rocks as Robert Paul entered the elevator, the 8 person elevator became nearly shoulder to shoulder as Robert stood next to Jacob. Robert explained he was working as security, and practically everything after that was disregarded as William watched the massive man dwarf Jacob. His massive arms easily twice as big as the previous muscleman.

Just as William thought he could be no more aroused, nor anymore ashamed, he saw something that nearly pushed him over the edge. Suddenly Jacob and Robert started to breathe heavily, more than a pant a near sexual moan escaped Jacobs lips and suddenly the already muscled man swelled out, ripping his polo shirt to shreds, his back ballooned out pushing Williams into the wall of the elevator, Jacobs breathing increased as his quads swelled to the point of bursting and ripped out of his jeans soon Jacobs stood in nothing but a pair of boxers now strained to contain his huge cock, his massive muscles momentarily outshining those of Robert.

Roberts panting increased now, and Williams watched, cock in hand, as the massive muscle god swelled upward, higher until he towered above the cowering William at about 9 feet. Then the already ripped beast started to pack on muscle, his biceps swelled outward his arms lengthened and instantly his tight T was tatters. His back started to bulge bigger and bigger, until he was twice the size of Jacob. The panting of the two musclebeasts subsided.

“I wake up now, I wake up now, I wake up now” William chanted again and again. He knew this had to be a dream. What is happening here, why did these two men suddenly grow to monstrous proportions. It made no sense, but his thoughts kept being put aside, he felt himself become more and more aroused until he could fight the feelings no longer suddenly like a flood gate the emotions and feelings flooded into William.

First he noticed the room go up in temperature, the heat started to cook him, he started to pant, gasping for air. Then a tightness in his body took over. The tightness soon vanished and William watched himself start to grow in the reflective wall of the elevator.

William watched as his arms started to twitch, just as Jacob’s had moments before, but the ballooning biceps bulged far quicker, springing upward tearing the seams to shreds. Instantly his breathing elevated, the near sexual pants in time with the muscle surges. Muscle built on muscle as they grew faster and faster, meeting and surpassing Robert’s arms in size. The growth slowed on his arms and flowed like a river of raw sexual energy into his chest, and William gasped.

William rubbed massive hands over his widening chest, he could barely bend his arms, the muscles bulged so, and the hardening pecs only pushed his arm out. He watched himself grow outward, again comparing himself to the two rapidly shrinking muscle gods. Though Robert and Jacob were not shrinking, but rather Williams perception changed as his torso started to elongate. He rubbed his hands over his newly formed 10 pack, which surged with raw sexual energy and bulged another row of granite hard abs into view. The growth moved to his neck and head, and William could barely keep his eyes open, though watched the reflection anyway. His neck swelled, the veins racing down join up with his massive pecs with every inhalation. William’s neck grew bigger, swelling and hardening, the collar of his shirt getting tighter and tighter, he leaned his head back as his panting increased, the orgasmic pleasure sweeping to his crotch, and his collar ripped apart, he reached his massive hands up to feel it, and couldn’t grasp around it. His hands fondled all of his newly formed upper body, only to be thrown away as the growth reached his dick.

William’s dick started racing down his pant leg, tearing the tight seam as it inflated 8,10,14,16 inches. Soon the hard organ was touching his knee, and William started to teeter, not sure of his ability to stand, but then, as quickly as the growth surge reached his hard cock it swept downward to his legs, first though, forming his perfect bubble ass, tight and rigid, bursting backward tearing out the seat of his pants. His wallet fell from the tattered remains and hit the ground.

The seams already strained from the pressure of his cock and abs, the jeans disintegrated as his massive quads bulge outward, pushing him up until he was brushing is head against the roof of elevator unit, nearly 10 ft. His massive thighs rubbed together, and in turn against his cock, the beast sprang to life. It quickly inflated with blood and the massive cock surged skyward, Reaching the chest of Jacob. Finally the growth subsided, the sexual energy crackled in the air like lightning.

William could no longer take the repression or guilt and turned to Jacob, before he could do anything Jacob grasped a hold of the huge python and forced it into his mouth, Jacob’s muscles bulging as he flexed to wrestle with the 20 inch cock. Before William could react he surged upward again, the growth affecting him once more, and continued to expand, finally after 5 minutes of growth, the 8 person elevator was filled with 2 muscle men and one giant, William had grown to nearly 14 feet, his massive muscles swarming over the muscle men forcing them underneath his huge cock. Then everything started to go wrong.

It was floor 1000, but the combined weight of the muscle gods far outweighed the 8 person max. The elevator shuddered and started it’s massive plummet to floor 1.

984- William suddenly made the connection between sexual energy and the growth, though there would be no time for either Jacob or Robert to do anything, and yet…

845- William spoke to the two smaller men. “Listen, we are all going to die here, unless,” and explained the entire plan.

632- William knelt as Jacob and Robert grasped a hold of the huge 30 inch cock. It surged to life, and immediately Robert got down on his knees. His ass was perfect and more than muscular enough to hold the massive cock. William slid his huge dick into the muscleman and instantly his body started to swell, William knew he had to cum, but he kept pumping against the solid muscleman’s perfect ass. Jacob licked the huge beast as it started to swell bigger inside of the security guard. William focused, choosing not to grow taller, and instead kept the growth targeted to expansion.

425- William’s huge biceps swelled bigger again, pushing flush with the elevator walls, his huge cock was now too large to be held by Robert so he pulled out quickly, as he did so his dick swelled larger. Too big to hold it now was longer than Jacob was tall.

212-jacob took his cue and laid down atop Robert, William pushed his still growing cock in between the two musclemen, and with his massive arms grabbed their shoulders and started to push against the makeshift fuck toy. His body swelled again his massive pecs completely obscuring the view before him.

10-William could hold it no longer, he came with a thunderous roar, and just as planned his muscle growth doubled sending his massive arms bursting out the sides of the elevator. He could no longer fit inside the small box, and pushed his huge arms against the speeding sides of the elevator shaft, though the sheer strength of the muscle god forced the elevator to a stop. Normally, at any other building the site of a 14 foot nude muscle god walking with two other naked muscle beasts through the lobby would raise some alarm, though again, this was the lobby of Evolution enterprises. •

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