Strange Visitor

Steven looked at Brad, and sighed. Here in the gym locker room, was one of the gods that he had dreamed of, but he didn't dare look to closely or to long. And he wouldn't even dream of touching (well, actually, he did dream it, and had been doing so for the past month or so, but he wouldn't actually really touch.) Brad was amazing. His athlete's body was sculpted and pumped, each muscle exquisitely shaped. Steven sighed, and turned back to his locker, to finish packing his bag. He briefly imagined himself deep in Brad's embrace, being caressed and crushed by his muscular frame. He imagined the embrace deepening, imagined them in bed, imagined passionate sex. Sighing one more time, he closed his bag, hefted it, and left the locker room.

Brad walked slowly to the shower room, having left his clothing behind at his locker, a towel over his shoulder. He had never minded nudity, and why should he? He had crafted an amazing body, with sculpted pecs, chiseled abs, and bulging arms. His legs, each a thick column of sinuous muscle, played with his oversized penis as he sauntered to a shower, and turned on the water. He stood, enjoying the feeling of the warm water on his tired muscles. Taking the soap, he began to massage them, taking satisfaction from the firmness of his body. He smiled, and his mind what he had just learned, and to what he should do with this information. His mind suddenly made up, he rinsed himself off, turned off the water, and began to towel off his body. As he walked back to his locker, he smiled to himself, and absent-mindedly flexed various muscles, to the secret delight of several onlookers.

Steven arrived home, and threw his gym bag on the floor. He knew that he should be feeling happy, since he was leaving for a long needed three-week vacation the next day. As a doctoral student at the university, he had been busy doing research for his dissertation for the last four months, and desperately needed a respite. Still, he would miss the gym. He had started only three months earlier, and had already seen a marked improvement in his own physique. Also, he felt better overall, and his daily workouts had been an escape from the mind-numbing monotony that his research sometimes became. Most importantly though, was Brad. From the moment he first saw him, Steven was transfixed. He had rearranged his schedule somewhat, so that their workouts would coincide. He loved watching Brad's biceps strain as he did curls, or the way that his chest flexed when he did bench presses. Most of all though, Steven loved the way Brad looked when he stripped off his clothes and left for the shower. Three weeks seemed like an eternity. Especially in a log cabin. He had bought it as a time-share off of a friend, but never seemed to have the time to use it. Now, he was going to take his three weeks and spend a quiet June in the mountains, away from the heat and congestion. Unfortunately, away from Brad as well. But, he thought, Brad would probably be leaving too, since the semester was over. He really wouldn't be missing anything, or not much anyway.

The next day, Steven got up early, threw three weeks of clothing, food, and other supplies into his jeep, and set off for the mountains. The trip up took the entire day, and he arrived at the cabin just as the sun was setting behind the peaks of the mountains. He looked around, at the dirt road that he had just come up, and at the surroundings. Various trees grew close to the cabin, which only had three rooms, plus a small bathroom. It did have running water, but no electricity, which, Steven realized, was probably part of why the time-share had been so cheap. The remote location was another factor too. The dirt road led from the cabin to the highway, a mile away. From there, it was another three miles to the nearest house, and another two beyond that to the small town. Steven began to unpack, but soon had to dig out his candles, since he couldn't find the kerosene for the lamp. Finally, after nearly two hours, he had moved everything into the cabin. Exhausted, he slumped onto the bed, and fell fast asleep.

That night, he dreamed of Brad. But this Brad was different. The one he knew had the body of an olympic athlete; this Brad had the frame of a bodybuilder. And a heavyweight at that. In his dreams, Brad flexed and flexed, and Steven worshipped the huge body before him, feeling the huge muscles with his hands and tongue. Then Brad's penis began to grow hard, and it expanded to incredible dimensions. Suddenly, Brad was thrusting his huge dick down Steven's throat, while holding his head in his huge hands. Then, a torrent of cum erupted down Steven's gullet, and he drank it all, intoxicated...

Steven awoke with a smile on his lips, the sheets around him soaked with semen, and his dick standing at attention. He looked down. It stood, rigid and unwavering, so hard, it was painful. Free of all inhibition, he began to stroke, but soon abandoned the gentle approach. Desperate for release, he began to jerk himself furiously, until finally he came. Feeling much better, he got out of bed, grabbed himself some breakfast, and then took care of the wet sheets. As the morning progressed, he finished moving his things into the cabin's sparse furniture, and slightly more available cabinets. Around noon, he finished, grabbed himself a sandwich, and then went out to hike. After an invigorating three-hour trek, he returned. Deciding that vacations were meant for slacking off, he grabbed a banana, ate it, and then lay in bed for a quick nap.

Steven was jarred awake by a knock at the door. Looking about, he saw only shadows. Realizing that this was because it had become dark outside, and he had little light, he got up with a start, and made for the door. As he was about to put his hand on the knob, he stopped. Who was out there? There was nothing around for miles! Who on earth could want to come to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, at night? Cautiously, he walked to the window, and peered through the glass.

Outside stood a male silhouette, standing about six feet, two inches tall, and solidly built. The figure turned slightly, and Steven gasped, as the moonlight illuminated the man's face. Another knock came, and half-dazed, Steven stumbled to answer it. Opening the door, he asked the figure, "Brad?!"

"Yeah. What's up, Steve?"

" know who I am?"

"I know lotsa things, Steve. You know who I am, don't you? Why shouldn't I know who you are? You're doin' yer doctorate, right?"

"Ye..yes! Of course! That's me! But what the hell are you doing here?"

"Research." "Research?" asked Steven, his look incredulous.

"Research." answered Brad, nonchalant. "I'm doing research, and I'd like to study you. Now, can I come in, or are we gonna do this whole thing in the doorway?"

"Uh...sure, come in."

"But how did you did you find me?" Steven asked, as Brad entered, and stood to one side.

"Easy," replied Brad, "I know stuff, remember?"

"What? That doesn't make any sense!"

Brad shrugged. As he took off his light coat, Steven was momentarily taken aback. The hunk of his dreams stood before him, only he seemed somehow more...real. With a shock, Steven realized that he seemed a bit bigger as well, as he eyed Brad's biceps, which bulged juicily against the fabric of his tee shirt's sleeves.

"Okay, wa...wait a minute," Steven mumbled, "What kind of research is this? Study me? You better explain this." "Of course," said Brad, flashing perfect teeth in a smile. "I'm what you might call a...visiting student, at the university. My full studies are elsewhere. Anyway, I'm doing some research, and you're a perfect candidate."

"Why me?"

"You have the fetish that I wish to study."

"What? What is this?!"

"Listen, human." said Brad, his voice suddenly deeper. "I will be frank with you, because you are an intelligent man. This is not my form. I came here to study humans. Specifically, human sexual behavior. Even more specifically, fetishes. If you want, I can make your dreams come true. If you don't, I'll find someone else. I chose you because of the way that you admired my body in the gym. There were others, of course. But early on, I singled you out as an excellent candidate. If you do not wish to proceed, however..."

"No, wait! What fetish exactly? How does this thing work?"

"You will have to put some trust in me, on that one, Steven. I utilize a form of telepathy, which, although it will not allow me to probe deeply into another's mind, is excellent as a translator. Furthermore, I have developed my mental abilities to suit my course of study, allowing me to learn a being's desires and fantasies. As for the rest, well, I have other abilities as well; chief among them, is self-transformation. Do you agree to participate, Steven?"


"Excellent," whispered Brad, a huge grin across his face. "I need a moment, to prepare myself. Then, just go with whatever happens."

Steven watched, as Brad closed his eyes, and concentrated. His eyes swept across Brad's body, taking in the powerful form that was only partly hidden by tight clothing. In fact, the white tee shirt and light cotton pants seemed to have each been bought one size too small. He estimated Brad's biceps at eighteen inches, his chest at fifty, and his waist at twenty-six or so. Gazing downwards, he took in quads that seemed approximately twenty-six inches in circumference, and calves that were sixteen or so inches around. His eyes straying upwards again, Steven realized that Brad's biceps were closer to nineteen or twenty inches. In fact, they could even be twenty-one inches around. And then Steven stopped, his mind caught in a moment of realization. He watched, transfixed, as Brad's body slowly increased in size, every muscle bulging with ever increasing power. The rate of the growth began to increase, and as it did, Steven's jaw dropped lower and lower. Then, he began to hear stitches and cloth tearing, as Brad's skin-tight clothing came apart at the seams, to reveal his smooth muscles underneath. The cloth rapidly became rags as the tears grew, the tatters of cloth vainly trying to hide the mammoth being that grew underneath. Steven gasped audibly, his knees weak, as Brad grew to rival the largest bodybuilders, and then to surpass them. Brad continued to grow, reaching ridiculous proportions, before the growth spurt finally subsided.

"Oh my...." gasped Steven, his mind reeling at the sight of the huge tower of man that stood before him.

"Steven!" boomed Brad, "Come! Worship as I know you want to!"

"Oh yes!" croaked Steven, still somewhat overcome, but in motion nonetheless, as he began to remove his own clothing, although in the traditional manner. As he finished he stood before Brad, puny in comparison. He took in Brad's enormous figure, spellbound.

"How about some measurements, to begin with?" asked Brad, a playful smile on his lips.

"Of course!" exclaimed Steven, taking the roll of measuring tape that Brad had mysteriously produced, "Your measurements must be incredible!" Steven walked over to Brad, unfurling the extra-long tape measure as he went, his rock-hard erection pointing the way to the giant before him. "Well, for starters, I'd put you at about seven or so feet tall," began Steven, as he began to wrap the tape around Brad's huge muscles, taking time to prod and caress each one, savoring the sensation of their flexed power. "Your biceps are at forty, even!" he exclaimed, taking the tape from the huge spheres of power, "and your chest must be at least a hundred! It juts out a foot at least!" Next were Brad's quads, which came in at an incredible forty-nine inches. Steven moved on to Brad's waist, which was packed with giant abs, "only thirty-six! How can you support such a huge body on this thing! Your stomach and back must be ridiculously strong!"

"They should be," Brad laughed, "they're already ridiculously huge! But now, you must measure something else, little human..." he hefted a thick slab of cock in one of his oversized hands, and beckoned Steven with the other.

"A foot long!" Steven exclaimed, as he caressed Brad's hardening pole, "and as thick as a soda can! Amazing!" Steven sat back, staring at Brad's giant cock with a mixture of hunger and envy.

"Ah, but now comes part two," smiled Brad, "You must submit to this body utterly and completely. Bow to me, slave!"

"Oh yes, master!" Steven gushed, gazing at Brad's handsome face, set atop a neck to make those of bulls look small by comparison.

"WORSHIP ME, SLAVE!" bellowed Brad, as he lay on the wooden floor.

"Oh, YES!" Steven exulted, rushing forward, hopping on top of Brad's prone massiveness. "I will worship my god!" Steven began to attack Brad's huge nipples with his tongue, eliciting moans of pleasure from the huge man, as his hands roamed the huge chest, grasping at the enormous mounds of firm flesh.

"YES!" roared Brad, flexing his huge pecs, and thus heightening Steven's hunger even further. "WORSHIP YOUR GOD, HUMAN!"

"Oh...master..." Steven moaned between tongue-attacks on Brad's chest, "you are incredible!" Steven's tongue began to explore the mighty ravine between Brad's mammoth pecs, following it down to the similarly impressive canyons that defined Brad's extraordinary abs. His hands roamed across Brad's chest, tweaking the nipples, then moving to caress the enormous monstrosities that were Brad's arms. Steven worked his way down further still, and began to wet Brad's powerful shaft with his tongue, eliciting new moans from the behemoth.

"OH, YESSSS!!! SUCK ME DRY, IF YOU CAN, HUMAN!" gasped Brad, as he took Steven's head in his hands, and impaled it on his monstrous shaft, which Steven was somehow able to take, without undue difficulty. Steven sucked greedily, trying to take as much of Brad's colossal prong as he possibly could. Steven's suction increased, and as it did, Brad's breathing became labored, his gigantic chest heaving like a bellows, as he became caught up in Steven's gifted ministrations. With a roar, Brad's entire body flexed, and he unleashed a torrent of cum into Steven's gullet. Although he paused momentarily to swallow the jizz, Steven never let up on Brad's cock. Instead, he began to suck even harder, coaxing more and more jizz from the behemoth's aching testicles. Brad gasped and moaned even harder, and he began to caress Steven's back with his powerful hands, while muttering words of encouragement. Finally, when he could shoot no more, he whispered, "Enough, human, you have performed beyond all expectations."

Reluctantly, Steven raised his head, pausing to look longingly at Brad's deflating member. His senses strangely reeling, yet very alert, Steven moved forward, finally sitting on Brad's powerful stomach, looking into the giant's deep eyes. "Are you sure you don't want any more?"

"I must confess that I am actually amazed at your performance, Steven! I did not think that humans were capable of such!"

"Yeah, well, it was weird. The more of your cum I drank, the more I wanted. And the more I drank, the hornier I got, and the more I wanted to suck you off!"

"Amazing," intoned Brad, momentarily lost in thought. "Perhaps my seed had a physiological effect on you that I did not anticipate."

"Maybe," said Steven, "but I don't care. Just as long as I get more of you, I can wait. But not too long."

"Don't worry human. I came to study your behavior, but I think that I have found something more. I won't be letting you off that easily," Brad smiled, a knowing look in his eyes.

"Of course not," smiled Steven, "I wouldn't have it any other way." •

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